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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Matt Castrucci Honda in Dayton, OH (Ray Hwang). This was the internet price they sent to me. I was trying to lower the price a little bit or get a free cargo tray. Not successful. Though Mud Guard was included. Easy to deal with. A couple of my friends also bought their Odyssey there at very good price.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Everyone draws the line somewhere -- especially on money. For instance, the last time I went to a casino I saw a couple getting out of a Prius to go in and throw money into a slot machine. Go figure. :confuse:
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If you want a well equipped minivan with 4.0 v6-leather and price is paramount -- check out the vw routan. Sel with nav $27300 -- without nav 24300. Brand new -- 10k off msrp. I know -- it's not a ody but read the reviews and take a test drive before you turn up your nose. It's 4 wheels with an engine - nice interior -- good crash ratings -- it will get you where you want to go for 6-8k less. Resale is only a factor if you trade before 5 years. Of course you might not like the looks but you've got a nice pocket full of cash to go somewhere nice. Remember -- this a minivan so you get space and comfort -- just like the ody but for lots less.
  • got quote for EX-L for 28800 + TTL on 2009. I guess I'll wait till CARS program is gone.
  • Routan is rebadged Chrysler.
  • tmchan00tmchan00 Posts: 10
    Are you in South Cal? I got quotes from 10+ dealers in North Cal, and the best quote for EXL is 29900. I would almost jump in at your quote ...
  • That actually sounds like a pretty good quote compared to what I have been seeing. What part of the country are you in?

    I'm thinking that if I can find $29K for an EX-L I would take it. I do have a car that would qualify for CARS, though, and that does influence my price.
  • yes.. Inland Empire to be exact. Not sure whether I should buy 08 Touring with 30K for $28K or getting new EX-L for about the same price.
  • qosrolfqosrolf Posts: 4
    Bought an 09 EX-L RES, White with Ivory Leather in at Walnut Creek Honda for
    $31,215. + taxes, Licensing and Registration. This was a Clunker Deal so I got my full $4500 and paid no taxes on the $4500. No mud flaps or other BS margin add ons which was fine with me. This price was less than nearly all other quotes and they had the color I wanted.

    Best car buying experience I have ever had. No dickering and a really nice guy who handles internet sales, Eric Carr, was a gentlemen over the phone and in person. I guess his name says it all.

    S. Bay San Jose Dealers have too much foot trafic with the clunkers program and were in short, a let down.

    Funny how car dealers are whining about a program that took their sales from zip through the roof. I heard all stories about risk of charge backs etc. Get real, maybe a few get kicked out but without it many dealers were twisting in the wind.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    We almost bought from Ray at Castrucci Honda in Dayton. Very nice person. Decent service dept. also, as we have our current van serviced there. Honda pulled the plug on the $2500.00 incentive though, so we have pulled back. Now C4C is really not helping those that don't have a clunker.
  • rik1rik1 Posts: 18
    Received an offer for Bali Blue 2010 EX-L of 30,145 + 710 dest and handling. Other charges are 249 for document fee +taxes and registration/title fee. Does this sound like a good deal? Hard to tell since Edmunds and Consumers don't have 2010 prices yet. Thanks.
  • qosrolfqosrolf Posts: 4
    This sounds high as I paid the same BUT it included the $700 Destination fee so your quote is $700 higher and you don't get the RES (Rear Entertainment System) which is $1600 extra.
  • The Routan is a nice vehicle ---great ride ...considered it seriously, What stopped us were these issues- no hand grip above the driver's door, the drivers seat is
    ' closer" and the spare tire is under the middle of the car ---never a convenient place to get it out.
    Continued good luck with your vehicle shopping... !!! We haven't purchased yet...still weighing the $$ ...and the economy.

    Hoopsluver :blush:
  • rik1rik1 Posts: 18
    I noticed in your previous e-mail that you bought a 2009 EX-L RES (congrats!) for $31,215. Did that price include the $1,250 incentive? There are no incentives on the 2010, so I'm thinking (hoping) that its a good deal. Hard to tell when there's no 2010 pricing at this time, can't even get dealer cost.
  • ru98ru98 Posts: 7
    I posted this last week, but for a reference point I purchased the 2009 EX-L w/RES for 32,891 OTD from DCH Paramus Honda in NJ. The base price was $30,150 which included the $1,250 incentive and the destination charge. Hope this helps. BTW...we absolutely love the car so far (it's our first minivan).
  • qosrolfqosrolf Posts: 4
    My $31215 does include the $1250 discount. And I was told that would not apply for a 2010. I think the 2010 is maybe $500 more MSRP than the 2009
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    With 9-10k off msrp not including clunker cash, those issues would not defer me from buying. That's a huge price difference -- not sure I would buy but there would be some serious thinking about the thousands saved over the ody. Saving hundreds is one thing but when you are talking thousands then you have my attention. Not in the market yet so my opinion goes nowhere like a few of my drives on the first tee.
  • I read and read this blog and did my research and just bought an '09 W/ RES in Beige, (first color blue) for $30,300 plus tax. $33,015 OTD.
    Thanks for everyones input !!!
  • jetski - that sounds like a pretty good deal based on the other posts here. Thanks for posting it as I am looking at the same vehicle and seeing about $1K higher. Can you comment on where you live?
  • smadhusmadhu Posts: 16
    Good price! Does that price Includes any accessories.
  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    OTD is only meaningful if you live in the same city and state. The cost of the vehicle is the most beneficial. However, all of these posts are very useful.
  • ru98ru98 Posts: 7
    My price was $30,150 which included $710 destination but didn't include taxes, DMV fees, and document fees
  • tmchan00tmchan00 Posts: 10
    Where are you located? That sounds like a below cost (invoice - holdback - marketing support) deal ...
  • ru98ru98 Posts: 7

    I think it was slightly below cost. I had a quote from a competing dealer for $30,775 before the 1250 marketing support. My dealer said the absolute lowest they would go would be 30,255 and when i said that i wanted it for 29,500 and offered to split the difference they said they will not go any lower than 30,150. In the end I believed them and didn't think I could do better. What I failed to mention during my negotiation was that the $30,775 didn't include the destination fee and after the marketing support was announced, they said they couldn't go lower than 29,750 before destination and all other taxes, etc.
  • cardentcardent Posts: 5
    Is there any break on price if I am paying in full up front? I am looking at 2009 EX. The last I was offered on phone was 25691 +Tax+destinaation+doc+MVT total of 28813. I can get it down a bit more whenI am at the dealer. Is this a good price? Thanks
  • Bought 09 EX-L without nagivation or DVD, did come with back up camera and mudflaps in Macon, GA at end of last month. Price paid was $32,700 (includes everything).
  • sfaronsfaron Posts: 1
    Just got this quote for a 2010 Touring (w/o PAX) in Norcal. When I spoke to them on the phone I thought they'd indicated that the price of the vehicle would be ~$37,400 which I thought was good.

    $38,182 cash price of vehicle
    $55 document fee
    $3632 CA sales tax
    $533 license & state
    $42,403 total

    Question 1: any thoughts on the price?
    Question 2: I saw someone say that 2009 EX-L prices had gone up by $4k since the Cash For Clunkers program rolled out. I'm not in a huge hurry, do people think prices are up that much???

  • lkublkub Posts: 1
    sfaron- we're not in a huge hurry either, and definitely think it's best to wait till clunkers $ runs out and dealers need to drum up business. Just go back a couple months on this board and you'll be astonished at some of the deals people got. Dealers don't need to negotiate right now.
  • hoosbesthoosbest Posts: 39
    I agree with lkub...not a great deal or one compelling enough to say move now. Wait about 2 months when the gov't incentive is over - and car sales fall flat again. All the cash for clunkers has done is bring forward demand. The manufacturers have upped production to resupply invenotry and that means plenty of cars on the lot. In June - I got a $34,000 quote for a 2009 Touring. While there were good incentives then - you should be able to get a Touring closer to $36K in a few months.
  • LOL ~~ Great thoughts ....very true...both are nice vehicles ..if you haven't tried the Subaru family ~~give them a chance too ~!!
    hoopsluver :blush:
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