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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pmpatelpmpatel Posts: 23
    Hi All,

    After reading so many post messages (new user to this community), I requested e-quote from 8-10 dealers around midwest area. Here's the breakdown on 2010 EX-L with Navi and RES that i found from one dealer that I have signed.

    $32155 with destination fee included.
    $419 fog lights installed.
    $299 for Prot Pkg (splash guard, wheel lock, cargo tray)
    $150 doc fee
    $25 Elect Filing Fee.
    $194 New plates.
    OTD: around 35643.
    Extended Warrenty 7 yr/75000 miles with 0 deductible at $900.

    I wasn't sure If I should go with extended warranty but I believe it's a good safety to have, especially I don't put too many miles.

    THANKS for so many of you that provided very useful information.
  • pmpatelpmpatel Posts: 23
    Hi Harkmon,

    Did you pay OTD $36877 with sales tax included? Or sales tax extra on top of $36877. If you paid 36877 with TTL then you got the best deal.
  • alangpalangp Posts: 13
    rmg7, how much is your tax? Anyway, it's a great price. My wife dropped idea of having RES over the weekend, so I guess we will go with IPAD in our Odyssey. But the 115v and AV outlet are really handy, and the integrated sound system too. My guess is that one can pay 700-1000 more than EXL to get the RES before TTL.
  • The RES will be approximately $1000-$1400 more than the non-RES. Sounds like you might regret not getting it if the factory integration and power outlets are important to you.
  • krishkrish Posts: 24
    //Signed a deal for an EX-L Nav and RES for $32400 + TTL.....//

    Could you pl post the dealer and city ? TIA.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    Everyone needs to make their own decision re: RES or no RES (or aftermarket RES). I posted a while back on how I came to decide on getting Honda RES. I do not regret the decision, and over the life of the vehicle, I don't think I'll care about the extra 800 bucks I spent to have the RES (assuming I paid about 1300 more than a regular EXL, and when I sell the car I might get 500 more than an EXL at that time).

    Key things to consider:

    1) the factory RES is a slick install and its fully integrated into the sound system, plus the DVD load is on the dashboard and not up in the unit like in some aftermarket systems
    2) WARRANTY WARRANTY WARRANTY - the factory system is under Honda warranty, and when I buy my Hondacare warranty then I'll have 7 or 8 years of warranty on this touchy electronics item. When you pay $800 or whatever to get your BestBuy installed DVD player, and it breaks after 2 years, what happens then? Do you have to spend another $800 to get a new one installed?
  • wcj41978wcj41978 Posts: 3
    I'm looking to purchase in the next couple weeks. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and we have 12 dealerships. One of the best offers I have yet is $35,715 which is MSRP down to $30,716.71 + tax title and license fees. Not bad at all but I am looking to finance about this amount so we're still in the process. I'll update any progress.
  • monimoni Posts: 8
    I sent emails to 17 dealerships in the North Texas area (around DFW), but I only got a quote from one of them. I was asking for a quote for a EX-L with NAV and RES in Polished Metal Metallic.
    I am really surprised by the lack of response. I am planning to buy by the end of this week before th 1250 dealer cash expires.
    One reason I am suspecting is that dealers dont have the color I am asking for.
  • wcj41978wcj41978 Posts: 3
    That's crazy, I have emailed about 7 or 8 of them and heard back by either phone or email from them all. You might be right, that may be an odd color with the options you want but it still seems like they are ready to pounce on any one email. Some of them have tried to offer me a lower trim level or color, I'm surprised they haven't done the same to you.
  • monimoni Posts: 8
    edited April 2010
    If need be, I will get a little more flexible with the color.

    Who are you getting the best quote from?
  • wcj41978wcj41978 Posts: 3
    Frank Kent and Honda of McKinney are pretty close to each other and are about $1K lower than everyone else, although McKinney is the lowest and Frank Kent claims to beat anyone by $500.00.
  • Hi pmpatel,
    Can you tell which dealer did you buy from. I am also in the chicago area and am in the market for an EX-L w/RES-NAV. Thanks.
  • sunnygosunnygo Posts: 2
    Don Carlton Honda in Tulsa, OK.

    2010 EX-L Nav & RES
    $32400 (Incl Doc fee) + TTL
  • Similar situation happened to me in NJ as I also specifically requested Polished Metal. I only received about 11 responses out of 30. There were absolutely NO Polished Metal cars in NJ that anyone was willing to give up and there were only 2 in the entire state. I had to modify my color choice to Slate Green and one was located quickly so you may have to be a little flexible on the color as I feel inventories are dwindling.

    Good luck!
  • I too faced a similar decision RES or not to RES. I ultimately decided to go with the RES because of the remote and 120V input especially considering over the life of the loan the additional cost would be minimal.

    If anyone is planning on buying you might want to do it before Saturday as you never know if the incentive is going to be there.
  • So I bit the bullet today. $29204 - OTD price $30247. Actaully received what I thought was a fair offer on my trade. Woo hoo!! Can't wait.
  • Hi rangersace,

    I live in the area also. Around Feb. First, I went to DCH Paramus Honda test drive LX Odyssey since they are only about 5 mins from my house. They gave me I guess at that time I thought was a reasonable price 24580 incl dest. plus ttl. It was not super high, it was not a bargain neither. They refuse to go any lower. I guess I am going to use this famous hogan method and give it a try again. EXL w/RES OTD for $33,438 what a deal! I would love to get the same deal you got. Did you directly talk to the Internet sales manager, do you might sharing any additional information. Thanks in advance!
  • monimoni Posts: 8

    I am looking for the same car as you in the DFW area. You mentioned 33K, but pmpatel got the price at 32400, so are you shopping more or are you willing to pay 33k.

    I am thinking about 32200-32400 base price should be doable based on the reported prices here in this forum.
  • monimoni Posts: 8
    Hey, another question, Can you share which dealer did you get the best price with?
  • The price I have is everything (fees, add ons, etc.). The van I'm looking at has the same features as pmpatel minus the fog lights. When you add in the fees and what was paid for on the extras pmpatel came in about $400 better than what I'm working on. In regards to the $33k price, only one other dealer is entertaining that, the others have said they can't match it (I've been actively in touch with about 6 dealers). I'm not sure what the regional difference is in Chicago, but I know that locally we're running about $300 over the national average.

    My quote was with the $1,250 dealer cash, but I'm going back to get a quote using the 1.9% APR at 36 months. I'll post the details when I wrap it up and at that point I'll share dealer info. However, I will offer a word of caution, IMO I wouldn't go anywhere near Cleo Bay in Killeen. I'm more than upset with them over an issue that would take a long time to write out. I've pretty much used an adopted Hogan method, minus the lying part (I figure the business is corrupt enough, why contribute). That will probably cost me a couple hundred bucks, but money well spent in my estimation.
  • alangpalangp Posts: 13
    If they give me two 9" LCD on the back of head support of driver and passenger seat for the same price, I will bite. Probably they will provide such option in the next model. The view angle is much better than the DVD hanging from the roof.
    By the way, I keep on seeing one silver Prius outside my daughter's gymnastic class, two child seats on the back with two portable DVD tied to the head support of front seats. Kids can definitely live without DVD (or IPAD) too, at least for a short trip.
    My wife dropped idea of having DVD just because of the viewing angle from the second row after she asked opinions from one of her friends with two sons (6, 2).
  • Hi microallhy,

    I will send you my spreadsheet with all the email addresses I was able to gather and quotes recieved. Problem is I don't know how to send you a private message or contact you in any other way. I believe if you set up my CarSpace by just adding a picture I'll be able to contact you through my CarSpace. Aside from putting my email in the public forum I know no other way of contacting you.

    Let me know.
  • Hi ardentazn,
    Thank you for your reply. I did get a good quote from the Honda Dealer of West Covina. Their quote was 35,675. I had sent this to 2 other dealers and both of them said that they wouldn't be able to beat that deal. However, the tax rate in LA county is so high. At 9.75, I will have to pay close to 3500.00 in tax alone. I am thinking about calling a couple of dealers in Ventura County and see if they can match or beat this quote. If they can, and I purchase the vehicle from them, I can save about 400.00 in tax.
  • ardentaznardentazn Posts: 14
    Hello haroyemom,
    I did end up getting mine (base EX-L)from them also (will finalize today). One thing to keep in mind is that they will try to tell you that the $35,675 quote does NOT include the $710 destination charge. You need to bring in other quotes that are better, and they will match it or get close to it.
    In terms of tax, the correct way to calculate is that they need to charge tax base on YOUR COUNTY OF RESIDENCE, not place of purchase. You need to make sure they do that before you sign. Then again, driving distance should be factored in as well...
    One particular deal I spotted worth mentioning... There is a Polish Metallic EXL with RES & Navi at the Nelson Honda (formerly Spirit, one of the lowest priced Honda dealers) in El Monte, CA... That one is kinda dusty when I test drove it... So I figured that they had it for a while. They could not locate the base EXL I wanted for the price I wanted. But they were willing to deal on the EXL with Navi and RES... I did not go into specifics (was offered $5K off sticker), but I am pretty sure you can get to $32K... Hope this helps!
  • jham1jham1 Posts: 3
    I just made the purchase on a new Touring this past weekend. In the Cincinnati Oh area and got $5K off the touring which MSRP's for $41,464 fully loaded. Thought it was a good deal and I took the quote to other dealers and they wouldn't beat it, so for my area I think I hit the max discount. Bought the silver (alabaster or something) and love it. Got a great trade in price, full blue book which help keep my taxes down to not much. They wouldn't do the Honda finance special at this discount price, but we used a credit union and got just about as good of rate. Good luck.
  • krishkrish Posts: 24
    The best quote that I have received so far is $32,948 + TTL from a dealer in Fayetteville, NC, which is 100 miles away from me. I used sending mails through Honda site, dealers website and Autobrag (requested 29 dealers). I did 2 offers ($32,190 and $32,250). Only 3 dealers have countered with new offer.

    The other one that I received is about $500 less than the above offer, but the dealer is 250 miles away.

    Getting tough. Planning to hit one or 2 local dealers tonight.
  • Hello;

    I bought a 2008 Odyssey EX-L in October 2008 in Chicago. At that time, Honda had $3000 incentive. Sticker price was around $33,500 and invoice was $29,800. I bought is for $26,800. It was a good deal. Odyssey has been my dream car, kind of. I had to sell it after I got laid off and started a new job in Atlanta.

    I figured out that Atlanta was a great market to sell a newer vehicle. My Odyssey was at 26,000 miles when I sold it after 18 months of use and I got $25,000 for it. It was extremely clean inside though and there was a shortage of Odyssey's at that time.

    I wish I could buy one again in the future, when new design comes out. It looks like new Sienna is very cool, especially when their SE edition comes out. However, pictures for 2011 Odyssey looks great.

    Take care of your Odyssey guys. It is such a nice vehicle. I would not mind driving it even without any children.


    Vedat Akgun, Ph.D.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    That's pretty ghetto driving around all the time with 2 portable DVD players lashed to the front headrests with twine. I can see breaking it out for a long drive, but to just leave them there all the time.....ghey.....

    Instead of spending for Leather you could get some plastic trash bags and wrap them around the seats too.....
  • Price correction :blush:

    Looked at my paper work today and didn't realize the car had mud flaps, wheel locks, and tray for hatch. $28,883.80, $30,328.65 OTD.
  • fompukyfompuky Posts: 2
    Hello, I live in coulmbus Ohio and just wanted to know how much other are paying for it.
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