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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jenn478jenn478 Posts: 2
    That is really high, we just paid $30,647 (inc. destination) for our EX-L with Res, it also had the cargo tray, all weather mats, mud flaps, and rear spoiler for no additional cost. This was in Tennessee.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Wow, sorry to hear about your misfortune with your new Odyssey.

    Not a lemon, yet. Has to have one or two more problems with motor before lemon law possibilities kick in. Would not hurt to ask Honda for a new van, but they will probably want to repair what you have now.

    I would hope you get an entire new engine assembly, instead of rebuild of the OE one.

    Please post back how Honda resolves your issue.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Van price ok, the 5.29% financing not so good. Can you pay off the load without any penalty if you can secure alternate financing?
  • exlseekerexlseeker Posts: 10
    yes.. there is no penalty to pay off.. but don;t understand why dealership doesn't gave me alternate financing option? they could give me other bank finacing.. is it cheating?
  • rangersacerangersace Posts: 34
    Even though the subject says EXL w/RES if you read it closer it indicates NAV AND DVD. So I think for that its a decent price but can't say for sure as I paid $30600 incl dest for an EXL w/just RES (DVD). Maybe there is someone else who purchased a EXL w/both DVD and NAV who would confirm.
  • rtittortitto Posts: 3
    I got a purchase order for Honda Odyssey 2010 EX-L with RES for $31,5xx with all taxes and tags OTD = $34,6xx. It is in MN - is it good deal? or bad?
  • aps123aps123 Posts: 20
    edited May 2010
    I've read varying amount on the invoice price of the EX-L says 31,305 and I think one other website(don't remember) had it as 30,300. Can someone clarify?
    The Zag price seems to be on the higher side..

  • yileditoryileditor Posts: 5
    The car has 40,853 miles. 3.5L V6 24V MPFI. Dealership wants $26,990, which sounds rather high. What should I bid for this vehicle?
  • pmpatelpmpatel Posts: 23
    Did your price of $31,5xx include destination or without. Generally if you can get around $32300 - $32500 with destination is not bad. It's also a good idea to purchase an extended warranty. I purchase EXL with NAV & RES last week and paid $32112 (with destination) + fog lights + warrenty + etc. You should be able to negotiate and get warrenty that is not offered by Honda but other co. for much cheaper rate.

    You can read my older post "pmpatel" which has complete details of what I paid.

  • socal12socal12 Posts: 2
    That's way too high. I'm bidding 30k for a new EXL Navi + DVD. I'm in San Diego.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    $26,990 for an '08 with 41K on the clock? Rather high?

    We purchase a new '10 EXL 3-31-10 for $28,510 + TTL.

    The financing APR is lower on newer vehicles, also.
  • tadams3tadams3 Posts: 1
    i am looking for this vehicle in the newark area, can you give me a sales contact?
  • Let me know if you can get 30K for EXL with NAV and DVD. 30K + TTL will be good deal
  • rangersacerangersace Posts: 34
    I would say $31500 is a little high. As I said above I paid $30600 before TTL in NJ.

    Regatrding the EXL w/RES AND NAV for $30000, that would be an awesome deal. I'd be surpised it's real.
  • cm111cm111 Posts: 7
    It sounds like $30,000 is a bid for used vehicle, not a new one.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    Not sure how much work people are doing but if you call 1 dealer, get a price, then come post on this board "Is XYZ and good or bad deal?" you sort of deserve what you get.......

    First of all, if you'd take 10 minutes and actually read back a month or so on this board, you'd see where others are getting pricing.

    Second, things change, markets are different, so even with a good idea of others' experience you'll still need to play dealers off each other if you want to get best price.

    Or you can just post 1 post here, asking whether its good or bad, and not sure where that really brings you........ :confuse:
  • kristine70kristine70 Posts: 9
    I've read the forum for days now. I have a reasonable offer and hope to get a bit better tomororow. But, I'm thinking of the towing package and wonder if that's negotiable and if so, did I miss the boat by not including it already or can I add it now? What's the best way to do add-ons?
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    You are the customer with the $30,000+ you can do whatever you want my dear
  • kristine70kristine70 Posts: 9
    Clearly, you're very good at this. Any advice on it? This is my first time ever negotiating a new car deal. This is what I'm thinking. I have 2 dealers that are within $250 of each other. Both are about an hour away and in the same direction. I am thinking of going there Thursday and asking both for quotes on my trade-in and also for quotes on the towing hitch and go from there. See who can give me the lowest overall price to me.

    So far, everything has been done via email. I have 3 small kids and it's just too loud here to talk on the phone. I'd reply one more time to the emails and then visit in person, and with no kids :).

    Any advice would be great :).">
  • tigerjunktigerjunk Posts: 3
    Hey socal12;

    I'm in San Diego as well and is looking for a 2010 EXL Navi + DVD for $30k. Perhaps if we both buy together, there's an incentive for the dealer to give it to us for $30k each? One other family member of mine wanted to buy a van as well, so if they join us, then we'll buy 3 Odyssey's at the same time, and may be get an even better deal. What's your contact info so we could hook up?
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    Not knowing all the specifics, that seems like a good strategy. I would go to the "higher" (by 250) dealer first, tell them you have a quote from another dealer for $250 cheaper, but tell them that the trade in value matters too of course - its a total package. Get an idea of what your trade in is worth by looking at Edmunds, also Unlikely they will offer you those numbers, especially not the first time, but at least you'll have some frame of reference. Be careful not to outright tell the first dealer when you sit down that you're checking with him FIRST - just tell them that you're weighing a couple different options and you of course need to understand what they're willing to pay on the trade to make a decision. Just be a little vague.

    See if they can come down $250 on the car price first, then see what they offer for trade. No matter what they offer, look disappointed (you probably won't have to act, as you probably will get a truly disappointing number at first!). Assuming the Edmunds or KBB numbers are higher, tell them you were thinking you'd get at least that much, and why is their offer lower? They'll tell you that Edmunds and KBB don't reflect true wholesale values, blah blah blah. Whatever.

    Ask them to clarify whether this is in fact their best offer on both metrics, and then tell them that you need to go visit another dealer to see what they will offer in trade, but you'll make a decision after that. Be polite and courteous. They'll probably let you walk, but they might try to do a "wait a minute - I tell ya what - if I can improve our offer, would you be willing to buy right now? DO NOT COMMIT but also DO NOT SAY NO - say something to put the ball back in their court like "I thought you just told me that this was your best offer? Now I'm confused. I guess I'm happy to hear what is your best offer......" Now they have to react - they might say I'll knock another $300 off (or add another $500 to the trade or whatever) if you buy right now.......

    think about it for a minute, thank them, then say "you know, I appreciate your gesture but this trade in is potentially a big part of the package, and I'd really be foolish not to at least get a second quote. I'll get back in touch with you though" Then walk out and go to Dealer #2. Dealer 1 would have to be a [non-permissible content removed] not to honor that Hail Mary lower price even if you come back later........

    At Dealer #2, you can either play out the above, or if you're getting tired and think you have a good deal, you can just make sure that Dealer 2 beats whatever you had at Dealer 1 and buy the car........but make sure you push for a higher trade in than they offer initally, usually they offer at least 500-1000 lower than they'd be willing to pay.

    Also don't seem desperate or "in a rush" like you've driven an hour and therefore you need to get this done today at any cost.....

    good luck and let us know how it goes.....
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Good luck on your dream of getting a new 2010 EXL with RES and NAV for 30K. Please let us know how you make out.
  • rangersacerangersace Posts: 34
    I doubt if you brought 10 vans for cash you'd get an EXL w/Res AND Nav for $30K. Outside chance you'd get an EXL w/RES for $30K but good luck with your search.
  • I got the following price for a 2010 EX-L:

    $29,070 plus tax, tags and dealer fee

    The price includes the following accessories:

    all weather floor mats
    mud guards
    cargo tray

    I think it's a great price. We will pick it up this weekend. :)
  • aps123aps123 Posts: 20
    That seems to be a great price. Can you post from where you purchased. I'm still looking and the best price I got is 29,271 + accessories...
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    If you are close to OH, give the internet folks at Castrucci Honda, Miamisburg OH an email. ;)
  • aps123aps123 Posts: 20
    Thanks but I'm in Pittsburgh and its a 4+ hour drive..:-(
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Wouldn't hurt to get a quote from them. If you don't want to make the drive, you could always use their price as a bargaining tool. Just saying.
  • aps123aps123 Posts: 20
    edited May 2010
    You are right.. Just emailed them...although I must say I seem to have reached a ceiling in the Pittsburgh area with 29,271. The inventory also seems to be shrinking. hope I have not waited too long :)
  • exlseekerexlseeker Posts: 10
    How much dealer fee?
    Are you getting special financing 1.9 or 2.9 with this pricing? if yes then go ahead and get the car.
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