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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    Purchased a silver Odyssey tonight in DFW for $32,244 + TTL. Included in price before TTL is destination charge, 2 year/40k mile powertrain warranty at end of Honda's 5 year/60k powertrain warranty, 3 year fabric and paint protection package, cargo tray, wheel locks, darker tint for windows and color-matched door molding on front doors (yes, this dealer had more added equipment than most).

    I think other dealers in the area would've matched the price, but I liked the additional powertrain warranty and 3 years of interior fabric and exterior paint protection, and thought the price was fair enough without fighting too much about the additional equipment.

    Had 2 dealers (including dealer I purchased from) tell me that cash back to dealer from Honda would end today and may not be brought back, so I pulled the trigger once we decided on silver. I'll probably not check back to see if Honda increases the cash back, but if so, good for those who purchase Odysseys later this summer.

    Dealer I purchased from also willing to give me fair value for a trade-in sight unseen, so that helped the process along.
  • mllrtimmllrtim Posts: 2
    Did you ever get the remote starter installed? If so, can you share details - make, model #, features? Does it have any affect on the warranty? I'm looking for a remote starter for my 2010 ODY, and any info is appreciated.
  • Hi,

    Can you PM me the name of the dealer. I am close to pulling the trigger but my quote is almost 700$ more.

  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    Since I cannot figure out immediately how to send a PM, I will just post here that I purchased my Odyssey from Rusty Wallis Honda in Dallas.
  • hythonhython Posts: 5
    Rusty is only dealer that give the extra 2 years on the warranty in DFW. Goodson North in Houston gives out a lifetime on the power train.
  • evan1229evan1229 Posts: 3
    Anyone heard anything about July incentives on the 2010 Ody?
  • I have the appointment next week to install the remote starter. I do not know any details at this time......will know more by mid next week. I am also interested in the answer I get on the warranty question!
  • tke971tke971 Posts: 3
    Yes, the July incentive is the same as June. $1500

    I spoke to a dealer in Las Cruces, N.M. earlier today and they have extended the same deals.

    How much is the 2 yr 40K extension for the powertrain warranty?
  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    I do not know in NM, but at least at the dealer I purchased from in Dallas, Texas, the 2 year 40k extended powertrain warranty was thrown into the mix and not priced separately. Granted, this extended warranty was not an extended Honda warranty, but a third party warranty.
  • chiku18chiku18 Posts: 18
    Rangerspace ,Could I also get the spreadsheet as I am planning to buy 2010 Odyssey EXL with RES Package? Thanks

    I got a quote in NJ for 29400 +TTL from Dealer ? Is this a good price ?

  • chiku18,

    That sounds like a pretty good price for EX-L + RES. Which dealer in NJ?
  • chiku18chiku18 Posts: 18
    edited July 2010

    This is from Route 22 Honda in Hillside, NJ,
    EXL + RES = 29.456 + TTL
    EXL+RES+NAV =31,400 + TTL

    Here is the small note at end of dealer email
    *All prices quoted DO NOT INCLUDE, Sales Tax, Dealer Doc Fee, NJ Tire tax, Etch fee, MV Registration, Installed equipment and Destination charges. Must choose "In Stock" vehicles only.
  • pdesai1pdesai1 Posts: 5
    No trade. Total OTD including taxes, tags, document fees was $34,587. TN taxes are really high.

    We were able to get all weather mats and splash guards. We got a great deal and did everything over the phone. Only went down when we were ready to sign the papers so it was totally hassle free.
  • rangersacerangersace Posts: 34

    You'll need to add destination to those prices and I know the EXL w/RES is $710. Still that's a good price IMO and they should do if they have to locate also. I paid $33400 OTD for an EXL w/RES in April and the incentive is $250 more. You'll need to push them for the same price to locate as I don't think there are a lot out there in NJ unless you know they have the one you want. We had to give 2 color choices. However, be careful they haven't loaded them up with dealer installed accessories to drive up the price and say NO to Etching. If they won't remove as some have it built in to their invoice form have them lower the price of the car or walk. They'll do it.

    Tire fee is $7.50 - no getting around it

    Dealer Doc fee should be no more than $299 as NJ does not regulate and I saw anywhere from $199 - 499 when I was looking. I think I paid $249 at Paramus Honda and the dealer was nice and easy.

    MV Registration is a set fee in NJ and the 4yr Reg is around $384.

    I'll need your email address to send the spreadsheet and I'll give you the name of who I dealt with at Paramus. They are rated A+ with the Better Busniness Bureau and you may want to check the dealers out there too. Edmunds also rates the dealers.

    Good luck.
  • Mileage 23K
    year 2008
    minor paint scuff on the front bumper
    came with factory RES + NAV
    price $ 27,500.

    Please let me know if this a fair or good deal. thanks.
  • rangersacerangersace Posts: 34

    I assume you are talking about an EXL w/RES and NAV. Used vehicles are tough because they do not have the manufacturers incentives so they tend to cost almost as much as a new one can be had for. Right now you should be able to get a 2010 EXL w/RES (NAV you can use a portable one) for around $30K before taxes and license which you'll pay on a used one too. If finaincing you should also be able to get a much more competitive rate either from a local bank (Bank of America has great rates) or some dealers even allow you to use the low financing as well as take advantage of the dealer incentive of $1500.

    I'd do some research here and spend a couple of hours going back a couple of months to get some idea of prices and helpful negotiating hints if you think you might want to consider new.

    Kelly Blue Book shows a $27,900 private party value for a that van in good condition.

    Good luck but if your financial situation allows you to handle the extra couple of extra bucks on the monthly payment I'd definitely go with new. But you have to move quickly as the 2011 will be out soon.
  • Thanks Rangersace,

    yes, you are right it was Odyssey EXL with NAV and RES.
    I did check the KBB and the price came the same with yours. However, when I saw this forum and see how low people are buying minivan and checking Edmunds pricing, it makes me wonder if the offered price is good enough.

    The current owner is financing the car through the bank, I offered him to pay him cash of $26,500.

    I lived in Ohio, it seems either Toyota or Odyssey Minivan is selling quickly here especially the one that have RES.

    I'm tempted to up my offer $27,000.00 not sure if this a good move or not.
    yes this is without the taxes, etc.
  • chiku18chiku18 Posts: 18
    Thanks Rangerspace for your detailed guidance. My email adress is chiku18 on gmail.

    I could try paramus dealers as well. Please email me the details.

  • rangersacerangersace Posts: 34

    I still think that's high especially if it's private party and too close to new. Believe it or not dealers would rather you finance a new vehicle than pay cash as they get money for booking a loan and nothing for cash.

    What you might want to do, if your credit scores are not bad, is buy new, put say $15K or so down, get a 60 month loan interest should be around 3% w/a payment around $330 and pay the loan off with the remaining $15K. At least you'll have new and know what you are getting.

    Also, if you can wait I know a wholesaler who buys Honda's, mostly Accords but Oddy's too, off 3 year leases and marks them up very little. My friend brought a 2004 in 2007 w/28K miles for $15.5K. I considered it and he was going to do about $18K for a similar 2007. He's located in PA and I believe he can ship. He's a good guy but really only buys cars in the winter months nov - mar. Let me know if you have any interest.

    Either way good luck!
  • I am looking for an Odyssey and your quote looks very good. Could you pass me the OTD quote of $32,078 for EX-L w/RES and NAV at Sanford Honda to
  • chiku18chiku18 Posts: 18
    I changed my mind to EXL model and was offered 28010 + DEST + TTL. OTD Price 31510 in NJ.

    Is this a Good price?

  • hythonhython Posts: 5
    I don't think 2008 exl has a power lift gate - only available on the touring so if that's important to you, look for 2009 or up. They added it to the Exl line in 2009. Please double check my facts.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Is 28k a good price ? Considering they are listing 07-08's for 27k with 40k miles, I think you know the answer. Anyone who wants a ody and doesn't buy now isn't really serious about buying. Unless you want the 2011 which will cost thousands more because msrp + will be needed for the new one until things settle down.
  • rangersacerangersace Posts: 34

    I would say that's a very good price and if you're comfortable with the deal I'd go for it! One thing I would say about the RES, I know it will cost more but the fact that it's factory installed, covered by standard warranty, also extended warranty if you choose one, works wirelessly, provides video inputs AND a 120V outlet in the 3rd row, I ultimately decided to go with it. What ever you do you won't be disappointed with your Oddy, we love ours after two months. Just took our first long trip up to cape cod and it drives like a car and our 6 year old watched movies and connected his DS and played on the DVD screen the whole way.

    Also one comment about extended warranty if you choose one which I did because of all the electronic items such as power doors, tailgate, XM radio, RES, etc, you can get 8yrs/120K miles w/ZERO deductible at Bernardi in MA. The also offer a 12 month no interest payment plan.

    Good luck with your decision and if you really want a new Oddy, unless you want to wait for the 2011, best to act quickly.
  • charncharn Posts: 17
    rangersace, how much did you get your extended warranty for? And can others please share the terms of years/price paid for their extended warranties on here? Appreciate it!
  • rangersacerangersace Posts: 34

    Sorry I forgot to mention how much I paid, $1295 for 8yr/120K with zero deductible, 12 month interest fee payment plan and no tax from Bernardi. You won't find it cheaper. You can just go to their Hondacare web site and request a quote.
  • chiku18chiku18 Posts: 18
    Thanks Rangerspace for all your help. Extended warranty is same price at saccucci honda RI also has the same quote.I am planning to purchase one as well. I also bought EXL along with free remote starter for 28790 (incl dest). There doc fee was little high as 349 (but they gave me FREE 4 years key replace and paint protection etc which was 99 he said). But everything in the deal was very good and pleasant with route 22 honda in NJ. OTD 31161.80 (excluding DMV).

    Thanks to all of you for helping me stick with my number.
  • minidadminidad Posts: 3
    I don't understand what is going on, but the dealers seem to be cutting prices drastically. I got a quote for a EXL with Nav and rear entertainment for $32,700. Wonder if I should go for it wait it out.
  • haidonghhaidongh Posts: 16
    Haha, you are living in a Cave? 2011 model is coming out in months. Check it out at
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If you are really ready to buy do it.
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