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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dodgehappydodgehappy Posts: 118
    edited October 2010
    Not sure about Feb, but as of today I have recieved a couple of quotes already in my area (central ohio) under invoice for a 2011 EX. I too am trying to decide to lease now or wait till after the first of the year.
  • rgrobrgrob Posts: 2
    Can you mention which dealerships have been giving you those prices? I am in Dayton and I am looking for a 2011 Touring for something around invoice.

  • On an EX got under from
    Honda Marysville
    Lindsay Honda
    Immke Honda

    Not sure how the Touring will come in, but good luck! :)
  • How much under invoice are you getting?
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Posts: 118
    edited October 2010
    Two best between 1300 and 1900 under quotes on an EX based on internet contact. Immke and Lindsay
  • Wow, between 1300 and 1900 under invoice for a 2011 odyssey EX sounds really good. makes me think about driving from VA to Ohio.
  • I share in your enthusiasm in buying a new car. But to grab a first production year- new model or redesign is a very risky investment.
    There are so many thread’s on the internet, and even this forum that deal with all the problems of a first model year car especially the first ones off the production line.

    1. I’m just curious as to why you are scrambling to get to the finish line first? I have owned 3Hondas & 3 Acura’s All have served me and my family well over the years. But one lesson I always remember from a article in consumer reports many years ago about being a Guinea pig for a auto maker. When you buy first model year you also get these free features included at no charge:
    2. Untested new technology, design flaws, recalls ect… and you still pay full price to be a test pilot.

    Wouldn’t you rather wait until the “bugs” are all worked out. And let the headaches be someone else to have?

    Especially when a car first comes out it is months before most bugs are even known issues, not to mention the prices of the vehicle always sells at or near MSRP.
    I guess most people have so much excess money to burn, they love to piss it away. It must be nice…
  • fixmixfixmix Posts: 11
    Nice ... good deal making. Could you forward me their contact?
  • Hi fixmix. I dont have a specific contact for the lowest price that was emailed to me. I simply requested a quote via the Honda website from Lindsay Honda in central ohio and the dealership sent a form email that had the vehicle cost listed on it.
    Hope this helps
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    edited October 2010
    Having recently dealt with those stores on a prospective '10 Odyssey purchase, I can assure readers that there is NO WAY those dealers will sell an '11 for the figures quoted. Perhaps someone is confusing MSRP with invoice here. Or, maybe, the quotes were actually for a '10.

    As it turned out, the stores in the Columbus area were WAY higher than in Dayton where I ended up buying the '10.
  • senorsenor Posts: 2
    "under invoice", that's before destination charge and TTL, right? Thanks.
  • I'm so sorry gang... I totally mis-typed what I meant to say. The pricing was x dollars under msrp... not under invoice! YIKES!
  • I purchased a 2011 Odyssey Touring today from Ken Dixon Honda in Waldorf, Maryland. I have never heard of the dealership and came accross them while sufing the net. Since I live about an hour away in Rockville, Md I went through their internet sales division. I was quoted a price of $37,613 - $710 over invoice. I had talked to a number of dealers in the DC area and none of them were willing to sell for below MSRP. One in fact quoted me a price above MSRP. I thought that there was going to be a catch but to my delight when I arrived this morning the quoted price was correct. In addition to an outstnading price I found the dealership great to work with. The internet sales person and the sales manager were top notch. I have never had a more pleasurable car buying experience. In addtion to Honda they sell Chevy and Cadillac. If I am ever in the market again for one of those brands Ken Dixon will be my first stop.
  • leaf001leaf001 Posts: 10
    I've been quoted $33,585.19 for an EX-L and $35,392.46 for an EX-L w/ Nav plus tax, title, and fees.
  • I've seen other references to February. Why is that a significant month?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    A couple of reasons come to mind - prices will have found their level by then and Honda always runs a big Presidents Day promotion.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Good Luck X2.
  • Do you think its unreasonable to think Honda would give an incentive on the Odysseys anytime within the next 4-5 months (presidents day)? Considering this is a brand new model, would they hold off on incentives until much later? Anyone know what they did with other models, new accords, pilots, etc?
  • kat60kat60 Posts: 5
    I was too surprised by the $1300 under invoice written above here!

    Again . . . got the 2011 EX for $1000 over invoice (NOT MSRP) including all weather mats and mud flaps. . . this weekend. I am LOVING my new ody. With everything needing to be done for winter to my 2002 ody. . . I just could not wait.

    Was able to get a sound deal now though, I believe.

    Price did not include ship, tax, title.

    If you cannot for some reason wait. . . go in there stating you will be waiting until car buying services post their prices in a couple of weeks (as expected online USAA). Participating dealers have already set these and know. . . they will be in line with other discounts (ie 2011 sienna which has been online and out for some time). Probably a bit less of a discount as it is so new, in demand, for right now.

    They worked with us. Stafford, VA Pohanka Honda:)

    Off to run errands. . . what fun!
  • In the market for a 2011 Odyssey and a 2011 Pilot in either LX or EX trims. Please suggest best time to buy. Looking for deals well below invoice. Thanks.
  • bogohobogoho Posts: 24
    There's no rush to buy at the current, incentive-less price.

    There are multiple factors against Honda selling as many vehicles as they wish. Joblessness, less job stability, poor investment performance, increasing fed/state/property taxes, increasing healthcare costs - all these affect the middle class buying decision.

    The weakening USD is going to give US makers an edge (maybe slight). Americans are focusing on initial cheapness more than before, more buyers are considering Hyundai/KIA vehicles.

    In any case, prices can only go downhill from here, I foresee the price going down to invoice price very quickly, if there's no incentive. I'd wait a bit until the competitors push out their '11 products and wait until middle of next year.
  • I'd like to wait a year too, but I need a van now. My 2008 Sienna lease is up in a couple of months.
  • Thanks for the inputs. I have at least one dealer willing to go below invoice, but for the very reasons you mentioned am thinking waiting will get much better deals. Thanks again much.
  • Honda's gross profit margins vary between 25% and 30%. You, think given the right circumstances, a deal 15% below invoice might be a good target. Please let me know if I am way off base. Thanks.
  • I am in VA as well and is looking to buy the 2011 Touring model. Do you mind telling me the price you got from Pohanka Honda? Thanks
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    You can pick any target you wish but 15% under invoice is unrealistic in the foreseeable future - you're talking $4500 on an $30,000 invoice.
  • kat60kat60 Posts: 5
    EX for $29,042 not including ship,tax, title. .. they included all weather mats and mudflaps.

    I do not think they are budging much on tourings. One left the night before ours for $100 under MSRP! Crazy. These are the models where they make their money though. You best wait for at least car buying services to post prices for tourings.

    IMO I can get a great GPS and DVD system for $200 a piece tops to take on long trips, already have them. If they break, get a new one for WAY cheaper than bringing it to dealer for updates and maintaining. Kids have itouches too. So for us, the difference is significant for a house on wheels, leather, etc. Crazy pricey. 40K+
  • chronochrono Posts: 149
    Just pulled the trigger on a 2010 LX. $23600 was the best I could do. Probably could have done better if we were'nt so picky with the color. Wife and I only liked the bali blue and the stock is almost gone in the midwest. It was a fair deal IMO.
  • Incentives are used to sell a vehicle! That is all they are. Interest rates, lease specials, rebates, etc.. When you see incentives, especially large ones, that is a sign that the vehicle needs help. It could be the year end model closeout(2010 Odyssey). Trying to clear the lot, especially in slower times brings them out. The current body style CRV has been motoring along fine and only recently has gone to interest rate offers(reasonable rates).

    You may be holding your breath for big incentives on the Odyssey. The minivan market is half the volume it once was and manufacturers have reduced their production and sales expectations.
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