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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Every deal is variables to it. Weymouth Honda's website has it lists for $36,756 including destination that anyone can get and is $927 below invoice. Their is holdback but also volume incentives Honda offers dealers. My trade did have an impact, but I got only $400 less than others offered who wanted MSRP for the car.

    Call them and cut your own deal - they're very aggressive on price and are good guys.
  • OK. Finally bought the Ody from a dealer in Central Jersey.

    Very frustrating experience dealing with Open Road Honda. Had to place an order for my color combination when the price was hovering around MSRP a while back. Had to sign the paperwork to place the order.
    The car came in and the dealer wasn't ready to negotiate as I signed the papers accepting the price. Other dealers are reducing as much as $2200 over MSRP.

    Lesson Learned:
    Remember not to put a deposit even if you are in a hurry. Find out from the dealer when is the production date for your color combo. After about a week or two of the production date, call all the dealers and find out if you have the color combo you need.

    Go to the dealer who has the color combo and then ask what all colors are available as if you never called him apriori.

    Never let your excitement out in front of the dealer.

    Also, make up your mind that you might come back home without finalizing the deal. If you feel pressured, walk out. You are spending on the second most expensive thing that people buy after house.

    Go in the last week of the month.

    Have a price in mind. Go to for an estimated price. Start negotiating from below that price. Seen cases where the price was almost like 1K less than Zag price on other models.

    Anyways, love the Ody. It's tough to sneak this inside a garage with the side mirrors open. Had to close driver side mirror to get into the garage easily.

    One disappointment for this expensive car is the lack of rain sensing wipers for a top of the line touring elite.

    Hope this lesson helps someone save some buck$.
  • Seems like some of the good deals on the extended warranties I have seen on this forum don't apply to California. Anyone have a good resource for the hondacare extended warranty in CA?
  • You can buy online at
  • We got out 11 Touring from Capital in Lansing. We paid 38,252 including dest. plus title/reg (48.00), so 38,300 prior to tax. We went old school and went in, but we are local. We asked them to throw the mats in, but they said no. Of course this is after we changed our mind on the color and they had to drive to Indiana to get the van. We dealt with the owner.
  • vt256vt256 Posts: 11
    Completed purchase of 2011 EX-L w/ RES from DCH Paramus Honda (in Northern NJ) for below invoice. Thanks to all posters in this forum, adopted your best methods and came out very happy with price as well as overall buying experience. DCH was transparent, professional and clearly respected our research efforts to obtain best price possible

    Price: 32,586
    Dest: 780
    Tax: 2,335.68
    TTR: 374.00
    Tire: 7.50
    OTD: 36,333.02

    Good luck to all. Returning the favor here to everybody who posted.

    Methodology: (to those who are interested)
    - Researched, test drove and made decision on EX-L w/RES, timed purchase for end of the month
    - Used USAA membership, True Car and TMV to peg invoice price and lowest prices paid
    - Emailed all local and w/in 50 miles dealers, asked for their best price and breakdown of all fees, specified no dealer options addons to the trim
    - Replied (only in email) to those who provided actual prices (price + destination), shared all prices received to all (3 rounds in 3 days)
    - Narrowed top 3 best prices, provided them with my bottom line (below invoice), they provided VIN to confirm availability (2 rounds in 2 days)
    - Went to dealer with bank check (no charge) for exactly the OTD price
  • You got an awesome deal. I am shopping for just an EX, and the best so far is about $1000 over invoice, or just under $30,000. So, for you to get the one you got for just $2500 more, that's great. I'll keep trying for $500 over invoice.
  • vt256
    I believe you are about 750-800 above invoice
  • I just received a price quote on a 2010 Ody NAV&RES of $32K+TTL. I live in Pennsylvania and the quote came from a Delaware dealer. Is this a good deal? What is a good deal on an extended warranty? I would go max on the warranty (96/120K)? Looking to buy this month, so quick responses are appreciated.
  • Anyone buy a 2011 Odyssey in Canada? What Trim? What add ons if any? What price? Thanks.
  • When we bought our 2011 EX about two weeks back, we ended up $29803 w/destination but before dealer installed options and taxes/fees. If we had been purchasing and not leasing- I think I would have considered making the long trip to MA to buy from Weymouth Honda as they seem to have some great pricing for the country- I believe they are at about 28264 for an EX.

    You got an awesome deal. I am shopping for just an EX, and the best so far is about $1000 over invoice, or just under $30,000. So, for you to get the one you got for just $2500 more, that's great. I'll keep trying for $500 over invoice.
  • Hi dealsniffer
    Sounds good to me. I paid about 32500 + TTL. Gross Cap Cost was around 33 and some change. This was with NAV and RES on a 2010. I worked hard to get to this price too. Didn't feel like it was going to go much lower at this point. I checked ZAG and it said 32,500 would be a GREAT price. Possibly at Dealers Cost! I was happy with it. Good luck. Don't know much about warranties sorry! :) :)
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Does anyone have any feedback about Planet Honda in NJ? gave me a price certificate for $500 over invoice on a Touring Elite. They confirmed they will honor the price even if they have to order the vehicle for me.

    * doc fees are high (almost $400)
    * financing either through BoA or my credit union (3%)
    * will bring a print out of online pricing for the ext warranty and dealer add-ons - if they can match I will buy from them
    * I think I have a realistic expectation for my trade
    * going in Wed AM to avoid the crowds

    Where else are they going to try to get me? Is there anything else I should be doing/asking in advance?

    Any experiences with Planet Honda or the buying program would be helpful. Thanks!!
  • I have had bad experieces in the past at Planet. They always seem to change things at the last minute. I just closed a deal on a 2011 Odyssey EXL for my Niece at invoice including dest at DCH Academy Honda in Old Bridge. Just call and ask for Mark in the internet dept he will email you with a complete breakdown including MF and res. if you are leasing. They are easy to work with. Good luck.
  • I paid under $32K here in FL back in July, no dealer-add-ons, well they came with the van--but I didn't pay extra for dealer add-ons (aka rip-offs)

    I wouldn't buy the extended warranty, it's a Honda....waste of money....good luck. :D
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103

    Re: AutoSport Honda - did you go through the internet department or walk in? Any tips about the dealer would be appreciated!
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Thanks alfstinky1! I have a call into Mark now - he is supposed to call me back shortly. He did confirm he would be glad to itimize everything in an email, which Planet was unwilling to do.
  • I'm in Southern California.

    Amazed at the deals coming out of Weymouth Honda, Weymouth, MA. Really like how they just publish right online below invoice deals and total out the door price. steve337, cheapreading, etc. have recently posted their numbers and they seem to be the best deals yet. Good to see Weymouth Honda providing a hassle free buying experience and an up front great deal to us buyers.

    Question - Are any dealerships in Southern California doing something similar? Checked online Metro, Hollywood, Santa Monica, etc, but there doesn't seem to be any "dealing" spirit.

    Too bad I live on the West Coast. If not, I'd go and buy and Odyssey right now from Weymouth.

  • fanman888, Though the distance is large.. I did chat with Weymouth and they said they can offer leases and loans thru Honda Finance and ship to other parts of the country. Something worth considering if the deal is right. I have their website bookmarked to check out when our new lease comes to end... wish I had known about them before we signed the lease on our 2011 locally.
  • wow. thanks dodgehappy. i'll follow up with them and hash out the details. anyone in particular @Weymouth you personally recommend?
  • Hi,

    Did anybody buy EX-L 2010 (with or without Res) recently in bay area? what's the good price to buy?

    Thank you in advance.
  • raj35raj35 Posts: 1
    Those of you shopping for 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring, Here is the deal I got from Metro Honda, NJ - Do you think if this is a good deal?

    I think dealer is charging 900 dollars over invoice but he is giving $500 worth items - 9 free oil changes+ $200 worth mats - here is the breakdown
    Invoice price - 36910+780+900=38500 (includes $200 vehicle protection)

    7% tax - 2695
    Tire fee - 7.5
    Registration - 422
    DMV - 279
    Online Registration fee - 7.70

    Total on the road :41,911

    Please let me know if you think this is a good deal?
  • Many thanks to those who have posted in this forum, as I benefited from the information. Bought my 2011 Odyssey EX-L today in the Atlanta area.

    Every dealer in ATL seems to have tons of white and black Odyssey's but not many of other colors - don't know if that's typical - but I found an EX-L in Mocha, which is what I wanted. Only additions were the mud guards and cargo tray, and the 'appearance package' which I ignored when negotiating. Paid $33,500 out the door. I'm satisfied. I could have done better but haggling isn't my thing and I needed it before next weekend.
  • gagirl5, That's a great deal. We shopped today and decided that is the color for us as well, but we are still negotiating. Would you mind sharing the van price (before taxes, etc.), and letting us know the dealer name? Thanks.
  • I did not buy but I priced them in the northern GTA. Very close to MSRP which is $6,000 to $8,000 more than the slightly less than invoice that is the going rate south of the border. The must have its are out so I will hang tight until February at which time I will buy a new Ody Trng in Canada If I get it for $38,000, otherwise I will buy a 2010 Ody used in the US or a new Sienna in Canada. Honda dealers are suffering in Canada and will continue to do so until Honda Canada comes to its senses. There are actually signs that this is happening which is why I will wait til Feb.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Has anyone driven a long distance to deal with Weymouth? (more than 3-4 hours?)

    I have seen their name several times here, but only just jumped on their site. I could no believe the price listed for an Elite!

    Any feedback on purchasing from several hours away involving a trade in, and/or a factory order would be welcome. Thanks!
  • sapgsapg Posts: 3
    Guys, which one do you recommend, pricewise? seriously we like 2010 Ody's more.

    2011 EXL - $38.500 OTD
    2011 EX - $33500 OTD

    2010 EX-L with RES - $32k + fees
    2010 EX-L - $30,450 + fees
  • boulder_bumboulder_bum Posts: 5
    edited November 2010
    Here in Colorado, everyone I talk to wants to charge AT LEAST $40,000 for a new Touring. I actually called dealers in New Mexico and Texas to see if they were giving a better deal and the one in Texas wanted to charge a few hundred dollars over MSRP! Not invoice price, MSRP!

    Tourings are just in high demand right now and they're so new and in short supply that no one wants to budge (yet). I think anyone saying they got one for under invoice is lying, got fleeced on their trade-in or found a very desperate dealer.

    Anyway, I called literally every dealer in the state (and, as I said, even a few from out of state) and the best deal I could muster on a Touring was $38,650 including everything but tax. A few other dealers followed up to see if I wanted to deal, but when I told them the price I was getting all of them advised I go pick it up, because they didn't even want to consider going lower.

    raj35, if you paid a couple hundred less than I did, plus got a few extras, I'd say you did awesome!
  • ktisktis Posts: 3
    I am not budging at 37.5 here in STL, MO... A couple of offers from area dealers. Also $500 over invoice in neighboring states.
    We will wait.
    We are shooting for 36.5 and whoever wishes to meet us there will get our $, and the profit off holdback, dealers' incentives, and the works as usual... Considerable profit still at a 36.5 appx invoice avg. natnly.
    Post-elections and after appx 6-9 mos we'll be laughing at these #s here, they will fall rapidly... Expecting a nice cup of consumer confidence plummeting in 11-12... Bear with it, and respect your extra 100s... They do too... Wait it out over the next couple mos at least... See what Thanksgvg and X-Mas brings too... But go no higher than 37.5 now.
  • weymouth does not have any higher model in stock, only cheap models are available in hand. Any of the prices they are showing does not make any sense so long distance traveler make sure you are ready to walk out if they pull any crap once you are in the dealership.
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