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  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I could totally understand not wanting to take a CC for a large chunk, but we are talking the standard $500 deposit. This was a last minute question, I am planning on completing my order tomorrow. Otherwise the communications have been very good - everything in writing with a friendly follow up call.

    He said that when you leave a check they hold it and don't cash it until the car comes in, and that he would see what he could do about getting them to agree to take my credit card.

    I have 1 lower bid from Piazza of Philadelphia, but I was not quite as pleased with interactions with them.. not sure what to do now.
  • Honda in Paramus
  • britm3britm3 Posts: 17
    I am working with Weymouth Honda as they are 15min from where I live - would be happy to give you and info on them - my deal is on a 2011 Touring - have it on order for the last 3 weeks or so.
  • Hi there iot2010...I am also looking in San Diego and got the same quote from someone at Riverside Honda.
    I didn't get as good a price as you from Fuller, and most of the other dealers were really high (over $37k before TTL for 2010 touring).
    Your price says 34,775 and then 38,400 OTD...was the OTD just the addition of $55 doc fee, tax, title, and license, or were there other add-ons?
    Did you look at the 2011 as well?
  • I like to deal with any dealer who has in stock, ordering may not be a good idea in current market particularly when they are selling cheap, "too good to be true"
  • Let us know how it works out, and how long it take to get the vehicle after order? I bought two odyssey from 2 different dealer in last month Elite invoice +150+doc fee from one dealer on 10/16/2010 and Touring on invoice from other dealer + doc fee and TTL. Weymouth seems below invoice, wondering how every thing works out.
  • thanks. please send me the name if you don't mind. my email is [email protected] they want me to put a deposit on the vehicle first so they can bring it in to their dealership - does that sound right? sounds fishy to me.
  • Looking to buy an EX-L in Southern California. Best quote so far was about 35,612 OTD. Anyone else bought one in the area lately and can chime in with advice or suggestion. Thanks.
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    edited November 2010
    35,612 OTD for EX-L is not bad at all, so I guess selling price is about 32,500 that is almost 3 thoudsands off MSRP, a lot of people here on this forum did not believe price would drop this much within 1 month for Odyssey when they paid MSRP for the Van few weeks ago, now they can see it. I think 35,200 OTD should be reasonable & obtainable.
    What dealer? I think Cerritos dealer has good price.
  • Hi - mine is an EX-L. No nav, no rear entertainment system. Paid $33,500 which included everything - tax, tag, etc.
  • mikescmikesc Posts: 18
    edited November 2010
    I swear the Dallas area is sticking so close to MSRP I am seriously going to buy a Sienna SE (which is the better looking by far with the new face update).

    I just read the latest Motor Trend which compared the SE with the EX-L and gave 1st place to the SE. Bigger engine, better handling, and a 6 speed trans for less than the EX-L. The Toyota dealers are at least closer to invoice than the Honda dealers here. We have been Odyssey drivers for 10 years, but about to be Toyota converts. I think $500 off MSRP is the best I have seen here.
  • That was from Moss Bro in Moreno Valley. They stated selling price as 32,228. Cerritos internet price was 34,430 +TTL. I'm not in a rush so holding out for 35K OTD, but it looks like there's more deals along the east coast than here in Cali. Anyone else been able to score anything close to 35K? Hoping it will get there maybe by end of Nov.
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    edited November 2010
    if you are to buy at end of Nov then 35k OTD for EX-L is a sure bet.
    If you can wait to next Feb-March time frame then you would see more drop in price by then, remember by March most dealers have only 6 months remained to get rid of 2011 model because 2012 will be coming next Oct. I expect some incentive from Honda in next 6 months for Odyssey, but for some of us the question is if we can wait or not. If you can please wait, only buy what you "need", not what you "want" in this economy.
  • I do have the luxury of time on my hand so I plan to wait it out. I'm sticking to my target of 35K OTD but it seems like all the dealers around southern california are just not in the mood to deal yet. Too new probably.
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    Southern CA is not discounting on Odyssey as fast as other states because simply they can survive by selling more Civic, Accord, Pilot here compare to other states (more young people live in CA than any other areas), so dealers don't care to budge MSRP yet for Ody, but wait a bit more time when the big boss ask them why they don't have a good sale in Ody or when they realize they are falling behind other states in selling Ody they will jump. Other states are discounting big time on Ody because they did not sell good on other models......
  • vt256vt256 Posts: 11
    i replied to the email address you provided.

    good luck
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Unfortunately to get an Elite the dealers in the NE region are all asking for a deposit, most will have to do a factory order unless they already have one inbound.

    I did visit 2 dealerships today, and the one that originally said he needed a check agreed to take a CC for the deposit.

    My trade came in way lower than I thought so I did not complete the transaction today, but I shopped it around and didn't do much better elsewhere. I think I will call back tomorrow and finalize the deal. AutoSport in NJ, VERY straight forward and personable salesman.
  • sapgsapg Posts: 3
    got 3 quotes OTD today. Is this fair price?
    1. $38,300
    2. $37,200
    3 .$37,000

    I know delaying a month would save $1000 bucks. we need a second vehicle urgently. may be i should rent the secon vehicle for sometime..
  • So DCH in Paramus, DCH Old Bridge and Autosport seem to be reasonable ones, as mentioned above. The other places that played the internet price game with me is Planet Honda and VIP Honda. The DCH dealers have the low price at just under 32K including invoice. The other dealers said they would beat that price by a good amount but only if I went in. I do believe that at least one of them will because they weren't quoting too much higher.

    Anyone else know of any dealers in NJ that seem reasonable?
  • Why do you think delaying a month would save $1000? Do you think waiting till later this month would be worth anything? I'm sort of in the same situation since my lease is going to expire before the month is out.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I drove out to DCH Old Bridge and Autosport yesterday. Autosport gave me a lower price for the car, but also for my trade. The price for the car was actually the first one that came from the internet query, I did not feel the need to negotiate on the car - only on the trade & accessories.

    Planet was giving me the "come on in" to complete the deal even though it was a guaranteed price from I am not getting good vibes from them so they are out of the running.

    Piazza Philadelphia gave me a good price after I emailed them my offer from Autosport, but I was in N. NJ yesterday and it was not worth the drive out of the way for me.

    By the end of the day DCH and Autosport were only $270 apart - but I felt more comfortable with my salesman at Autosport. I am going to see if Autosport can find $200 dollars somewhere in the deal - but I am also willing to pay it for the piece of mind that I am not being "sold".

    Hope this is helpful. Keep us posted!
  • Look into Eskridge Honda in Oklahoma City. That's just a small drive up I-35 from you. They quoted me a very aggressive price on an EX-L W/RES
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    How would anybody not living in California know? I have no idea what OTD in CA means...because that includes sales taxes and other fees that vary by state.

    The only way for these forums to be useful is for people to post the vehicle sales prices that aren't variable by state--so...vehicle cost, destination, and doc fees.

    Everything else the dealer can't control, so it is pointless to compare.

    Sorry to sound grumpy, but I love these forums and I think they are very helpful to know what is happening out there--so I get frustrated when I can't really tell!
  • boulder_bumboulder_bum Posts: 5
    edited November 2010
    @mikesc - I'm in Colorado, but visiting Dallas over Thanksgiving. I called a Dallas dealer to see if they could beat local prices (which I thought were a little high) and he shocked me by quoting a price a few hundred over MSRP! You Texans really are getting screwed right now.

    If you can wait a few months for the Odyssey newness to wear off, I'm sure prices will come down, but the 2011 Sienna is a pretty outstanding minivan. We were actually looking at one and like the ergonomics, inch of extra headroom, dual view entertainment and the Smart Key System that unlocks itself when you touch the door handle, but we ended up backing out at the last minute when we learned how bad the child anchor placements were. There are two in the second row but only ONE in third, and it's in the middle of two seats!!! We have three kids in car seats that we wanted them all in the back row, so the Odyssey ended up winning out for us.
  • paid 37.5k otd The online guy was absolutely brilliant......did 99.9 of the deal over the phone,,,,this after dealing with many other dealerships who wanted me to come in and do circus tricks for them before they would tell me how much a car would cost.
    dealer is princeton honda
  • I'm a little confuse at the following numbers. I check on for the EX-L and it list the Dealer Cost as $31,641 and Factory invoice as $32,330. What's the difference? Which number should I use as the "invoice" price to base my purchase on?

    Are dealers still making profit in holdback and other incentives if they sell at the factory invoice price of 32,330? I'm wondering because I don't want to get fixated on a price point of 35K OTD which the dealer can only get to at a lost. Thanks.
  • Here is what I did to find elite of my color. Go to honda website and locate dealers in your area then go to each dealers website to see if they have in stock. If it shows there then call the dealers internet dept. and ask if they have available and then offer your price if they have it available. It took me less then half hour to locate and buy the car on invoice +150.
  • Truecar has wrong information. factory invoice with destinations comes out to be 31985 for 2011 EX-L. True car adds some advertising fee as factory invoice infact that is the fee they charge to dealer for advertising in their website. The same cost they add up in actual dealer cost. In this case dealer cost after holdback should be 31361 not 31641.
  • mamatmamat Posts: 1
    In regards to DC area dealers, we just purchased a 2011 EX-L with Navigation in Smoky Topaz today from Pohanka Honda in Fredricksburg, VA. This was after soliciting quotes from a numerous dealers within a couple of hours drive from DC. I know you are looking for a Touring model but wanted to let you know that in general dealing with Pohanka was fairly simple. We settled on this dealer because they were the first ones provide a good quote up front. All other dealers in MD and VA wanted us to bring the lowest quote from other dealers. I appreciated that they sent a good quote based upon an initial request to USAA auto circle.

    According to the sticker the MSRP for EX-L with Navigation was $36,450
    plus $780.00 freight. Total vehicle price per sticker was $37,230.

    Our price:

    Car price: $33,427
    delivery: 390 (we split the 780 with them.... long story)
    processing fee 399
    tax 1,026.48
    filing fee 10.00
    Licensing 57.75

    Total OTD 35,310

    We thought this was a decent price as compared with what other dealers. The closest quote to this was $34,407 base plus all other fees.

    Note: We decided to forego a touring as my husband did not want the DVD for the kids for all trips in the car and we thought we could buy a couple I-pads cheaper than the DVD system.

    Good Luck with your purchase.
  • So if I understand the numbers correctly, if the the dealer sold the car for say 31,700, they're still making a small profit of 339 (31700-31361) correct?
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