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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Discussed shipping a car out to Orange County, CA with the internet folks at Weymouth honda. The deal is real, but they're ordering out until january with people placing deposits down. They told me several out of state people have inquired, but no takers from out of state yet. Thinking hard about it, since this dealership is refreshingly honest and ready to deal.

    Touring elite: 38,923.42
    Doc fee: 239.00
    Total out of Weymouth: 39162.42

    Shipping to LA: 900-1500 depending on enclosed vs. regular shipping

    Orange County, CA TTL:$3940
    ***From the vehicle registration fee calculator at***
    Transaction Date: November 11, 2010
    Type of Calculation: Nonresident Vehicle Registration
    Type of Vehicle: Automobile
    Model Year: 2011
    Motive Power: Gas
    First Operated in CA: January 10, 2011
    Acquired/Purchase Date: January 03, 2011
    Acquired From: Out of State Dealer
    Purchase Price: $38,923.00
    Use/Sales Tax Credit: $0.00
    County: Orange
    Zip Code:
    Current Registration: 31.00
    Current California Highway Patrol: 23.00
    Current Vehicle License Fee: 447.00
    Current County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies Fee: 1.00
    Current Fingerprint ID Fee: 1.00
    Current Auto Theft and/or DUI Crime Deterrence Program: 1.00
    Current Abandoned Vehicle Fee: 1.00
    Current Air Quality Management District: 6.00
    Current South Coast Air Basin: 1.00
    Alt Fuel/Tech Reg Fee: 3.00
    Use/Sales Tax: 3,406.00
    Non-Resident Original Service Fee: 18.00
    Reflectorized License Plate Fee: 1.00
    Total Registration Fees: $534.00
    Total Use/Sales Tax (includes credit paid to another state): $3,406.00
    Grand Total Registration Fees: $3,940.00

    Total from Weymouth to the OC: $44602.42 (including the expensive shipping option)

    What does everyone think? Do you think a better deal could be had before mid December in LA or OC?
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    that price is great, congrats. I think you would see this price in CA by April-May next year.
  • Correct + if they sold enough in number for that particular period they may qualify to get another volume incentive from honda may be 250 per vehicle.
  • On a 2011 Odyssey EX-L with RES MSRP $36,830, here are the offers received so far in OH. I'm quite amazed at the differences. These are all quoted before taxes and fees and include destination.

    $34,031 $2799 off MSRP
    $33,931 $2899 off MSRP
    $34,606 $2224 off MSRP
    $34,431 $2399 off MSRP
    $36,330 $500 off MSRP
    $35,030 $1800 off MSRP
    $33,731 $3099 off MSRP
  • Just picked up a 2011 Black EX-L RES last night from Schlossman's in Milwaukee.

    34,450: Vehicle price (Destination Included)
    555: Roof rails + cross bars
    114: Cargo mat
    125: Doc fees

    The negotiations were pleasant with them. The salesman we worked with was young and laid back and hasn't developed his hard sell tactics yet (nice for us). They had a $350 dealer add pin stripe package on it they didn't want to give away so I offered $150 for that which they agreed to. They wouldn't budge on the accessories, but I was happy with the car price so I was ok paying a bit more than I knew I could get somewhere else.

    The financing guy was slimy though. Kept trying to hard sell me on every add on, especially on the warranty. I had to tell him no 4 times before he gave up. I also told him I had 3.12% available from Bank of America. He came back and said "Here you go, I got you 3.49%!" and then was amazed that I wanted to wait to talk to the bank the next day to get the 3.12. He literally said to me "You aren't buying a house". Hey, what's $250 when it isn't your money right? Finally he finally came back with 3.14, which I accepted.

    We had been shopping the Odyssey for a month and half now. It took us forever to find a smoky topaz in the area to see as we initially thought we might want that color. They are not making many yet and they go quickly when they do show up. Turned out it we felt it was a bit too brown in person for our tastes, but we were glad to have seen it.

    All in all a good experience with the annoyance of the financing guy asside. Wife and kids love the van so far.
  • bogohobogoho Posts: 24
    Send the lowest quote to all the others, and remind them that you are asking for the most competitive bid regardless if it is above or below your best bid.

    However, be prepared to receive back lectures on how to/not to buy vehicles.
  • received a price of 33250 in ny.-is that a good deal?that price does not include taxes doc etc.
  • We are inerested in buying a 2011 EX, and have gotten two quotes so far. The first one is for $500 off MSRP (if we go through the the Costo buying program). The second quote is from the dealer that we have purchased our last two Hondas from. They are offering us $800 off MSRP. For some reason I am having a difficult time getting excited about these offers. Has anyone else out there in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area been given a better offer than these?
    - $34,480 includes Destination.

  • That is a really good deal, here in souther cali I got a quote for $34,480 that's not including TTL. They will not budge. I think this is a Southern Cal thing.
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    those Dallas and south CA dealers are still quoting high price compare to other states are due to us, the buyers, there are still naivee people willing to pay closed to MSRP and ruin market for the average income people like us. Do you think if Weymouth would quote that low price if there are many people in MA willing to buy MSRP? I don't think so.
    The only way for us to get discount is wait, time is the factor that dealers fear the most, so wait people.
  • We would be willing to wait except that our 2000 Odyssey with 294K is just starting to give us some trouble. I do a tremendous amount of long distance driving on a weekly basis with my children and I need a reliable vehicle. I do agree with you that waiting it out is the thing to do. We'll see how long we can do so.
  • All $40000 for the touring.
    MSRP still for the touring elite.

    Yikes...maybe after Thanksgiving?
  • bogohobogoho Posts: 24
    edited November 2010
    I did not have good experience with Schlossman. Their initial quoted price was $500 more than lowest Milwaukee quotes, and $1,200 more than my final purchase price elsewhere. The salesperson over email and phone kept questioning my seriousness and approach in buying a vehicle, and refused to talk about the price over the phone. I was frustrated by the communication, and couldn't imagine what it'd be like if I was actually at the dealership.

    Called Gurnee Rosen in the afternoon, agreed on the price quickly, drop in by 5pm and got everything done by 7pm.
  • runnur, I'm not sure where you're located but these guys gave me the best quote so far. Try Juan Guzman at Honda of the Desert in Cathedral City (35871 OTD) and Ken Haines at Penske Honda of Ontario (36433 OTD) although you might be able to negotiation it down so more. They seem willing to deal.
  • Recently finalized on a 2011 Touring at Eskridge Honda of Oklahoma City. All of the negotiations were through email and I highly recommend that approach.
    This dealership claims that they will beat any other dealers price and they were able to do that for us. Below is the detail on our Touring deal.

    MSRP (Including Dest) - $41,535
    Invoice (Including Dest) - $37,683
    Our Price (Out The Door) - $37,700 plus free tint, not including TTL
  • Purchased Polished Metal Touring Elite 2 weeks ago. Very limited stock in Northern California. Drove an hour away to get this vehicle, but worth the drive as we are very happy with it. Purchase was made through calls and online speaking with the Internet Dept. Couldn't wait until there was more in stock and when delears were more willing to come down in price.
    Vehicle $41329.00
    Prep Fee $55.00
    CA Tax $3664.41
    DMV/Title/Tire $577.75
    Total OTD: $45626.16
    This also included roof rails, cargo protector, and lug nuts.
    Hope this helps someone with their purchase.
  • Congrads. Good for you.

    Which dealer did you get this deal from?

    Most Bay Area dealers just are not dealing at all. They do not have Touring or Elite at all. And only a few hundreds off MSRP for the others.
  • Dealer was Stockton Honda.
  • I'm located in los Angeles, I will give juan a call, looking to spend no more than 35k. Thanks for the info., by the way did you end up buying?
  • I see some people posting that a dealer has quoted this or that and it seems high. Well, you have to expect that their first offer is going to be high because they want all of your money and they assume you are dying to have their van. Once they realize you are serious, and if you let them know you have a lower offer even from a distant dealer, they are likely to quickly come down. Also, if you let them know you plan to buy soon, they might even come down more. I just finished this process and bought an EX for about $800 over invoice. One dealer where I did not buy dropped his offer $2000 once he learned that I was shopping around and had a better offer. Also, if you have a low offer from a distance dealer and go to see what the local dealer will sell you a van for, take your email offer with you. That will let them know you are serious and they will try to beat it. Again, just keep asking for a better price. They will take all of your money if you are willing to pay it. Good luck.
  • Thanks for the details. I guess, on EX and LX models DC area dealers are ready to negotiate but not on Touring or Elite - because they have hardly 1 or 2 in stock. I am willing to wait a couple of months and pay $2k less.
  • Also, while you are at the dealership, get on your cell phone and call your friend, or family member--hell , call Afghanistan and talk to a Camel.

    Pretend the other person on the other end of the line is a car dealer as well, and Yell things out such as "Oh Wow, you are going to give me how much for my used car!!"

    or things like, so you say--"You are willing to come $2,000 under your Invoice..!!!"

    and things such as "Wow, Life-time oil changes....!!"

    Make things up just to make the salesman there at that dealer turn their heads, Lie to them just as much as they lie to you, it's a game...and Remember, the 1st one to speak loses the negotiating game. Name your price (within reason of course) and then shut-up. They'll say, "Well you are taking Food from my families mouth" then you say, "I'll invite you over to eat dinner with mine..!!!!"

    Good luck buying Honda Odyssey's out there,,,,POWER to the People...!!! ;)
  • tshn95tshn95 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    I live in Va. so I will be paying 3% sales tax.

    2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Automatic Transmission - MSRP is $44,030.00
    $38,143.42 Sale Price
    +$780.00 Destination Charge
    +$239.00 Documentation Fee (lowest of any dealer in New England)
    $39,162.42 Total Price(no hidden charges)

    $500 - 600 estimate for shipping from Ma. - Va.

    $1,144.29 Va sales tax approx.
    100.00 Title, Registration & Plates (DMV shows 45 to 100)

    41,006.71 OTD

    This was quick and painless. The only downside I have to wait until Jan. for the Odyssey (no problem). Weymouth was by far the best. Every dealer in the D.C area seems to be in love with inventory that will eventually be on the lot. Weymouth is pre-selling future stock. A sell today is worth 2 tomorrow
  • Heading out today, will take your advice.

  • Good Luck, let us know what you found out...!!! :)
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    Cerritos and Buene Park in southern CA just offered me $29,600 selling price for EX (about 800 above invoice, $2,100 under MSRP). I would wait for 1-2 months more and will buy at invoice or around $28,500 as Weymouth quoted me. There's no reason why CA dealer can not match what Weymouth's price, all Odys are coming from the same place.
  • Did you have a trade in?

    It seem many people that are getting good value did not specified trade-in or not so it difficult to judge the true value.


  • Pulling the trigger tonight. Satisfied with the numbers:
    $39029.00 Selling Price

    $ 766.00 Roof Rails/cross bars

    $ 55.00 Doc. Fee

    $ 3885.38 Sales Tax

    $ 581.75 Lic/Registration Fees

    $44,317.13 Total (out the Door)

    Expensive I know, but decent for the SoCal offerings. I got offered ***best deal*** for a 2010 Touring $36300 at multiple locations. Nobody would go to $34000 at this time. Probably better to try in late November after Thanksgiving, but my lease is up soon. Thanks for everyone's help.
  • I live in the Chicago area and am in the market for a 2011 Honda Odyssey. I'm considering the following at these price points:
    2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ NAV = $34,000 + TTL
    2011 Honda Odyssey Touring = $38,000 + TTL

    Any feedback on these prices based on what you are seeing / paying in Chicago or the midwest (most of the dialog here seems to be on the east and west coast)?

    These priced were obtained from Sam's club / Costco auto buying club.

    Also can anyone explain the Smoky Topaz Metallic color?

    We are trying to decide between the Smoky Topaz (looks like a deep, dark gray) and a Polished Metal Metallic (looks like a medium,blue/gray), but it is hard to tell from looking online and can't seem to find one in stock locally.

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