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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jessguojessguo Posts: 11
    Thanks for the price. I thought you purchased EXL with RES from Norris in Baltimore, MD? Did I misunderstand you? Your price quote shows NJ sales tax...
  • We are looking at an EX or EX-L (maybe with DVD) if we can get the price down.. we live in NOVA.. Do they really give a discount if you get a group together? I would join in if that's true...
  • jessguojessguo Posts: 11
    If you live in NOVA, you should join me together. He is in NJ, which is 4.5 hours drive from me and he said that we need to drive there before securing a price. Email me at
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    No, it was me that purchased from Norris. I'm the one from Northern VA.

    To answer the other questions--yes, it was the EXL-RES. Invoice price on these vehicle is $33,400. I calculated actual dealer cost (subtracted holdback) at $32,700, and that's the deal I got. My vehicle did have wheel locks and spalsh guards on it, which added $300 to the price. I actually did want the splash guards anyway and since they were so far under invoice, I elected not to quibble on this, but did use it to get a little bit more on my trade. However--I had that price on the new vehicle regardless of the trade.

    Also--we bought a 2007 EX-L (without RES) and ended up regretting it--it was one of the reasons we elected to trade for a new one. At the time, our son was young and rear facing. As he got older, it became clear that the DVD was going to be a big help, so we put in seat back ones. Frankly, they were a huge pain in the a--. You can't operate them from the front seat, the DVD starts over every time you start the car, etc. I wanted an integrated system (plus, we had another kid...and now another is coming...). As far as an aftermarket system, I know some people have done this and had luck. What can I say, I'm fairly risk adverse. I suppose if you find somebody that really knows what they are doing, you'll save some money. But I can't see how they can completely replicate the degree of integration that the Honda RES system has, and you get extra jacks and outputs in the back on the RES models. Unlike the last model, the RES system controls are built into the main dash stack and run through the MID screen. I am not clear what an aftermarket system does to the warranty. Also, I added Hondacare 8/120 (for $1270, $25 under cost from Hyannis Honda), and that includes coverage of the RES system--so now if it breaks sometime in the next 8 years, its under warranty.

    That was my reasoning on that.

    As far as RES vs NAV--well, RES keeps the kids happy! NAV not so much. Also, my personal opinion is that the portable nav units do an adequate job for the relatively small number of times we truly need a NAV system. Not only that, once the vehicle is a few years old, the technology on a new, relatively inexpensive protable GPS is actually going to be better than on an in dash unit since every year it evolves. So that one was an easy call.
  • The best internet quote that I got from internet in the Philadelphia area is $500 above invoice, which is way high comparing to the deals that people got here. Anyone had better luck?
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    edited January 2011
    They seem to be the most competitive inside of the PA state lines - NJ is dealing more.

    Let us know if you work with them, and how they are. I am getting tired of waiting for an Elite to land in my area - maybe I will do an order with them.
  • jessguojessguo Posts: 11
    Thanks for the correction. My understanding is that you basically got EXL with RES for invoice minus 2% holdback. So $32,700 does not include $780 destination, right? We are more interested in a plain EXL as we have a portable DVD for our kids to use during ride. Any advice about how low I can get on EXL in our area? Thanks.
  • I have been shopping around for an 08/09 with relatively low mileage (under 40,000) and it seems as if the dealers have them grossly overpriced. What do you all feel like an estimated Out the door price would be on a 2009 EXL with 17,000 miles? Any buying experiences of these vehicles?
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Yes, it does include destination. And since I bought in Maryland, I only paid a $99 processing fee.

    But the price of the vehicle, including accessories AND destination, was $33058.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    That's pretty much par for the course for the Twin Cities market. IGH and HH tend to be the leaders here, but you'll get much nicer quotes from Chicago dealers. But, there are some Chicago dealers that quote one thing and then ...
  • solrajsolraj Posts: 2
    Hi Keith:

    Can I know the dealers you are talking about from Chicago?
  • What are other people in Sacramento/Nor Cal area getting. I'm getting much higher quotes than the ones on here.
  • durantdurant Posts: 5
    Does anyone know how to find out the invoice?
  • arbysarbys Posts: 12
    What dealership in NJ is this $34,674.22 for the EX-L from? I got about $1k higher from Autosport for the same thing. Thanks.
  • tm9tm9 Posts: 1
    We picked up a new Silver/Gray 2011 Odyssey from Honda Carland the last week of December 2010. Chris Bennett was our salesperson. I received 5 quotes via the internet, 2 via Sam’s Club, 1 via Amex. Chris offered the best price from the beginning. We added the roof rack and body side molding. The dealer installed accessories included the mud guards, and tray, but when I balked at this fee he sought to offset it with a “service credit” itemized below. (This is our fourth Honda, ’94 Civic, ’00 Odyssey, ’04 Accord, and we have used their service department for the routine service of our vehicles.)

    We are very pleased with the 2011. This is our second Odyssey. Our first is a 2000 LX with 180,000 miles on it. It is still going strong and we kept it because we have three children that are and will be learning how to drive. (The 2004 Accord EX w/Nav is a 5 speed.)

    We choose the 2011 EX because I’m not a fan of leather in the Georgia heat, we needed the power doors because our parents are advanced in age and have a difficult time opening the manual doors on the 2000, and we didn’t need the entertainment system because our kids have reached the iPod stage. (They prefer to download and watch their own thing. We have a portable Sony DVD that we can put in the car if necessary.)

    Internet Price: $28,168
    Destination: $780
    Doc Fees: $599
    Motor Vehicle: $21
    GA Warranty Rights Fee: $3
    Dealer installed accessories: $895
    Roof Rack: $309
    Body side molding: $240
    GA Sales Tax: $2,171
    Sub Total: $33,186
    Dealer Service Credit: $-636
    Total: $32,550

    I hope this information helps you with your purchase. I found the information posted here very insightful, and am grateful for all those who took the time to share their experiences.
  • You are lucky man. New Jersey is a place filled with greedy morons. They cry and accuse you of foul game when we ask for discount. These dealership carry maximum of 4 vehicles in each. We got to take what ever color they have.
    Sick dealers in NJ.
  • rwdwrwdw Posts: 2
    The LX model has no center console and none is available as an accessory. There is a base for a console mounted to the floor but their is no way to order one to go there. A small piece of molded plastic snap into the base supposedly to hold 2 very small cups, which you will have to take your eyes off the road, bend over and pick it up off the floor. Honda cheeped out on this one. It was a deal breaker for me as i wanted cloth seats and steel wheels.
  • dulnedulne Posts: 2
    I got a good deal from this:

    Fill out the form from this website, and it will give a quote.
  • tthanhtthanh Posts: 4
    I received this quote for an EX-L without NAV-RES from a dealer in Maryland:
    Sale price: $30947.00
    Destination: $780.00
    Processing Fee: $100
    Tags: $19.00
    + VA tax 3,12%
    Please let me know if this is a good price.
    I'm from VA, the quotes from VA are about $1,5k higher.
  • Hi

    I saw the new 2011 EXL and did not like it for many reasons. Hence want to buy 2010 white EXL 2010 instead (0-10Kmiles run) any idea, any lead is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi All -

    I'm getting the following for a 2011 EX-L w/Navi from a dealer in MD. Does this sound like a reasonable deal? Appreciate any help, thanks.

    2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L NAV

    Sales Price : $33,112
    Processing Fee : $100
    Destination : $780
    Taxes for VA resident : $1,019.76
    Tags : $138
    Grand Total : $35,149.76
  • Hi All,

    This is all very helpful to see how much folks paying in others states. I live in SFO Bay Area in CA. The best out the door price I got so far is $38,000 for an EX-L with RES.

    Does anyone know a better offer than this in the area?

    Thanks !
  • hogi1hogi1 Posts: 4
    2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L Automatic Transmission Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ - MSRP is $37,230.00
    $33,516.71 Sale Price (including Destination Charge)
    +$125.00 Title, Registration & Plates
    +$239.00 Documentation Fee (lowest of any dealer in Massachusetts)
    +$2,094.79 6.25% Tax
    $35,975.50 Total "Out-The-Door" Price (no hidden charges)
  • durantdurant Posts: 5
    edited January 2011
    Any input would be appreciated. We got an offer on an EXL w/RES for 32980 , this price includes all season floor mats.

    Please give some feedback
  • hogi1hogi1 Posts: 4
    What dealer in MA? I can't get that price yet
  • hi Marverix,

    I'm also curious to know which NJ dealership offers $34,674.22 for EX-L.
    My quote is way higher than that. :-(
    You can email me the info at oykimchi at gmail dot com.

    Many thanks!
  • jam808jam808 Posts: 14
    I am thinking of buying a Siena or a Odyssyee, ButI see so many 2009-2010 that are only 3000 or so less than the 2011,

    So wouldnt it make more since to get a new one. I was so against of evey buying a new car because of the depreciation. But in this case . it seems to make since

    Are there any Dealers that has any of those two mini vans for about 25-30000
  • dugwisdugwis Posts: 1
    Which dealership did you find this price? Were there any dealer added accessories?
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