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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gt98gt98 Posts: 2
    Hyannis Honda seemed to have good prices on the Honda Care extended warranties. I called and got the 8 Year 120k for $1270, but that was in December. Don't feel obligated to by the warranty from the dealer you bought the vehicle at. Some states prevent you from buying warranties out of state, but mine does not.
  • imartimart Posts: 3
    OK - i dont know if I shoudl be excited or what. I have requested at least 10 different price quotes in NC and some in VA and just got the best one and dont know if its really true.........

    2011 touring Model
    36,795 car touring
    780 Destination
    100 proccessing fee

    Total $37,675

    Pohanka Honda in MD
    I spoke with the sales associate and the only things else added to this is tags, tax and title...
    This is the best deal so far, the next closet quote was $39,298 (plus 399 doc fee and 74 reg fee).

    Please advise.......

  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    If the vehicle is on the ground and the color you want, sounds like a good price.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I agree, $1,500 over invoice for something relatively local and in stock with no games is reasonable. Many dealers are playing games on the Tourings also and taking deposits for cars they can't get. I hope gray interior is ok with you, the Black / Truffle is hard to find.

    I had gotten 1 or 2 quotes for $1,000 over - Lebanon PA was one of them. I think Conecelli was the other. (Unfortunately neither had the color I wanted)

    Sussman had $1500 over, as well as Martin in Newark DE - which I had a great experience with.

    Use the Edmunds inventory tool to find who has what you are looking for and get quotes from the internet forms on dealer sites and also try - use the Drive Your Dream section if you don't have any of the other memberships.

    Good luck!
  • I just purchased an Odyssey EXL last night for 31,485. That was the base price before TT&T, destination fee and doc prep fee. I purchased the car at Carey Paul Honda in Snellville GA through the internet department. It was one of the best buying experiences I have had. That was the price they offered me from the beginning. No haggling. The other dealers could not come close. When I got there, the car that I wanted had 799 in extra stuff like wheel locks, mud flaps, a pin strip, niitrogen tires and paint sealant. I told the gentleman that I was not willing to pay for it. He said that was fine and so I got all that extra stuff for free. I felt like I was dealing with professional individuals, not the "typical" car salesman games.
  • was that with rear entertainment system? what was you out the door price?
  • jhk4949jhk4949 Posts: 12
    I'm interested in purchasing a Touring as well (south Georgia). My local dealer priced out a silver touring at $41070 before taxes. I thought that was a bit heavy, however, it was our first time negotiating. I plan on going back and giving him what I am willing to pay but I would like a backup plan.

    Can you provide the town where Pohanka Honda was located in Maryland as well as the sales person?

    By the way, it sounds like you are on to a very good deal.

  • It was without the rear entertainment system. This was a standard EX-L with the 799.00 extras included that I did not pay for. This was the price of the car (31,485) then you add TT&T plus destination fee and document (administrative) fee. The closest quote from three other dealers was about 32,200. Good luck!
  • do you mind sharing the dealer name and place .. i am in NJ and am in the market for a EX-L.
  • djyswdjysw Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    We just purchased a Honda Odyssey EX-L from Honda of Bartlesville. I dealt with the dealership through the internet sales group. Their first price was the best price in the Tulsa area. They didn't play any games and were very professional and courteous at the dealership. This is probably the best car buying experience I have had in 20 years.
  • could u please share the price details.
  • Hi, I am looking for a 2011 Odyssex EX in Philly/Reading/Lancaster PA area. Get some quotes, from $28,500 to $29,250 plus T and T (all destination charge included). Is this a reasonable price? Andy previous purchasing experience of the same model in these areas? Thanks.
  • paulgtpaulgt Posts: 9
    Total tax,.... OTD is how much? thank you
  • paulgtpaulgt Posts: 9
    NC gastonia dealer $39,802 otd
  • paulgtpaulgt Posts: 9
    HI , last 3 weeks they sale 39,802 otd , but I want 39,000 , maybe they sale around 39,500 to 39,802 . in gwinnet honda.
  • 34,860 was my walk out price.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Make sure you get a quote from Ebersole in Lebanon. They had a good price on the Touring, but had just sold the color I was after.
  • Having read this forum for a while and it is time to pay back.
    Brought an EXL over the weekend. The price is $31,700 (a little over $500 below invoice) + $120 doc fee + TTL. Very happy with the purchase. There is a trade-in involved but was negotiated separately and was give a fair price.
  • jhk4949jhk4949 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info .... I hope to make a purchase within 1-2 weeks. By the way, did that price include a 7% tax? Also, did they have the touring model on the lot?

    I really appreciate the help.
  • Better to buy the EXL Navi and then add a DVD system.
  • Check to find out what it costs the dealer. Way low. The beauty of the internet is that you can be prepared. $2400 below invoice is a bit too low.
  • Make sure to get a quote from Piazza. They lowered their price quotes very aggressively recently.
  • Thank you for the advice. Their price is lower. I have a trade in too, so I will see how much they give for the trade in. Thanks.
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    I have periodically checked this forum for the past few months. Anyone receiving competitive quotes for the Elites in CA or anywhere for that matter? Seems like most dealers in SoCal are still charging sticker. Seems to be a bit cheaper in the northeast and midwest but not enough to justify shipping expenses.

    Any help out there is greatly appreciated.

  • jhk4949jhk4949 Posts: 12
    I haven't seen any pricing for Elites in CA .... but I thought that someone from Texas had provided some input. Of course, I would not drive cross country for a good deal ..... but I have been known to fly 1000 miles away and drive the car back home.
  • I am in northern CA and unfortunately, the lowest I've seen is $41800 + TTL which makes the OTD to be over $46K.

    Most of the dealers are still treating the Elite like it's so popular.

    Good luck
  • bmwx5mbmwx5m Posts: 9
    38900 + TTL from Weymouth, MA.
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    Thanks for the replies thus far. Much appreciated. I had a pre-order deposit made at Weymouth on 11/16 - no order has been placed yet. The price is attractive but I do not feel they are being honest with their pre-order customers unfortunately.

    I've been told by email that the car will be "ordered" but after over 2 months no progress has been made at Weymouth.

  • bmwx5mbmwx5m Posts: 9
    You have to be very specific, I think, in what you ask:

    * how many are in the queue before you?
    * how many orders were in their last allocation(s)?
    * how many orders are in their next allocation?
    * when are the next order windows?

    If you can get that information, you should have a better idea of when to expect your vehicle.
  • jhk4949jhk4949 Posts: 12
    Have you tried ...... it was mentioned on another post. It will provide a gauranteed price somewhere in california. The price that they gave me was pretty close to some of the lower prices that I have seen on this forum. At least within $500 or so.
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