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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Yes, the $32410 included destination.
  • Car Man & KYFDX, I need your help. It doesn't look like Honda is offering any incentives this month on the 2011 Honda Odyssey EX; nor can I find any site that actually lists the scheduled manufacturer incentives by month for the year 2011. I could have swarn that last year when I was in the market for a Honda Civic, I found a site that stated the entire years Manufacturer planned incentives. Making my desission as to which months to purchse in my favor. Do U have any idea where U can fins this?

    With all that being said, I could mosy defineyely use any help with any pric/ :cry:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,370
    Sorry... I haven't seen anything that lists planned incentives..

    As for price, just scroll back a few pages, and see what everyone else is paying...

    Good luck!


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  • Yes I do believe they are offering a great buy to you if this includes Destination charge. Wish they would throw that at me here in oiltown. I offered 29200 Sale Price because I wanted the cargo mat and mudflaps. This business of the dealer adding on options and running the profit up on these items is annoying. I have been working with the Internet/Fleet Salesman and he isn't getting anywhere with the SM or GM regarding my offer. I need to speak with them regarding the Celestial Blue in EX. Maybe that is part of the holdup as well as their dealer add-ons.

    >- 637.90 (Factory Holdback)
    > 689.23 (3% Profit)
    > 780.00 (Dest)
    >29038.33 (Sale Price)
  • Hi Dobber2, could you clarify the OTD price of 34,000. Does that include the sales tax, documentation, licence, plates, fees etc etc... If it includes all this, could you please give me the details of the dealership and who you worked with. please send me the details to Thanks!!

    I have been trying to find a EXL w/RES in and around Chicago. The cheapest quote i got is from Decatur - $36,500 OTD. (Includes all the above).
  • I have to extend a word of thanks to all of the folks who have posted on this forum. Armed with information, I was able to secure the following deal on an EX-L RES - Smoky Topaz Metallic / Truffle interior. The dealer was great to work with. When it came time to talk about price, I just told him what the best offer I had was and just said that the price was where I was going to be at (I used the Hogan method). He nodded and pulled out his invoice on the car, showed us the price and said that was what he would charge. I was rather shocked as the Smoky Topaz / Truffle combo looks great and I think he could have sold that van at MSRP without much trouble.

    I did find that the *vast* majority of dealers out there are not willing to deal on these vans at all. Out of the 18 I initially contacted, only 3-4 were willing to deal. One was a bit higher than the other 3, another I caught loading up the deal with some sort of fee that drove up the OTD cost but were unwilling to say what it was over email or phone so the remaining two were who I ended up dealing with at the end. Most dealers price for the van only was higher than what I am paying OTD.

    There was no pressure. It was the easiest deal next to when I bought my SuperDuty on the "no-haggle employee pricing" Ford D-plan offerings here a couple of years ago when automakers were in their pre-bailout death throes. This dealer is Bender Honda out of Clovis, NM. We are going to pick it up on Friday and Momma is excited. Currently she has been hauling our 3 kids around in her '05 Mazda Tribute and since our 1yr old outgrew his infant seat, we have moved him to a regular car seat. We quickly found that 3 regular car seats do not fit in the back seat...not by a long shot (and people complain about the 3rd gen Ody not fitting 3 car seats So now, our 7yr old has to ride up front in a booster so we are changing that.

    Best Overall Quote
    Vehicle: $32,651
    Destination: $780
    Doc Fee: $75
    + TT&L
    Dealer 120mi. away

    This was not the lowest quote I received. The lowest quote would have required a plane flight, a hotel and a half-day of vacation from work. The money worked out in favor of the closer dealer (120mi. away). Time and money wise, the above deal just worked out better for us. However, I do have to extend kudos to Corwin Honda for being a great dealer to work with - they also had the best price.

    Lowest Price
    Vehicle: $32,176
    Destination: $780
    No additional fees
    + TT&L
    Dealer 770mi. away

    The Odyssey, its' fuel mileage, space and utility have us excited. We take several trips a year ranging from 8 - 15 hours on the road. Long trips like that in my SuperDuty will lighten the wallet fast and my wife doesn't like driving it - says she feels like she is driving a bulldozer. Good luck and thanks to Edmunds for the helpful forums!!!

  • Well, I got tired of all the research and reading, etc. so last night I went to the closest dealer for a test drive. To make a long story short, I ended up making the purchase.

    Got it down to 27,650 (With destination, it's 28,430). I think I could have done better, but I had my wife, 3 yr old son, and 2.5 wk baby with me which affected my patience with the back and forth negotiation. But I'm glad it's over with so it's ok.

    Btw, I did not get any accessories from the dealer. When I got home, I ordered splash guards, all weather mats, and cargo tray from, which costed me approx $300 including shipping. Dealer quoted 399 just for the splash guards! What a rip-off! LOL!

    I'm still contemplating on buying these other parts: door guards, door visors, door sill garnish, body side molding, and wheel locks. I might end up installing all or some of these later on when the weather's warmer, since some of them require 15°C (60°F) or above ambient air temp for installation.
  • Well done. Could it be that under duress with family in tow us "gents" can still put on the Poker Face? Honestly I am impressed with the deal you made. Good move on blowing off their option charges. It's like let's have a good lunch on this guy tomorrow. Safe motoring.
  • Hi all:
    Thank you all for posting info.. have been reading for a while, and about to pull trigger. Can you let me know if you think this is good deal.
    This is in MD/PA area.

    2011 Touring Elite - Smokey Topaz/Truffle - $40,218 including destination charges
    Additonal 100 processing fee, tag and title fees and Tax

  • joeygjoeyg Posts: 11
    Picked up a 2011 EXL RES from Weymouth in MA. Paid $32,669 including destination. Besides sales tax had to pay $364 in fees. Dealt with internet department and it took about two calls to get a deal done. Very easy.
  • I am getting a quote for 33,930 including destination charges for a EXL with RES in the Atlanta area. What is a good price point for a Odyssey in ATL area? Looks like this car is in high demand, dealer dont seem tooo willing to negotiate.

  • Hi, joeyg,
    Could you post the dealship and the sales people for your car?
  • You can get pricing in your area by going to and also Edmunds has similar pricing info onin new cars that will tell you what others are paying and define "great pricing", as well. Definitely worth looking at those numbers prior to making a deal.
  • urglie,
    what do you mean by OTD? does that include all fees and taxes? Could you include the breakdown?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,370
    Your personal security is important to us, so please do not post your email address in a message.

    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • joeygjoeyg Posts: 11
    It was Weymouth Honda in Weymouth MA. I contacted dealership via email and dealth with internet sales staff.
  • skc4skc4 Posts: 1
    After searching for a week, bought an EXL without RES/NAV at Valley Honda in Aurora who had the best deal in chicago. $31556(including Dest, Doc fees)+ TTL. Paid $400 for all weather mats, cargo tray and mud guards. Little expensive from other places but got done with the whole thing.Paid $1245 for extended warranty(7 yrs/80K miles). Also got an APR of 3.04 with americab honda.

    Had a very good experience there and sales person wasnt pushy at all. Would highly recommend if you like the price
  • ktisktis Posts: 3
    edited February 2011
    Best quotes in MO at this point, for 2011 Touring:
    Corwin Honda (Costco program), Jefferson City, MO
    38K OTD
    St. Louis Honda, St. Louis, MO
    38,2K OTD
  • That was the best deal in Albany, GA as well ..... excluding state sales tax, 38K otd
  • kenleslie76kenleslie76 Posts: 22
    edited February 2011
    Hello All,

    Need some help...I was quote for a 2011 EXL wo/RES for $32K before TTL and $33K before TTL for a EXL w/RES. Please let me know if I should go lower. They seem willing to sell the van to me without any hassle. Is this a good price to pay?
  • Seems like a good price . The best quote i have so far is $32,800 from Decatur.IL. But they dont have an EXL W/RES available in Smoky Topaz. Trying to find it for me. Hopefully he can find it for me.
  • Looking for a good price on a Touring in the MD / DC / VA / PA area. We've been to one dealer near DC and were not too happy with the experience. Willing to travel a bit for a good deal. Any assistance would be appreciated!
  • Would you mind specifying the dealer? I've been looking around for a Touring / Touring Elite and that seems like a great price.

  • Seems to be a few of us looking for a new Odyssey in the northern IL area. I'm in the NW near Crystal lake. Maybe we could pool/group together and strike a deal with a dealer in the area? I'm looking to buy anytime from now until the end of April.

  • Sure..
    Bobby Rahal in PA.
    I just put the deposit on it.. But will have to wait to end of March for delivery. I have to drive 2 hours from DC area, but worth the drive I think.
    Their internet sales guy is not great.. so get the quote from their online system, and then you can deal with any sales guy to close the deal.
    Good luck.
  • urglieurglie Posts: 20
    OTD price includes everything, destination charge, processing fee, TTL. Here is the breakdown

    $32,034.81-Selling Price
    + $780-Destination
    + $100-Processing
    + TTL

    The guy said he would honor this price for the President day only. I don't know if the price is still valid though.
  • utc2utc2 Posts: 42
    zeebrock and others,

    Received a great deal on a touring elite from Brilliance Honda in IL. I live in CA and it was worth the money I saved even with shipping. Please refer to prior posts for details but it was $4000 less than CA dealers. I had them price match Bobby Rahal at $40,218 (inc dest). Weymouth is the cheapest if you have some patience or they have your car on the lot. I would strongly reccomend D.H. (senior sales staff) - he even sent me 20 pictures from his iphone of the van being loaded on the truck. You will be re-assured by their positive reviews on if you have any concerns.

    Good luck with your purchase...

  • daddyof3daddyof3 Posts: 4
    Just purchased an EX-L w/ RES in the Bay Area. Here's the breakdown:

    Trim: EX-L RES Alabaster Silver/Grey
    Vehicle Price: $33,175.00 (includes destination)
    Back Up Sensor: $578.00 (installed)
    Wheels Locks & Splash Guards: Free
    Doc Fees: $55.00
    Taxes: $3127.24 (9.25%)
    Tags: $493.75

    Total OTD: $37428.99

    Hopefully this helps future buyers in our area make informed decisions. Good luck!
  • Just bought my 2011 EXL w Res in Atl OTD = $37,273.58

    Odyssey EX-L RES /Dark Cherry Pearl/Roof Rack with cross bar/Splash guards/All Season Mats

    Here was the breakdown.
    $337500.00 Internet Price (INC DESTINATION)
    $ 682.08 Crossbars (with roof rails)
    $ 222.60 All Season Mats
    $ 598.00 Processing Fee
    $ 210858 Sales Tax at 7%

    $ 19.00 Title
    $ 3.00 GA MVWR
    $37273.58 Total Drive Out Price Factory Equipped

    After dealing with literally 10 dealers he was the simplest one to work with.

    Hope this helps anybody
  • Thats a very decent price. Which dealership did you buy it at?
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