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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • xinvarxinvar Posts: 1
    tulsa1, I'm in the market for an EX-L too. The numbers you posted didn't add up --

    31485*1.0325+91+150+15-1000 = 31764, not the OTD: $31,635 you paid for.
  • jbmuosujbmuosu Posts: 1
    Just bought a silver exl with Navigation = $34,205 plus pro pack for $529.

    Ended up going to Cincinnati Ohio instead of here in Nashville TN. Much better selection in SW Ohio and more willing to deal on price. Had to trade a 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited, got $32,500 for the trade in.

    Purchased from Kings Honda.
  • tulsa1tulsa1 Posts: 3
    I assumed when folks on this forum ask "What did you pay OTD", they're seeking to know what the dealership charged you for the vehicle.

    I purchased the vehicle from the dealership for $31,485 plus a $150 doc fee for a total of $31,635. That is what I called my OTD price. I rolled out of the dealership (out-the-door) having paid that much money to THEM for that vehicle (less, of course my trade and cash down).

    However, sometime in the next 30 days, I will receive TTL paperwork from the Oklahoma DMV...and make a trip to the local tag agency to pay $91+$15+3%. Since the TTL figures are exclusive to my state, and since they are calculated the same no matter what kind of NEW car I purchase, I did not feel the need to include them in the OTD price.

    If I'm wrong for doing it this way, I beg your pardon.
  • rucshacarucshaca Posts: 8

    Can you please send some details of your deal ... i live in NJ and wants to purchase an EX-L ....

    rucshaca at yahoo dot com
  • ohmy3ohmy3 Posts: 14
    I'm a Dallas, TX resident and ended up getting my black Touring Elite out of state because it was so much cheaper.

    I had the car shipped to me on an open truck from Missouri for $450. Then sent hubby to get license plates and the paperwork on the taxes. The license plate was minimal (somewhere around $20 I think, but you can find the exact price on the internet).

    I never saw the vehicle until it got down here. Normally it wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, after I paid for the car, my car was in a hail storm while it was on the dealer's lot, so it was repaired prior to getting shipped to me. After getting the car, I found so many things wrong that now I'm having to deal with this headache of working with the people out of state.

    I would still purchase out of state-- the $ savings is too much to ignore, but if the car was damaged you should at least see your car before getting it shipped.
  • desertkevdesertkev Posts: 76
    That's a solid price (even if there is some give or take on a few hundred bucks!)
  • desertkevdesertkev Posts: 76
    I am kind of disappointed that recently half of the dealers I have visited have all said that the Tsunami has meant that there is a shortage of "Elite" Odysseys. No actual reason - I hope it's true and not just some BS they are feeding trying to get me to jump on a deal. I'm not that kind of buyer so it doesn't matter, just wondering if anyone else had this happen.

    I have a price of $39,437 for Touring Elite (Tax and tags extra) - no other fees.
  • dgackeydgackey Posts: 4
    @ohmy3, the dealer didn't disclose that it had been damaged prior to shipping it to you?

    I am nearing the point of closing a deal with Weymouth in MA; their price on a Touring is outstanding. Open car transport from MA to TX is fairly expensive but it still ends up being close to $3k less than the best price I could get from the dealers around here.

    Big question my wife has is "what happens if the van arrives damaged"... and I'm still trying to figure out what the answer to that is. I guess if it's a defect of the vehicle unrelated to shipping, we take it to the local dealer? If it's a shipping issue I take it up with the shipping company?

    What kinds of headaches are you experiencing with the dealer you bought from now, if you don't mind me asking?
  • babsmillerbabsmiller Posts: 20
    I was told that there were problem getting parts for the Elite long before the earthquake.
  • zuffy316zuffy316 Posts: 2
    Can you tell me which dealership was this in NJ?
  • zuffy316zuffy316 Posts: 2
    Can you tell me which dealership was this from NJ?
  • suhansuhan Posts: 1
    Hi srjain,

    I am also looking for similar van to buy. could u please tell me the dealer name and the sales guy's details. I am also in NE (Omaha). Thanks in advance.
  • babsmillerbabsmiller Posts: 20
    I just received an e-mail from a dealership asking if I am still looking for an Odyssey. The e-mail said, "There may be some incentives that are available on the 2011 Honda Odyssey that may have not been available then."

    Anyone else heard anything about incentives?
  • Is it possible for me to get a copy of the could remove your personal details.
  • cash12cash12 Posts: 5
    Thanks to the original poster but.....

    I reached out to Kastner Honda and the very best quote they said they would give was just shy of $34k before all fees. This was only if you took the only one vehicle they had in stock so price is before any dealer call off fee. Ric Rosa (sales and leasing manager) asked me to post on this forum as they didn't want any more business at the price quoted in the prior post.

    I would suggest to readers given the attitude, selection and current pricing not to consider this dealer.
  • Picked up an EX-L last weekend (no RES, no NAV). Paid 33,300 for the car + $389 processing + VA taxes, title. Added rear back up sensors for the wife for $380. Got 1.9% financing. Dealer wanted $1418 for Honda Care warranty, but I'll pick that up through Hyannis Honda for half the price. Maybe not the greatest price for the car, but I was comfortable with it and we were done in about 10 minutes.

    Decided to pass on the built in RES to avoid kids constantly asking to watch. Will use portable system we had in our old CR-V and pick up an iPad and mount.
  • sodysseysodyssey Posts: 3
    Hi Jctivo,

    Could you please forward your quote, what you got it. Sheehy Honda is asking for the quote for 33,248.50.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • sodysseysodyssey Posts: 3
    Hi Moinu,

    Could you please forward your quote / sale deal.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • sodysseysodyssey Posts: 3
    Hi Moinu or Hunder,

    Could you please forward the invoice from Bobby Rahal. It would help me a lot.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • merc430merc430 Posts: 3
    I'm looking to purchase an EX-L/Nav, and i was wondering what folks are paying in MD and northern VA. Also any idea on how best to approach this purhcase.
  • dgackeydgackey Posts: 4
    Use and get quotes, then try Fernandez Honda in San Antonio. They gave me a starting quote via email that was better than any of the other local dealers, but was still only a few hundred bucks lower than MSRP (on a Touring).

    Basically the demand on these vehicles is consistent and the supply is TERRIBLE here in TX, so these guys know they can command a premium and there's no incentive NOT to sell them at a premium. It's irritating but your choices are either to go buy something else, go out of state, or get a personal 'in' with a salesperson who's willing to make you a deal...
  • albertocalbertoc Posts: 5
    So Far Fernandez Honda and Victory Honda gave me the best up front deals. I can understand that for a Touring it is difficult to get a deal since not all dealers have them in stock and the few that have them in stock, they only have one or two, The same goes for the EX or the LX, there are few. but EX-L, every dealer have at least one of those, and sometimes they have 5 or 7 in stock. Howdy Honda is one of those with many in stock.
    I will try Thanks.
  • realhawkerrealhawker Posts: 30
    I used this site- was not able to get any real price quotes - just tons of template emails from dealers, trying to schedule me to come in. What a waste - and now I am spammed. I can't beleive they think I will respond to their automated emails- yeah right.
  • squirreljamsquirreljam Posts: 65
    Babsmiller, I got a similar call from someone locally that I've bought two previous Ody's from. Looking at the Lease thread, it seems they've dropped the money factor for May, and I saw something about low rate financing on consumer guide automotive.

    However, neither of those is exactly earthshaking, nor would explain the sales activity, so I'd be curious if there's money in the trunk on these also. Anyone know anything?
  • dgackeydgackey Posts: 4
    That's lame, both dealers I got via Zag sent quotes, though only one was less than MSRP. I also tried Costco but it said there weren't any participating dealers in my area when I selected Honda.
  • pacdecimalpacdecimal Posts: 34
    Got a quote from Bay Area dealer for EX-L with RES ($34,200). Is this pretty good deal, and what's the main difference in rear view camera of RES vs. NAV (multi-view)?

    And, any other options that I should include such as senors, roof racks and other minor things that I don't see on Edmunds.

  • solpangsolpang Posts: 6
    Got a quote from DC area for EX-L without NAV / RES ($32000 including destination). Is this a good deal? Thanks.
  • merc430merc430 Posts: 3
    Did you get a written quote from the dealer? if so, do you mind forwarding the quote?
  • albertocalbertoc Posts: 5
    How did you get the quote?
    I can not get anything below $33,000 for EX-L without NAV / RES in central Texas, Even one dealer got nasty when I insisted on a $32,000 offer.
  • albertocalbertoc Posts: 5
    In may, Honda started offering 1.9% financing on the Odyseey, and that offer was not available in March. Most likely that is the "Incentive" they are talking about.
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