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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • In Delaware it was 0.9% interest rate, but I'm not to sure. I bought a Touring Elite for about 42.5K and I am so happy with it after selling my BMW X5. Good luck with you Odyssey buying experience and I guarantee that you will be really love it.
  • **It's TIME to hit the car dealerships HARD, look out for blood from the salesmen***

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  • wasabeewasabee Norcross, GAPosts: 31
    Is that 42.5K OTD price before tax, tag, registration fee? Could you provide a price break down of your Touring Elite purchase? Looking for the Touring Elite also. Thank you.
  • dggodggo Posts: 6
    Hi, Can anybody share recent purchase details for EXL - REX 2011 in So Cal, San Fernando or Thousand Oaks/Ventura/Oxnard area.

  • I just got a quote that included pricing for trim packages ($500), wheel locks($200), and permaplate (300$). Also is 500$ processing fee normal?

    I know what wheel locks are and i think 200$ is ridiculous... but what are those other 2 things?
  • trim, wheel locks, and permaplate are rip-offs; dealer installed items that would cost you a fraction of that cost if you bought everything on your own.

    Processing fees are pretty normal and vary by state.
  • Thanks - I suspected as much.

    Do you know is right around invoice pricing ridiculous to ask for? I'm not getting any quotes in that range... So far for an EXL the best OTD pricing i got was about 36000 (Of course it included a grand for the above 3 rip offs).. but even if i talk them out of that 35000 seems high to me compared to lots of posts here....

    I was expecting much closer to invoice with 2012s about to come out and being near the end of a qrtr....

    Thanks for the advice.
  • 2006 Touring sold for 22K had about 64K miles. I think it was way higher than edmunds price. However, price at which the car sells is the price.
  • Can someone give me price breakdowns of deals they got in the NY metropolitan area for either the Odyssey EX-L w/ Navi or the Touring? It's my first time buying (I'm a leasor usually), so am not familiar with the various components of the add-on fees when you buy. Many thanks.
  • pnagpnag Posts: 5
    I request help from folks with recent pricing experience on above models in TX/Dallas region.

    Even if you didn't buy, can you please inform the best base price from dealer shop including destination that you came across.

    thanks in advance,
  • $37, 665 with destination charges... is that a good price this is for a 2012 not a 2011..
  • pnagpnag Posts: 5
    Is that withTTL plus dealer ads? or it is before TTL?
  • $37,655.35 Sale Price (including the $810 Destination Charge)
    +$2,353.46 6.25% Sales Tax
    +$239.00 Documentation Fee
    +$125.00 Registration Fee
    $40,372.81 Total "Out-The-Door" Price.

    Is this a good price for a 2012 touring?
  • Honda of Wesley Chapel is under new management and is now

    I heard a lot of bad experiences from the prior like what you said but figured I would give them a second chance and I have to say I am impressed
  • narayananarayana Posts: 7
    edited September 2011
    We bought 2012 EX-L with NAV for 35800(include destination fee) + tax/fee. Paid 1400 more for adding DVD PLAYER.
    Not sure it is reasonable price or not.
  • Bought yesterday for 34,210 + 133 documentation fee + TTL (opted to pay taxes myself at the DMV to keep the doc fee at 133 instead of around $250).

    Was this a steal deal, or an okay deal?

    Some notes: After contacting several dealers in south Louisiana with a wide range of prices, the lowest quote was 34,310 in New Orleans. The local dealer agreed to match it, but put a $133 documentation fee in the process which I haggled about. He then adjusted the price down by $100 to accommodate me, but kept the fee as-is (apparently they have to charge every customer the same doc fee so they cannot reduce it, but may reduce the price by some to accommodate it).
  • kai7kai7 Posts: 5
    Where is this? I think the price is pretty good. I am trying to find one in Bay area.
  • Southbay honda, milpitas.
  • kai7kai7 Posts: 5
    Nice! I am going.... 2012 right? any good fin term?
  • They offered 2.1 with dvd player or with warranty/dvd player
    otherwise 5 .
  • I received an offer for $33,150 out the door for a 2011 Honda Odyssey EX here in Southern California, the Internet salesman said it's already $2,000 off the MSRP. Is this a good deal? Thank you!
  • Could you tell me a little bit more about how the DVD player is added to the EX-L with NAV? I'd love to get both the NAV and the RES, but am not able to go up to the Touring model. Is the DVD player the same as the factory RES?

  • After further negotiation with the dealer, we got it out-the-door for $32,999 for a 2011 EX model, price breakdown was:

    Vehicle Price $29,983.85
    Sales Tax 2,628.40
    Lic, Reg & Oth 386.75

    The minivan came with dealer-installed propack (wheel lock, splash guard and cargo mat) plus lifetime warranty on the powertrain...

    We also go the color we want and best of all, wifey is happy with her new ride.
  • This seems like a FANTASTIC price! We are in the market for a 2012 Touring as well. Can you tell me what area you are located in? Was the dealership running a special or is that just a deal that they worked with you specifically?
  • The prices i have from the dealer are as follows:

    2011 Odyssey EX-L w/NAV = $34,000
    2012 Odyssey EX-L w/Nav = $35,300

    Which one is a better choice?
  • pnagpnag Posts: 5
    Just bought a 2011 Odyssey EX-L, gray interiors and gray exteriors that we wanted.

    Out-the-door price of $35,500 that includes base price, destination, TTL and dealer adds (splash guards, wheel locks, tint and cargo mat)
  • It Rosen entertainment system. It is not Honda factory RES.

    You will get for less if do it outside but not sure about how it affects the warranty.
  • Where did u get this deal?
  • In August 2011: I purchased a 2011 Odyssey EX-L W/ RES for $36,950 (Drive Out - Inclusive of all the taxes and Fee) I got the color what I wanted...

    Ext. Color: Smoky Topaz
    Int. Color: Truffle Leather
    Mileage: 3

  • ubpvubpv Posts: 2
    Looks like a great deal. Can you share the dealer details? Thanks.
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