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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rkothaparkothapa Posts: 4
    I have been trying to get some quotes for 2012 Odyssey EXL in the DFW area. The best I have been getting is around $31500 including d&h and dealer added options. Wanted to get some opinions on this forum. Is this Good price or over priced?
  • lpaternolpaterno Posts: 2
    gardnr01, What's the dealer name and location?
  • kps1234kps1234 Posts: 1
    what would be best deal to buy odyssey EX-L in va/md/dc area?
  • dp_crvdp_crv Posts: 23
    I purchased my odyssey 2012 3 months ago for 31800. You shd be able to get it close to 30k to 30.5k
    Please try Fenton Honda of Ardmore Oklahoma. Ardmore city is 90 mi from dfw. I am sure you will get good deal.
  • lmcjcaolmcjcao Posts: 16
    Got EX-L with RES for $32,000 from McDavid Honda Frisco, probably could do better on price, but I was in a hurry to use the car. So for EX-L, below $30,500 should be possible in DFW.
  • rkothaparkothapa Posts: 4
    Thank you dp_crv. I will send a quote request to Fenton Honda. Can you recommend any sales person at Fenton?
  • rkothaparkothapa Posts: 4
    Thank you lmcjcao. When did you purchase your vehicle? Can you share the salesperson's name. you can email me at danieldotgenryatyahoodotcom
  • jwooijwooi Posts: 1
    Were you able to get the Touring Elite for $38500? Which dealership was this at?

  • whacky1whacky1 Posts: 2
    We recently bought our Honda EX-L (destination included) with no other options and no trade in for $29,900 in MA.

    Thank you everyone for sharing their experience and price.

    Good luck!
  • Can you pls tell the dealer name? Also was this OTD price?
  • All,
    I've got a dealer offering the following. Is this a good deal for a EX-L w/ Navi
    Accessories: $1,434 (fog lights, cross bar w/ rails, remote start)
    Tax, Fees: $2,537
    OTD Price: $35,623

    I'm purchasing two vehicles identical. I haven't yet pulled the trigger and was wondering if I can get down more on the price.
  • rkothaparkothapa Posts: 4
    Looks like a very good deal. Can you tell me which state and dealer? Thank you.
  • lpaternolpaterno Posts: 2
    Spreen raised their quote from 35995 (good in May/June timeframe) to 37080 on a Touring (quoted yesterday). So, your $36,500 looks pretty darn good. What dealer are you talking to?
  • I am hoping to trade my 2010 Odyssey in for a 2012. Would a trade in raise or lower the price on the 2012?
  • honodyhonody Posts: 1
    Just pulled the plug on 2012 Odyssey EXLW/RES in Chicago area with OTD $34700. This was the lowest price I got after exchanging quotes for over a week. Got 0.9% financing for 60 months. Also, got the Pro Package at a discounted price.
  • whacky1whacky1 Posts: 2
    Honda village was the dealer and the price is not otd.
  • donethat_1donethat_1 Posts: 66
    Do you research before you buy......February 2012 Motor Trend Long Test Article 2011 Odyssey Touring Elite, 6 months old, 14999 miles "...we'll have the technicians look at the transmission as well. Over time, shifting has become rough, and occasionally upon acceleration between first and second gears, the transmission seems to be shuddering."
  • vtec369vtec369 Posts: 8
    Finally got around to making the purchase on a Celestial Blue EX-L (no NAV, no RES) for a purchase price of 30,453 (destination included). Thanks to all who have shared their buying experiences and prices.
  • rpark417rpark417 Posts: 1
    got mine 2012 touring elite with wheel locks, all season mats, trunk tray, and splash guards for $37,500
  • Bought 2012 ex-l (no nav or Res) 30k + ttl+doc +tax in central ct
  • linh9linh9 Posts: 6
    Does your price at $37,500 including destination charge? What is your OTD price? Thanks.
  • sham01skisham01ski Posts: 11
    edited July 2012
    2012 Touring Elite White diamond pearl with truffle interior

    Vehicle Price: 37,400
    Dest 830
    Doc Fee 398
    Tire Tax 7.5
    NJ Tax 7% was 2676.62
    NJ DMV 430

    OTD was 41750 or so... Paperwork is in the car.

    They tried to charge me 95 dollars dealer prep and 199 for etch and I almost walked on the deal so they lowered the selling price of the car to 37106. Open Road Honda in Edison. I also bought the tire and rim package for 695 along with some key replacement etc. The tire and rim alone was 595 for 5 years so for another 100 bucks bought it all. Shopping for honda care now....

    Hope this helps... This edmunds site and odyssey club helped me negotiate this wonderful deal..
  • Offered a 2012 EX at $27,769 plus tax. The $27,769 includes the doc fee, mud guards and rubber floor mats. The dealer usually has 20 plus vans on the lot. There is only five or six left.
    They must really be looking to move these month end.
  • linh9linh9 Posts: 6
    That is a very good deal. Thanks.
  • Could you break down your prices a little further?
    1. Was the 31,652 the 'base price' or did it include the destination fee?
    2. What 'fees' were in the $2,537 you cited.
    3. Were there any dealer prep, documentation, etc. fees and if so, what were they.
    4. What was the name and location of the dealer.

  • mallik1mallik1 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Got today EX-L RES $32000 + $80 doc fee + $150 wheel locks+ $330 allfloor mats + 1250 7yr/100K warranty
    +dmv + taxes
    OTD 37K
  • akhterakhter Posts: 1

    Is it possible for you to post the dealer info.
  • What is the dealers name and where is it please
  • Metro Honda Indian Trail NC
  • vtec369vtec369 Posts: 8
    Sure..I got mine from Valley Honda in Naperville/Aurora. Very pleasant experience considering we had 2 young kids running around the sales floor while we had our trade appraised and all the paperwork done.
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