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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • web2web, could you please refer me to the guy you worked with? thanks!
  • morfysmorfys Posts: 2
    Recently bought an EX-L w/ RES.

    Base price: 32400.

    OTD: 35500.

    Dealer: Grace Honda @ San Bruno, CA

    OTD quote obtained via email.

    Experience: Great. Sales person didn't try to sell anything extra.

    Thanks to this forum for presenting valuable info.
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 45
    Proc. fee seems a little bit high. I just bought my EX and only pay $80. Are you sure the EX is $25,495. It seems to me more like a LX price, but if it is. You got a really good deal.
  • psomupsomu Posts: 3
    To my3ps:
    I am also from dc area and looking for quotes for ex-l. Can you provide the dealer name for your 3rd quote. Thanks
  • my3psmy3ps Posts: 6
    Yes, I am sure that is the EX. I have an email from them. I even called and made sure over the phone. Since my last post I have even had one other dealer say they'd match it and give me free accessories so you can knock another $338 off that total. The Proc. Fee is $199 across the board for all dealers I have dealt with here in MD.

    Still trying to decide if the EX-L is worth $3,000 more. We are going in tomorrow night.
  • my3psmy3ps Posts: 6
    This quote is for an Odyssey that took on some slight damage to it's rear bumper during transit from the factory. The dealer has fixed everything. I'm just not sure it's worth getting a prior damaged vehicle to save $300. If we don't go with it, I'll let you know.

  • py777py777 Posts: 62
    Just bought my 2012 EX-L Odyssey yesterday. Got quotes from various dealers and the lowest I received was $31,288 + TTL. I was trying to negotiate a lower price with another dealer earlier to $31k but they won't budge. So I emailed back the dealer who offered $31,288 and asked them to throw in the all weather floor mat. The sales is also the fleet manager so he quickly replied yes. Since they have the color I want in stock, I went in that day. The manager lowered the price of the car to $31,000 + $219.9 for the mat, bringing the total with the mat to just $31,219.9. Even better than the original price he quoted me. My husband wanted the splash guard so the total price is $31,383 + TTL.

    Here's the breakdown:

    $31,000 base EX-L
    $219.9 All season floor mat
    $163.6 Splash guard
    $31383 Total + TTL

    I did not purchase any warranty or maintenance plan from them. They were asking $1790 (already reduced from original $28xx) on the 5yr/60k extended warranty with $100 deductible. I asked if there are $0 deductible plan and he flat out said no... I told them I will get it somewhere else. The guy keep saying I'll be getting a different plan like a 3rd party one but I ignored him. We asked about the details of the maintenance plan (sentinel plan) that he quoted $875 for those services up to 60k, but he couldn't provide the actual cost of those services would cost me at their dealership, and not much detail on what the service will perform. I told him no thank you again as I don't have enough info to make my decision.

    The sales guy was great, easy to work with and pretty good deal.

    The finance manager was not so great...
  • Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I don't quite understand this forum thing, but I definitely found it useful! Last week I picked up our new Odyssey Touring model. I paid $36,950 including all dealer doc/admin fees, not including tax and license. However, to get the deal done the dealer threw in a $250 service department gift card that will allow me to add the body side moldings, so I suppose the price is technically $36,700 and utilized the . Also, beware of the add ons at the end - mud flaps, all weather floor mats (it comes with carpeted ones), and the previously mentioned body side moldings. All should frankly come on the car, and none of those were mentioned in the negotiations. So, don't do what I did and get to the end feeling pretty good about your deal, only to find that you have to add in several hundred more dollars to protect yourself from door dings and mud :) Also, if you are so inclined to purchase some of the extended warranties, etc. that are offered in the finance office, wait for the dealer to discount them. I had to say "no" three times as they kept reducing the prices. Good luck!!
  • I just bought a 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring from Corona Honda. Riverside ($35,979) and Corona Honda has the best price from all the email quotes that I sent out. @ $35,980 includes Destination Fees. But they did not tell me that I need to get the propack for $895. After Haggling with them, they agreed to remove the propack and I bought the dealership warranty. I can cancel the dealership warranty within 60 days and get full refund. I had transmission problems with my older Odyssey, so I might keep the warranty. If they do not want to give you the price you want, just get up and walk out.

    $35,980 + Tax + fees + $1,399 dealer warranty = $40,624.40

    $692.94 per month for 60 month. APR is 0.90 %
    Finance Charge is $952, Amount Financed is $40,624.40.
    Total Payments = $41,576.40

    My next best price is $36,197 @ Sierra Honda in Monrovia and @ West Covina Honda. I bought my last Odyssey from Sierra Honda and it was fast and easy with out Haggling.
  • sujacsujac Posts: 1
    I am pretty close to closing a deal on a 2012 Touring elite. I was offered an OTD price of $42,640, which includes remote starter, roof rails, door visors and moon roof visor. Any thoughts?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Can you provide a breakdown? OTD prices are good for bottom lines at the dealership, but they're not useful if you want to know how the price stacks up with others (due to differing taxes, fees, etc.).
  • my3psmy3ps Posts: 6
    Follow up with final pricing. We ended up going with the EX from Northwest Honda in MD. My husband didn't want to pay the extra for the EX-L and they didn't have the EX-L in the color we wanted. I really wanted the EX-L but I am happy with our EX purchase. I couldn't believe it but the salesmen even pushed us into the EX. He didn't try to up sell us at all. GREAT experience there.

    EX - Crystal Black Pearl w/truffle interior
    $26,294 Base (including destination, no charge for mud flaps & wheel locks)
    $199 Dealer Processing
    $1020 6% tax (have no idea why so little, we did have a trade but that still doesn't make this number work out)
    $273 title & tags
    $27,786 OTD

    We did purchase a 10yr/100k warranty for $'s from Warranty Solutions. We didn't have a chance to do any research on this but we can still cancel it if we want to, kinda second guessing this now. I know I can get a much cheaper warranty from a Honda Care aftermarket dealer just a little shorter.
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 45
    Congratulation on your new Odyssey. Yes, cancel that warranty and stick with Honda Care. :)
  • hi morfys, what accessories are included in your purchase?
  • Our dealer in nj has 52 ex-l on the lot, and my husband stopped over just to look and the guy who was on his way out the door offered 27900 or something close to 28,000. If that's their first offer, how much more could we possibly get off? The list is like 35,000. I don't care about leather etcso a more base model would have been ok. I actually wanted the DVD system, they only have 7 of those, so I doubt we'd get a great deal on the ex-l res.

    Our other option is a Mazda 9 which can be had top line for the price of a basic odyssey.

    What to do?

    Also consumerreports doesn't recommend odyssey because of reliability... Any comment on that?
  • samt2samt2 Posts: 4
    I am looking around for a EXL and the best offer I got is $29,700 in NJ. Could you please provide us the dealer information.
  • Hey Shenneman & Samt2

    Can you please share that dealer info with me I an from NJ too
    in market for an Odyssey EX-L preferably with RES
    but not mandatory will decide based on the prize

    I am planning to visit dealers this Saturday

    Thanks in advance
  • Planethonda in union nj on rt 22. I wasn't there so hopefully my husband heard the guy right, but over 50 exls should mean good negotiations. Only a few comparably with res or nav
  • samt2samt2 Posts: 4
    I got the quote from Paul Miller Honda in West Caldwell.
  • Thanks for your info. I live in NNJ and look for EX-L as well.Now just need to compared Pros/Cons between Honda and Toyota. Prefer Honda more.
  • gr2012gr2012 Posts: 4
    Any ideas what is a good deal? I got following quotes (includes destination)

    1) Touring : $36,750 - $37,250
    2) Touring Elite : $38,750-$39,250

    Do I buy now or wait for 2013 model to come in?

  • trabatraba Posts: 9
    I just purchased and paid $35098 for a touring in NJ. It was $34798 but they didnt have the color combo I wanted. I paid $300 to get it. The 2013's won't be as discounted. I purchased August 6th.
  • tominohtominoh Posts: 3
    Hello everyone - I am new to this site and am hoping for some help. My wife and I are looking for the best price on a 2012 Honda Odyssey EXL. We live in OH. Can anyone share specific details about where they bought this car, the price they paid, and the salesperson's name? I'd like to provide a quote to a sales guy here in OH to match the price. It seems several on this board have paid around $31K.. what a great deal!

    Thank you in advance for helping!
  • ahmom2ahmom2 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Looking @ buying new 2012 Odyssey Touring or EXL. Here are the quotes I received...OTD on Exl Res including taxes, destination, fees is 35,212 and OTD on Touring including taxes, destination, fees is 39679. All weather mats, cargo tray and mud flaps additional $790. This was an Internet quote and I was told this is the best they could do. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a better price or is this a good deal?
  • I live in Los Angeles area and would like to share quote I received today.
    MFP is $37455.00. Lowest quote I got was $31995.00 + Tax & License.
    The methods to get the quote was through and requesting quote.
    Is this good price? It seems like cost is a way below than dealer invoice price.
  • psomupsomu Posts: 3
    Bought a new ex-l dark cherry pearl today from pohanka of fredericksburg. Paid 29,851 + 399 + tags & tax. OTD is $31,225. Got the 0.9% & total process took 1 hr. No cross selling & crap. No dealer in DC area was willing to match this price.
  • csr2csr2 Posts: 1
    Did you include the tax&tags in the OTD price 31,225 ? or did you have any trade in?
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 45
    Yes. I just bought a Odyssey EX. OTD price is $29K. I am also in the Los Angeles area. :)
  • psomupsomu Posts: 3
    31,225 includes everything. I did not have a trade in.
    Base price:29,851
    Proc fee:399
    Title & Tags: 55

    Total:31,225. (Financed at 0.9% for 60 mo)
  • Hi! I live in san diego county. Where in LA is this dealership?
    Im looking for Exl and Spreen Honda so far has given me the lowest
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