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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi, can you share name of dealer and salesperson as well as how much accessories added to the cost? THanks.
  • I've been cruising this forum for a while. I am ready for buy in the next 10 days. What is the lowest I can expect to pay to purchase a 2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L with RES?
  • Thanks for the posts in this forum. It is my turn to feedback.

    I bought a 2013 Ody EXL (no RES/NAV) with Shawn Rahimi Honda of Spring on 1/17/13. OTD price is $34000. Dealer added features are:

    1. Nitrogen Tires
    2. Window Tint
    3. Door edge protection

    I asked him to take off the protection package (splash guard, cargo tray and wheel lock), otherwise the OTD price will be $34300.

    Zhao Guo @ Gillman Houston also provides the very similar price. He is straightforward and a very nice person to deal with.

    Good luck!
  • joenyc111 - $34800(including destination fees) is the current market price in Brooklyn and
    $34,500(including destination fees) in Long Island for 2013 EX-L with RES.
  • chaozz1chaozz1 Posts: 49
    Nitrogen tires...HAHAHA costco does this for free.
  • jaycha2jaycha2 Posts: 35
    It was a painless purchase at deland. Here is a breakup

    Sale price - $33205
    Tax 7%
    OTD - $35980 (transfer tag)

    It came with appearance package.
  • Hello guys, Please let me know if anyone has bought 2013 EX-L recently, if bought please share your experiences and price paid.
    Also, Let me know if anyone is interested in group buy.

  • Hi,

    I am in market for an Honda. I am interested in Touring (not elite). I got a quote for 38,498 pre-tax. Is that a good deal? Please comment.

  • canowpscanowps Posts: 16
    edited January 2013
    That's about 9% off MSRP. I'm also shopping for a non-elite Touring and 10% off is about the best deal that I'm seeing other people get. So I'd say it's a good deal. $500 more for a great deal.

    >>> UPDATE! Concord Honda here in CA is listing their Touring's for $37691. That's 11% off without any negotiation.
  • Just got a quote on a 2013 EX-L (no RES no NAV) in Richmond, VA:

    Sale Price…………….…$31,932.00
    Processing Fee……….…$399.00
    Sales Tax 3%...................$969.93
    DMV on line filing fee….$10.00


    Also got two quotes close to 32337 OTD from two Maryland dealers.

    I think the Maryland dealer quotes are very good, but The Richmond dealer is 1 hour away, and the MD dealers are roughly 3 hours away.

    Has anybody got quotes or purchased similar vehicle from these two markets lately? Can I get the Richmond dealer to come down close to the MD quotes? I appreciate any information regarding this.


  • >>> UPDATE! Concord Honda here in CA is listing their Touring's for $37691. That's 11% off without any negotiation.
    May I have the link of this ad please? Thanks
  • I recently purchased 2013 Honda Odyssey EXL-RES. Dealer tried to sell me extended warranty for $1295---8y/ 100k. Is this reasonable offer? I saw on this forms somewhere people purchased for $900 same warranty but not sure which dealer? I have one week time to buy from the dealer and roll it over into my finance. Please let me k ow if I can get better deal.
  • bigtxbigtx Posts: 16
    Seems reasonable to me, I want to say I paid 1395 for that warranty on an elite so 1295 on an EXL Res seems plausible. If you can get a better deal it is going to be +/-$100 I would say. Google hondacare, there is a dealer somewhere that will email pricing which is what I used to get my dealer down. But make sure you are getting HondaCare and not some 3rd party warranty!
  • irwinyirwiny Posts: 4
    There is a listing in Craigslist Bay Area for 2013 touring elite that is lower than the Concord dealer discounted price. :)
  • albertjohnnalbertjohnn Posts: 19
    edited January 2013
    I've searched just now. Are you referring to a used Odyssey 2013 model? Can you give me the link that you are referring as a good deal?
    Is this the link?
    Asking price is $45K+ inside the ad
  • Hello,
    Thanks for the information in the forum - we negotiated for a 2013 Elite for 39,000+400 doc fee. Dealer will throw in remote starter ($400 installed). There is a 3rd party insurance offered for a lifetime power train warranty - is that something useful? Also how does the 0.9% financing work - is that dependent on the dealer or Honda directly - we have excellent credit (800)

    Thank you!
  • Help me out friends...

    I have been quoted $38,500 OTD for a 2012 Touring Elite.
    It was a demo vehicle so it has 6,000 miles on it.
    Am I getting a good price or should I try to negotiate more bc of the mileage?

  • bigtxbigtx Posts: 16
    It is a good deal. I think that is more than enough of a discount for the miles and takes it below cost for them more than likely
  • thejatheja Posts: 1
    Hi Jennifer,
    I would say thats a bad deal. I have got 2013 brand new with just 5 miles, Touring Elite for 39,000 in SFO bay area, CA and few free items. I wont suggest to take a car for 38,500 a car with 6000 miles on it. This deal happened just 2 days back.
  • Agree - bought a brand new 2013 for about the same price with remote start, wheel locks and other freebies today - dealer mentioned that its easier for them to price the elites better then the other cars. Dealer had one 2012 left and was willing to price it even lower - but the color was not for us.
  • Is the price 39000 excluding tax or out the door? Hope it is pre tax, still it is a good price. I may buy today or tomorrow for 41500 out the door. That is why I just want to make sure. Please let me know.
  • Out of the door price. We also added on HondaCare for 8years/120k for $1485 based on a price match for an online quote.
    Second best price we got was 40,000 otd but no accessories.

    Any thoughts on dealer offered leather protection packages? Quoted at 600 so not sure if it is value for money.
  • hondabuyer15hondabuyer15 Posts: 2
    edited January 2013
    Thanks for the confirmation. 2013 touring elite with few options for 39000 out the door, thank god I would have paid 2500 more today. Could you send me the dealer detail. Also I live in 6.25% tax area. How much tax in your area, I think that is also matter.
  • which dealer in SF Bay Area?
  • Hello Friends, Please let me know if anyone has recently purchased Ex-L in bay area. I am interested to know the price paid. Also I am interested in group buy.
  • I'm also in bay area thinking of getting a EX-L.....we can do a group deal as well, pm me.
  • ss2013ss2013 Posts: 2
    I am in the Bay area and interested in buying a 2013 EX or EX-L(if there is great deal). May I join the group buy?
  • I am from the SF Bay Area, working on price with few dealers. Lets join together and get the best deal
    So far I got the lowest OTD offer for around $35K (need to check exact number from my emails) for 2013 EX-L with RES. Email me to form a group .
    Please mention your preferred trim, add-ons(like RES, NAVI etc), color etc.. I will put them together and ask for a Mega Deal :-) Thanks
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