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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I extended my search out 200 miles and the best offer I have is $1600 under invoice for an EX-L w/RES or Touring. That puts the EX-L w RES at about $32900 before TTL (that price includes destination). The Touring I am getting quoted is $37200 (that price includes destination) and is before tax, tag, and license fees (no additional dealer fees). My trade-in is worth about $12K, so I will only pay tax on either $20900, or $25,200. Tax here is high (6.5%) so that puts me OTD around:
    $34058 for the EX-L w/RES
    $38838 for the Touring.

    This is from a dealer who is less than 30 miles away so not too far. I am not sure if I can get them lower if I wait until the last week of the month, but I might be able to get some more for my trade-in or get them to lower the price another couple hundred. Would love to be out the door for under $34K for an EX-L w/RES or closer to $38,500 for the Touring OTD.

    Expand your search if you need to. I have two dealers battling for me right now and am pretty sure I can get more for my trade-in from them.
  • dealhunt_101dealhunt_101 Posts: 40
    edited March 2013
    Thank you, dc_driver!

    Based on Edmunds, Invoice + Destination for base EXL is $33,034. I was given a quote for a base of $31,214 ($1820 below invoice). Below is a breakdown of my quote for 2013 EXL without Nav or RES -

    Base - $31,214
    Tax (NJ 7%) - $2,185
    Doc fees, Tire tax, DMV - $351
    TOTAL - $33,750

    This includes mud guards, wheel locks, window etching and cargo tray.
  • pvr_njpvr_nj Posts: 8
    dealhunt_101, I'm also looking for EXL base. Would you mind sharing the dealership name in NJ?
  • wanglwangl Posts: 2
    Just bought an EX over the weekend for 28240 + TTL with splash guards, wheel lock, cargo tray, body side molding, and all season floor mats.
  • I bought 2013 Odyssey EX-L with RES + all season mats, trunk tray, splash guards for $34200 out the door in Charlotte.
  • wow that is fantastic! wish I could get that in NJ.

    I just bought 2013 Odyssey EXL (no RES or Nav) for $34,150 OTD (w/ new plates) including wheel locks, splash guards and lifetime oil change. Could have negotiated a couple hundred more but it was a fair deal.
  • $34200 is a great price! So far, my best EX-L with RES offer is $35984 OTD w/ Roof Rack, Back up Sensors, splash guards, wheel locks, and cargo tray. The roof rack and back up sensors tend to add about $900 to the purchase price. Taking the difference between all season mats and wheel locks, I would have to try to get the OTD price closer to $35000 to match your deal.
  • Hi

    I was quoted $348/month with 12,000 miles a year. I would then have 595 bank fee, registration, plates, plus first month so all said and done about $1300 due at signing. Is this a good price.

    2013 Odyssey EX-L (no RES no NAV)
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Can you post the true cost of the vehicle and the money factor? I would negotiate a lease like buying. What is the $595 bank fee for?
  • bank fee is due to financing thru honda financial services. wasn't told the true cost money factor
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    edited March 2013

    I would follow that advice. You negotiate leasing a car just like buying. You want the lowest price possible as that directly affects your payment, and the moneyfactor is key in that as well.

    Bank fee looks like acquisition fee which is pretty typical.
  • babydocbabydoc Posts: 20
    Thanks to everyone on this site for the shared info. Picking up my blue Touring soon. Total OTD (not including TTL of course)- 36200.
    Hope that will help someone else. The prices I got quoted were all over the place, but this seemed very reasonable.
    This is in Missouri.
  • Hi Savedollars - I live in Indiana but would love to use the price paid or quote that you got for this Odyssey with a dealer here locally or call the one in Charlotte you worked with to purchase. Can you send me anything that I could use or give me the email address for your sales rep? My email is Thank you if you are able to take any time from your schedule to do so. devon
  • rwt0277rwt0277 Posts: 5
    In CA I was quoted 30,988 (includes destination charge but NOT tax & registration) for a 2013 EXL

    I was quoted 36,488 for a 2013 Touring (includes dest. charge but NOT tax & registration)

    I was also quoted 36,193 for a TOPAZ 2013 Touring [quoted by two different dealerships]. I'm assuming this is because almost no one wants a Topaz color.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    edited March 2013
    You guys are getting great pricing. There is a Smokey Topaz (which is a dark grey), is that the color you are being quoted? That is actually a very popular color. That deal is about $1K lower than any quote I am getting within a 200 mile radius of Minneapolis area.

    The 2014 Odyssey mid cycle refresh is being announced at the New York Auto show next week, I wonder how this will impact sales of the 2013. Dealers may get more aggressive heading into summer as the 14's start arriving on their lots.
  • cherishzmcherishzm Posts: 13
    edited March 2013
    Just to clarify - NC charges only 3% Highway Use Tax on new vehicle purchase unlike other states charging 6~7% so his purchase price breakdown for EX-L w/ RES should look like below:

    Vehicle Price with destination and all accessories: $32,900
    NC Highway Use Tax: $987
    Doc, Tag, Title Fee: Around $300
    OTD: $34,200
  • rwt0277rwt0277 Posts: 5
    So we bought today (in Palo Alto, California - Anderson Honda)
    2013 Touring in Polished Metal $40061.23 OTD
    Sales Price: $36488
    Document Fee: $80 (they prepare all DMV paperwork)
    State Tire Tax: $20
    Tax here is 8.50%: $3108.28
    Title & Registration: $335.75

    We financed through our credit union at 2.5% for 72 mo. Put down $22,700. Monthly payment of $260.

    Our intentions are to triple/quadruple up on payments and have it paid in 1-2 years.

    Driving the car is like driving a cloud! Cannot believe the turn radius - best value for the money in my opinion. We went to test drive a Toyota Sienna and didn't get that far - we couldn't get past the cheap interior and craptastic 2nd row seat... the middle section was so whimsical that the salesman himself couldn't figure out how to get it to stay down or up.

    Good luck guys!
  • Our folks bought EXL at Anderson Honda a month back for $31400 (plus other fees, taxes as you had). (total 3 vans bought that day) :-)
  • I got a 2013 Honda Odyssey Touring with dealer installed accessories such as wheel locks, splash guards and floor mats.

    Base Price : $35,750
    OTD : $37,365

    Dealer initially offered 8yr/100k Hondacare warranty for $1695, but when I pointed out that Saccucci Honda offered it for $1290, he immediately offered to match it. All of that plus the 0.9% financing sealed the deal for me.

    Lots of dealers in the area offered prices in the low $36K range for the Touring model, possibly because because dealers are motivated to get rid of their inventory with the new 2014 model refresh being announced next week.
  • I am hoping to buy an EX-L (no navigation or RES) in Virginia. My current price is $30,211 without taxes and fees and $31,600 total OTD. The dealership is showing signs of negotiating further. Thoughts?
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    For those of you getting Odyssey Touring models for $35-36K (I can only assume this includes destination?), I am not sure how you are getting it for that price. Your dealer is losing money at that point. Here is what I can find:
    2013 Odyssey Touring MSRP is $42360
    2013 Odyssey Touring Invoice price is $38785 (price includes destination)
    Honda dealer holdback is 2% off MSRP which would be $847
    Honda marketing incentive to dealers is $1000 cash back right now per Edmunds and TrueCar.

    If a dealer sold the car at invoice and gave you the dealer incentive the price would be $37785 including the destination. If they decide to dip into the holdback and give you 100% of it back the price would be $36938. The lowest price I can get in a 200 mile radius across multiple states is $37285 which is $1600 under invoice and means the dealer is selling at invoice minus the Honda incentive minus $600 of dealer holdback. If you are getting it for $35500 or so that means the dealer is taking a big hit. Are you sure the prices you guys are quoting includes destination and accessories? Are you sure the van is not a demo model that does not have more than 50 miles or so on the odometer?

    I have had two dealer laugh at me when I asked for under $37K on the van and only three dealers would sell the van at $1500-1600 below invoice. The rest tell me that can't touch it. Perhaps there are other regional incentives that Edmunds, TrueCar, etc are not aware of?

    I know I have hit a wall with my dealers, I am just shocked that folks are getting these vans for $35-36K with accessories, destination, etc. Based on what I know, that means your dealer is most likely losing $1000-15000 on the sale.
  • rwt0277rwt0277 Posts: 5
    As I said before... we bought our touring on 3/20 from Anderson Honda in Palo Alto, CA for $36,488 and that INCLUDES the destination charge. There are no additional accessories installed on the vehicle. My break down of title & reg. and tax is listed above.

    If you're questioning the validity of my claim I can post a copy of my invoice (with my name blurred out of course).

    Maybe you need to hop a flight to California and just buy the damn thing here. :)
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Nope, I believe you, there must be other regional incentives out there that are not applicable to the midwest dealers.
  • satishmsatishm Posts: 21
    There is definitely a regional aspect to the pricing. Prices in FL on average are about $1800 higher than prices in Georgia. I bought mine Touring Elite for $38,400 including dest fee back in Feb when the Honda incentive was only $500...

    I had posted the deal details earlier in this thread for reference. There is also a link elsewhere in this thread someone posted for a dealer in Massachusetts that lists the exact price on their web site they will sell at. I think its this one: link title

    Maybe worth a drive to buy a car up there! It was worth it for me to drive up to GA from FL to buy 2 cars in the last 4 years. YMMV.
  • rwt0277rwt0277 Posts: 5
    Maybe it's because us California drivers regularly get screwed out of money on tax @ 8.50% and gas is always the highest in the nation here ($4.30/gal) even though we refine the stuff here!

    Though I doubt it.

    Good luck!
  • Yup, the 35,750 includes destination. Car is brand new - in fact I picked it from the lot of available Touring models, of which there were plenty to choose from. it had 3 miles on it, so not a demo model.

    There are several dealers in the Richmond Virginia area who are quoting prices in the low 36K range, and am sure are willing to negotiate down further a bit.

    Something to keep in mind is that the 2014 Odyssey refresh is being announced next week, so dealers may be extra motivated to clear their inventory
  • babydocbabydoc Posts: 20
    I just asked for it, and they gave it to me for 36200.
    That includes destination and all other "fees"
    just not TTL.
    They even got me the blue that was difficult to find for no extra charge
    I am sure they are making money on the deal, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Hmm.. Shipping a vehicle from Richmond to Minnesota may be worth the cost savings if I can get the van for $35,700... I have a family connection through Allied van lines and should be able to ship it for under $500.

    Even with $500 shipping cost I would be saving well over $1K.

    I am going to see what my dealer is going to give us on our trade-in, but if he comes in low on the trade-in, I might go this route. Trade-in does help here for the tax incentive (I would pay quite a bit less in tax trading in vs not trading in) but local private sale should be easy with the van too as used Odyssey's seem pretty popular.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    What was the name of the dealer you bought from in Richmond?
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