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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    Congratulations! Do you have a break down of the price please?
    Did you contact any other dealers to see if they would beat it?

    I decided to go for the Touring, but I want it in Polished metal and they seem to be scarce.

    Trucar has it for 35985 inc destination, which isn't a bad price. I have an 07 Civic EX (66k) that they're offering 8k for, which is ok, but i'd prefer to get 9 for it. Then I hope they throw in the accessories, for a good value. Oh and can I also have my own fairy :-)

    With the Yen depreciating, I can only see better deals coming in the coming months. I know the cars are built in the US, but the profit is sent back to Japan.
  • apadyyapadyy Posts: 15
    30279 (internet price including accessories wheel lock, trunk tray and splash guards, body color guards)
    549.00 -doc fee
    2193.75 - ga tax
    80 title
  • pvr_njpvr_nj Posts: 8
    SaggyNJ, did you get a chance to share your quote? Thank you.
  • venu_kvenu_k Posts: 1
    Hi akkijain, not sure which part of CA you are from. But in Sacramento and surrounding areas all dealers give internet pricing. You need to ask for Internet Manager or enquire on their website. Yesterday I closed EX at 27950 Base Price + Fees+Taxes.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51

    I just got the run around from a dealer who said they had the car in stock but will in fact get it from elsewhere. How can I check someone who has it in stock already?

    Alternatively, I'll see what they can do by bringing one in.

  • ph1ph1 Posts: 8
    Guys I got my EX for a little above 30k (mud guards, all weather mats)

    27500 + fees

    most of the other dealers were building up walls at 31500 OTD around 28400 ish base price. They were like where are you getting your numbers from and we aren't making money etc. They tried showing me how used car prices were higher then the deal they were giving me and so on.

    But luckily I had a good offer from one dealer.

    Couple of more months and i'm going to get a touring edition, we'll see what happens then...

    Thanks for the info everyone. Best of luck to all those still in
  • gudigudi Posts: 7
    Hi Akki,

    Can you give the dealer name. Can't send mail as your mail id is set to private profile

  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    what dealer did you get this from? I'm looking for a Touring now. Are you going to wait for the 2014 Touring?
  • ph1ph1 Posts: 8
    Yeah gonna wait till the end of the year when 2014 dust settles down and they come on sale.

  • tg_odytg_ody Posts: 4
    Hi Everyone,

    Can someone give me a breakdown of what a good deal is on an EXL with Navigation? Preferably the price including destination with no added options, not the OTD price, since those vary by state.

    I've seen a few base EXL deals posted for about 30K including destination. So I figured I should be able to get the EXL with navigation for 32K. Most internet managers are quoting $33,500 though. They seem shocked at the 32K number.

    So can someone tell me what a good deal would be on these?

    Thank you in advance.

  • kona9kona9 Posts: 6
    Hello everyone,
    I'd like to say first that I am located in NY. I got a late start shopping for an EX-L and might pull the trigger on one before the 1.9% for 72 months ends. Anyone know how often they have the 1.9% for 72? Anyway, I contacted 3 dealers via email and received 2 offers. One was for 30, 300 (no mention of additional charges) and the other for 30,700 (plus tax and DMV). I've been to the local dealer twice and today received their best price of 31,033 (plus tax and DMV). My wife and I want a few accessories such as the roof rails, mudguards and allweather mats/cargo mat. The final price offered to us with all the accessories was 31, 314. Do you think I can do better? I might call one of the other dealers tomorrow, but need to make a decision by tomorrow afternoon if I am going to buy it this month. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    Tom, goto and get a price from there and then approach other local dealers for a better price.
  • windman88windman88 Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Bought 2013 Odyssey Touring at $37,200 with finance in NC. Is this reasonable?

    I guess somebody else could get better deal, say, at $37,000 with more dealer's options if he/she is better at negotiation.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51

    Your price seems great, but a break down of the price is needed as sales tax is different in each state

    Thank you
  • kona9kona9 Posts: 6
    I never got a response here, but here is how it went down at a different dealer than I originally posted:

    $30,640 for an EX-L in Topaz (a color we really like) including all-weather mats, cargo tray, mudguards and roof rails. That price included all but tax and DMV charges. The deal went smoothly and we should be picking it up tonight as they had to order the roof rails.
  • ckmraockmrao Posts: 1
    kona9, is this a base EX-L or EX-L with Navigation?
  • windman88windman88 Posts: 2
    The sales tax here in NC is about 3% which is about $1130. Is this helpful?
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    If you ignore the dealers, it was obvious Honda will keep increasing incentives as we get closer to 2014 release. One dealer was able to add a 750 discount, but it may be even more than this. Another told me they're getting $2000 incentive from Honda. Bottom line, i have a quote of an EXL for $26721 inc destination! Total break down is this:
    SALE PRICE $26,721.00
    DEALER FEE $599.99
    TITLE TAX $2,193.75
    TITLE FEES $139.75
    DRIVE OUT $29,654.49

    I'm expecting more quotes but that's an amazing price as it is.
  • apadyyapadyy Posts: 15
    Which deal er in atlanta. Could you please mail me the quote
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    Another dealer claimed they would be losing money on this deal and it's a bait and switch, so be wary. this is from Team Honda, Lithia Springs.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    knew it was too good to be true. He gave a 9k discount instead of 6. Final price is 32k OTD.
  • benjiderbenjider Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    I just got a quote for a Honda Odessey EX-L for an retail price of 38,505. After trade in of 2500 and taxes/incentives etc it came to 34,010.49. Is this a good price in Shreveport, LA?
  • surennsurenn Posts: 1
    I am also from Atlanta and looking for EX-L with RES. Did you finally buy it? if yes please tell me the price and Dealer...
  • apadyyapadyy Posts: 15
    33,101 Ex-L OTD price. Gwinnet place honda. add atleast 2000 more for RES.
  • mike762mike762 Posts: 5
    I haven't seen any prices for LA but that seems like way too much. That's over MSRP on an EX-L w/ nav. Is this a base EX-L? What options or accessories?
  • pvr_njpvr_nj Posts: 8
    The manufacturer incentives seem to be 2500 now and 0.9 APR is retained for two more months.
    Odyssey Incentives on Edmunds
  • akhil74akhil74 Posts: 2
    Hi Akki,

    Can you pls send me the dealer name and break down.

  • sbgat711sbgat711 Posts: 1
    Am I reading edmunds correctly that dealer cash on an ex is now $2500? if so what is a reasonable starting point for negotiating a price - is 2500 below invoice absurd or is it fair to start there? thanks for any info/advice.
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