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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gplreddygplreddy Posts: 1
    It’s true they have new incentives on Odyssey EX-l from May 1st. I got quote for EX-L $29400(including destination), OTD price(dealer fee, title, mass tax) is about $31600. I got one more quote very close to it.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    I'd ignore the whole invoice price. Goto, get some quotes from that and then send that out to other dealers to compete against.
    i have quotes of 28504-29633 for price inc destination for en EX-L. That should give you a good indication of what to pay.
  • gudigudi Posts: 7
    edited May 2013
    Got quotes for EX-L RES from SF Bay Area Honda dealers last week.
    EX-L RES with base price 30,700 is the best of all. Price is valid till weekend. Is this good price to buy?

    OTD is around 33900.
  • akhil74akhil74 Posts: 2
    Hi Gudi - Can you send me a copy of Quote. Thanks
  • hollydoghollydog Posts: 17
    Just purchased a new (2 miles on the odometer) 2013 Touring Elite. Paid $37,910 plus tax and $283 doc fees. Dealer did not have the color we wanted so he ordered it from the factory (not even a dealer trade). Love the van so far and think the deal was great. Not able to find another dealer to match this deal in Ohio. Best I had found was more money and needed to be an in stock vehicle.
  • atailoratailor Posts: 3
    This is a couple days late and I'm not aware of the new incentives Honda is offering, but I purchased on a Touring Elite on 4/30/13 for $39,220. The $220.00 is for wheel locks and mud guards, so without those two accessories, the price was $39,000. The dealer charged $279 Admin Fee. The only other charges were for tax (3.75% in DE) and registration. I was out the door at $40,918.

    I think I made out pretty good, but I'd like to know what others think. At the very least, anyone looking to purchase in May can use my price as a benchmark. I believe the incentive on the Touring Elite for April was only $1500.

    My dealer is Martin Honda, in Newark, Delaware. Great experience also!
  • atailoratailor Posts: 3
    Sounds like a great deal! As you can see from my post you beat my deal by $1090! Did you buy in May or April?
  • hollydoghollydog Posts: 17
    Purchased April 28th. Worked really hard to get this deal and ended with a great dealership. Your deal also sounds great. If you financed, as I did, the difference in our deals is only about $18 per month so we are really about the same. More important, we each have a great vehicle. Our first van.
    Hope you enjoy your's as much as we are enjoying our's.
  • hollydoghollydog Posts: 17
    atailor; Our deals were actually equal when you factor in taxes. In Ohio I paid 6.75% tax which more than made up the price difference in our deals. Our OTD price was almost identical.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51

    Do you mind giving a complete breakdown of all the fees. My quotes from dealers are differing even on state fees. How is the TAVT calculated, again, each quote is different so the OTD price can't even be compared. They all claim to get it from the software, but why are they then quoting different prices?
    Lastly, do you pay the dealer the TAVT or do you pay that when you title the car?

  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    The best price I got was from Willett and from Carl Gregory in Columbus. Lisa from Carl Gregory is fantastic and very honest, I liked working with her a lot. They even deliver the car for a pittance if you live too far.
  • kona9kona9 Posts: 6
    I've got two questions:
    1) Why are most people posting OTD prices? I can't really figure out how that helps anyone else unless you live in the same state/county due to the taxes and DMV fees, etc. I would think the actual negotiated price for the car before taxes and DMV fees would be more helpful, no?

    2) I read a lot online about Truecar. The "deal" I would get through Truecar was about $1000 more than I got negotiating myself through email with the dealers. Is there more negotiating with the Trucar offer? I'm just not seeing how that would have given people great deals. Maybe it is location specific? There was only one participating dealer in my area.
  • pvr_njpvr_nj Posts: 8
    Kona9, are you financing through Honda? Then it should be a very good price. Note, there is an additional $1000 incentive for cash purchase / non-Honda financing.
  • atailoratailor Posts: 3
    Thanks! We are really enjoying our new Touring Elite. We had a 2006 Touring w/o navi that we traded. I'm so happy to not have to buy run-flat tires again! I tried to land my deal between Edmunds TMV and Truecar pricing. Ended up closer to Truecar which was $1K lower.
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    1 . Hear, hear. OTD prices are meaningless to the rest of us in the forum. It's impossible to do an apples to apples comparison if the poster doesn't include the sales price, existence of a trade-in, etc. The most valuable posts include a complete breakdown of the deal.

    2. Truecar is an auto broker just like the one probably down the street from you. Their agreement with dealers is to pay $299 for each new car and $399 for each used car sold back to the dealer. Truecar's quote to you probably represents the same deal you got, with $299 going to the dealer and the rest being Truecar's profit. Most readers of this forum are savvy car buyers, or want to become such. The simplest advise is to email 6-10 of your closest dealerships with the exact model you want and let the offers roll in. You'll save money over Truecar's price 99% of the time.
  • gudigudi Posts: 7
    Hi Akhil,

    Below is the quote is from Stevenscreek Honda - San Jose.

    Sale price 30700
    Tax 2686
    Dmv 338
    Doc 85

    Total 33809 out the door

  • tg_odytg_ody Posts: 4
    edited May 2013
    Congrats on a great deal! How in the world did you get such a great price? Invoice for EXL with RES is 34493. Take out $2500 in current incentives and you have 31993 (for car price plus destination). Anything lower than that, wouldn't the dealer be losing money?? Can you share any insight on this for me? I'm currently in the negotiating process.

  • jroth3jroth3 Posts: 2
    Forget invoice need to look at what people are paying. The dealers wont lose money - they just wont sell. You need to start negotiating by email...and then follow up for a few more rounds in the showroom. Walk at least once....
  • unifunif Posts: 1
    Today, I got a quote for EX through Internet.

    Car Total 27618.73
    Processing fee 398.5
    VA Taxes 896.55
    VA Tags 55.75
    OTD 28969.53

    The dealer says it is required to finance with AHFC (American Honda Finance Corporation) in order to receive the internet price. The rate can be as low as 0.9%.
    I have a pretty good credit rating, so probably can qualify for the rate.

    I have no experience with auto financing (paid with cash in the past).
    So, here are a few questions.

    1) Do I "really" have to finance with AHFC to get the price? Or is this something I can get away with? For example, by paying with cash.

    2) I'm wondering what kind of pitfalls I should be aware of when financing through Honda.
    How did the process go for you guys? What find of fees do I need to expect?

    3) Is it a good idea to talk with local banks first anyhow?
  • gudigudi Posts: 7
    Contacted almost all the dealers in 50 miles radius for the quotes thru email and got the OTD prices ranging from 35,000 to 34,300. Called a sales person from whom my friend purchased honda pilot in past and told him to beat 34,3000 and he did it. We are going to pick one more EX-L RES next week for same price(this is for my friend)

  • seabee12seabee12 Posts: 4
    In what state and area did you buy???

  • minivanbuyer13minivanbuyer13 Posts: 2
    edited May 2013
    Just got a Odyssey EX-L with RES for 31,750(30,650 price + 1,100 ttl, taxes) On the road in VA.

    Had to take Honda finance to get this price. The above price includes a 750$ honda finance closing assistance

    Does this sound like a reasonable price?
  • jfrontierjfrontier Posts: 3
    Windman88 I hope you don't mind my asking. I just bought a touring as well. My out the door price was 38,500 but my tax is over 7 percent. My purchase price of the vehicle was 36k. Based on your tax rate that puts your car's purchase price at around 35,500? Anyone else in Atlanta looking to buy a honda odyssey I'd be glad to help compare numbers to help you get the best deal possible. I'd appreciate it if anyone else could post their purchase and out the door price on a touring they just bought. Thanks
  • amsenamsen Posts: 36
    Looks like a great deal. Can i ask which dealer?
  • saggynjsaggynj Posts: 4
    Open Road Honda
    EX-L Navigation
    32200 (includes destination)

    Car was readily available for delivery.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    Here is my buying experience in Atlanta, GA
    Price 34100
    Tax (6.5%) 2578
    OTD 36598
    Financed thru Honda to get $750 bonus cash.
    I spent the last 2 weeks trying to get a deal. I didn't help myself by starting at Touring, then EXL and back to Touring. Used Truecar as the starting point and emailed around 10 dealers through KBB, Edmunds, carwoo and directly.
    I have to admit it was tough, some responding, some not. Good offers, others replying with ridiculous offers. Near the end I focused on 3 dealers who were responsive and professional. I had one who was quoting cheap prices, but as we close to a deal stated the color wasn't on the lot (he'd previously said it was) and second time he quoted $500 cheaper than anyone else and again near the end he upped it by $500. I knew I was never going to buy from him, even if he was the cheapest.
    One lady was AWESOME. Explained all the incentives, told me the tricks to be wary of and even said to go with another dealer when I got a great price (which subsequently turned out to be a misquote by $2k). I really wanted to give her the deal, but the offer I got at the dealer was unbeatable.

    At the dealer, i wasn't exposed to high pressure selling. I was asked what I wanted to get the deal done. I gave the lying dealers quote, he went away, reworked his numbers to come up with the figure. We then worked on the trade, but they couldn't come close to the fair value on KBB but it wasn't a deal breaker.
    Lastly, they couldn't match the $1330 quote for the honda warranty, so i'll buy that separately as well. Got 60 months at 0.9%
  • proftomdaproftomda Posts: 1
    Purchased 2013 Odyssey Touring on 5/3 for 35,074 plus tax, tag, title. How'd I do?
  • atlwendyatlwendy Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm right now getting quotes from dealerships around Atlanta area. I request for EX-L with RES and best quote I got so far is $30,990. We didn't talk about color option yet though. How does that sound?
    And, if you don't mind, could you tell me which dealership it is where you said the lady was awesome?

  • mtl4mtl4 Posts: 1
    What dealer did you go to...I am getting touring quotes for $36k. Does that seem reasonable?
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