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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152
    Pohanka has a good reputation in the DC area. You might also try Criswell and Sport Honda. They are also good. Avoid College Park and Ourisman Honda unless you enjoy deception.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152
    What is lemon law for $80? You have to pay $80 for the dealer to comply with the law? This appears to be a new dealer trick. For this dealer, $549 additional profit is not enough! Wonder what else this dealer is up too?
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 35
    That's a great price. I am in the market for the same van. Would you please pm who you dealt with at Sport.
  • sktxsktx Posts: 5
    Hi there .... can you let me know if your final price that you posted (Sales price: $34,302) included the destination charge $830 ??
  • I purchased EXL yesterday at college park, md. I started with 27798 + 499 appearance + dest + ttl. I am disappointed, because they added and an additional 500 and claimed I needed to pay that to get manufacturer's incentive. It didn't smell right, and I should have gone back to sport honda in silver spring, but they were stingy on the trade.
  • rollins217rollins217 Posts: 10
    I dealt with Ginny Marshall at Sport.
  • rollins217rollins217 Posts: 10
    Did you have Carmax appraise you trade before you went to the dealer? I did, and Sport matched it after I showed the Carmax offer. Their initial offer for the trade was 1000$ less.
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 35
    I tried calling her but she seems to forgotten about this deal. Oh well, I am going to Pohanka since they now have a polished metallic metal in stock and is willing to beat the deal you got at Sport.
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 35
    Pohanka came through for me on a Polished Metal Metallic EX-L for 29,500 OTD. This price includes the $750 rebate for financing through Honda. They ended up matching Carmax's offer on the trade in.
    They asked me what price they needed to beat to seal the deal. I mentioned the deal 29,700 OTD deal from Sport Honda as mentioned here and they came back with 29,500.
    With the $750 rebate, the price of the Van without TTL is around 28,300. This includes destination.
    Thanks everyone for their help.
  • bigguy91bigguy91 Posts: 6
    Negotiated pricing on '13 Odyssey EXL with RES for $31K and '13 Odyssey Touring for $35K in Dallas the past few weeks. Decided to go with Touring as my wife wanted the Navigation built in. Both prices include the $750 flex cash discount from Honda Finance (0.9%). Dealer is also including a number of accessories at no charge in with my price: Tint, Paint/Fabric Protection, Hand painted pinstripes, Door Edge Guard, Body Side Molding, Wheel Locks, Trunk Tray, Nose Mask and Plash Guards.

    I would strongly recommend Weather Tech Floor Liners as we had this on our last Odyssey: link title

    Lastly, there are a number of sites that allow you to purchase HondaCare extended warranty. 8 year/120K mile with no deductible for less than $1,500, great investment and piece of mind if you plan on keeping the van.
  • swissgreekswissgreek Posts: 1
    Do you mind sharing which dealership you received this quote from? Or the town at least? Thank you so much for your help.
  • bigguy91bigguy91 Posts: 6
    Rusty Wallis, John Eagle Honda, Lute Riley all quoted me similar prices--all Dallas area dealers. I did not have a very good experience with David McDavid Honda in Frisco, they were somewhat arrogant and weren't as competitive on price as they made themselves sound. Two other dealers: Freeman Honda and Honda Cars of McKinney pricing were too high and they openly admitted that was the best they could do. I had the best experience from John Eagle Honda so far in Dallas.
  • ltlladyltllady Posts: 27
    Does the vehicle from Rust Wallace Honda come with an extended warranty from Rusty's US Fidelis?
  • bigguy91bigguy91 Posts: 6
    Rusty Wallis Honda in Dallas. Honda Care is extra. Do an internet search and there are numerous dealers offering extended Honda Care warranties at a discount from what you would be charged when purchasing a car by their finance department.
  • amsenamsen Posts: 36
    Hi, Could you please let me know who you dealt with in Pohanka?
  • venkubvenkub Posts: 2
    Hi ,
    I am in the market for Odyssey EX-L in San Francicso Bay Area, and
    as I have missed the memorial day deal, just would like to know, if any body around
    SF bayarea, got into Odyssey, and If you could share the details of your findinds or deals,
    I would be thankful to you.
    Also very new to the forum here.
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 35
    I submitted an online quote and Tasha assisted me. Tell her that you want Todd Melton's deal.
  • amsenamsen Posts: 36
    awesome. thanks a lot.
  • ttanttan Posts: 3
    I paid $36144 OTD EXL RES in Seattle. The fees can add up. So it depends how much is the various fees but I think your price is fair.
  • ttanttan Posts: 3
    paid 9.8% sales tax in Seattle
  • ttanttan Posts: 3
    WOW! You did good! 31K for 2013 EXL w/ RES is very impressive.
  • cboy2cboy2 Posts: 1
    The price you got for EXL /RES is Awesome. Could you please share who was the dealer with in Dallas?

  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152
    Of course, in most states. However, each dealer's finance office generally gains over $1,000 in profit on the sale of an extended warranty. They do this because you are sitting in their office and they assume you will buy at their exaggerated price due to the ease of incorporating into the financing. Other dealers are willing to sell at a reduced profit as they do not have that advantage.

    What is a discount when it comes to an extended service contract. There is no MSRP on such a contract. Each dealer F&I person basically sets the price, which has no correlation to cost. Not sure I would categorize a reduction to such a price as a discount.

    It would be nice if dealers were required to disclose the actual cost of the extended service contract. Then consumers could judge for themselves the true value of a dealer's price. I doubt many folks would be happy to hand a dealer $2,000 for a contract which only cost the dealer $800 or so.

    Rusty Wallace Honda is in Tenn. US Fidelis was in Missouri, now in jail I believe. Ol Rusty was the front man for US Fidelis, remember the plethora of commercials from past times.
  • jzhouinmdjzhouinmd Posts: 4
    I am also in the market for EX-L. The quote I got from Pohanka is no way near $29k. amsen, can you please let us know the price when you talk to Tasha? thanks! Also several dealers in DC area told me that the flex cash promotion($750) has expired since Memorial day. Is it true, everyone?
  • Our dealer called me to let me know that the numbers looked right to turn in our 2011 EX-L RES (Southeastern US). We were happy to do so since we had 34k miles and would be needing brakes and tires in the next 6-8 months. Wife wanted either Crystal Black or White Diamond Pearl (Touring only color) and ONLY the Truffle interior.

    Van traded for what we owed (fine with me, had a dent in the tailgate from a garage door vs. tailgate fight). Originally offered $617 on Touring Elite (white diamond pearl). Due to the fact they would have to trade another dealer for a black RES, we finally got down to $555 for 36 months 12k/year on the Touring Elite. (We would have kept same payment on RES - which was awesome too).

    If you want a Touring, I have a feeling dealers are willing to cut deals, but get in before end of month - did our deal yesterday - highly incentivized to move inventory. My advice - find a dealer with the vehicle you want so they don't have to trade.

    Best part - the residual on this new lease is $2k lower than on the previous lease!
  • danz75danz75 Posts: 7
    Which dealership was this and what was the cost w/o TTL? I just started shopping around for an EXL.
  • bigguy91bigguy91 Posts: 6
    John Eagle and Rusty Wallis both in Dallas, TX. Now is the time to buy, they are dealing!!
  • jzhouinmdjzhouinmd Posts: 4
    edited May 2013
    I just bought the vehicle from Pohanka Honda from Tasha today. The vehicle is Honda Odyssey EX-L w/o navigation, or RES. The price is $30,728, including everything. MD tax is 6%. It may be not the best deal of the world, but I feel okay. Tasha gave me the price over the phone, and I decided to go for it. I didn't negotiate since I feel the price is reasonable.
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 35
    Actually considering that I am a VA resident with a tax rate of 3%, the deal you got is very close to the deal that I closed with Tasha so I would say you got a great deal. Enjoy the Odyssey.
  • amsenamsen Posts: 36
    I too got the same price from them. But i passed on the deal. Enjoy your new car.
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