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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bionik9bionik9 Posts: 4
    I live in central Florida. What out the door price (including the 6% tax) should I be aiming for for an EX-L? What about with navigation and/or RES? My best metric so far is Truecar that, when all is said and done, would land me out the door at $31424 for an EX-L without the other options. And they'll prob try to nickel and dime me for floor mats, etc. Help!
  • teja9999teja9999 Posts: 1
    I Bought EX-L over weekend for 28,831 + Tax+registration+ plates + etc etc

    and i noticed Prices have been increased since monday about $1000 more , i got a great trade in value for my 2009 odyssey LX ( 15000) with 24K miles

    Great Buy
  • jailenijaileni Posts: 3
    Hi, I got a similar quote of $28,494 from for EXL from Honda dealer in Vallejo.

    Did you purchase the car and have you got further discount?

    Jagadeesh Aileni
  • cpa1867cpa1867 Posts: 9
    edited June 2013
    Why would someone lie about prices obtained in this forum? Not sure what would be gained. The prices on this forum appear to be legitimate based on my haggling experience this week.

    In Atlanta, I had actual offers from 3 dealerships for the 2013 EX ranging from $27,700 to $28,850 OTD pre-tax (dealer fees included) including dealer extras. The best deal was from Ed Voyles Honda ($27,700 with all weather mats, trunk tray, splash guards, free car washes and oil changes for life if taken to the dealer, etc.

    For a 2013 EX, that's really not that hard to believe, I'm sure I could have squeezed a little more out of them if I really tried. I ended up going with an EX-L for $29,350 with wheel locks, body molding, and 4 free oil changes from Honda Auto Nation in Lithia Springs. I think I should have tried to get down a bit more in price (in hindsight) but am very happy with the deal.

    Can't vouch for Hawaii of course, but the sub $28k prices before tax on EX's is totally within the realm of possibility in the continental US. Every dealer I pressed gave me prices below $28k.

    For an EX-L, however, good luck. In Atlanta, you'll likely run into a lot of dealers that will balk at anything near $30k. I could get only get one of the three Honda dealers near me to get anywhere close to $29k, the others were nearly $2k+ higher after going back and forth.

    If anyone in the Atlanta area is interested, I can tell you the salesperson to talk to at Ed Voyles Honda in Marietta for the EX deal and the salesperson at Honda Auto Nation in Lithia Springs for the EX-L deal.

    Best of luck out there.
  • cpa1867cpa1867 Posts: 9
    edited June 2013
    As a general heads-up to people on the forum, unfortunately, no one can really compare deals with trade-ins to deals without trade-ins. The fact is, the dealer may take an additional loss on selling a 2013 if enough room is found on the trade-in to recover the loss. Hence the reason I think we are seeing some $28k-ish EX-L deals. The rock bottom EX prices on this forum aren't much below that price. The other alternative is that the dealer just really needs cash at the moment and is willing to take a hit.

    The invoice on an EX-L is approximately $33k after destination fees (should only vary very slightly across the country and by dealer). Highly doubt the dealer is getting $5k in holdbacks, dealer cash/flex cash, etc. to actually make a profit selling EX-Ls near $28k. Maybe if you got one barebones with absolutely no free services or accessories, then maybe. Anyone in Atlanta seeing prices like that?
  • sophie706sophie706 Posts: 2
    I am also in SoCA, trying to get an EX-L w/ RES. Currently I am in the negotiating process, but it's for $ 30,508 +TTL.

    I can email you with the sales info if it all goes well.
  • bionik9bionik9 Posts: 4
    I agree. This is why it is very important to get your price of the vehicle without ever mentioning a trade; they essentially should be two separate transactions.

    Also, an OTD price is what you cut the check for, not the subtotal before tax, title, reg, "dealer fees", etc. Just an FYI so we can all get a better handle on what the total account debit or financing amount would be.

    That being said, I posited this transaction on the assumption that I would have no trade. I am working on a price that is currently at $31,400 OTD for an EX-L. This is after taxes, titling, registration, and "fees". I am curious if this is a good number to go on or if you think I have more wiggle room to go lower. It is basically TrueCar pricing and fees that are automatically added (plus obligatory state fees). In other words, I took TrueCar as my target price, as I have experience with dealers not being very excited about using this price point.
  • I am also in SoCal. Trying to get EX-L w/RES and not getting anywhere near your price. Can you forward where you are getting this deal at? Thank you and appreciate very much.
  • cpa1867cpa1867 Posts: 9
    edited June 2013
    Thanks for the information.

    Sounds like you are getting a reasonable deal, so long as your before tax cost with all fees is within a few hundred dollars of $29,000, give or take. I think you could probably be at peace with the deal you have if no one else is willing to go that low. Never hurts to haggle a little further with the dealer and see what else he can do. If he doesn't budget, then I wouldn't feel bad at all. You are probably getting a better price than most people out there =). My OTD price including tax was $31,484, but that is at 6.5% tax in GA, and the tax was based off of a fair market value that was around $33 or $34k, I think, which was obviously much higher than my actual sales price of $29,350 including all dealer fees and dealer add-ons for body molding, wheel locks, and 4 free oil changes.

    As for prices, I prefer to show only the price before tax as tax, tag, and title are not equivalent across states. If everyone would post the base price excluding tax, tag, title, we could all compare prices. Or at least show the breakdown with before tax and after tax. Just my preference. The reason this is also critical is that in some states, the tax is on the government's Fair-market value and is not indicative of the actual price you paid for the car. Trying to adjust for all of those factors is near impossible on a forum like this, hence the most useful price is the actual price for the vehicle plus all dealer fees, excluding any state government fees and taxes.

    Also, I think some of the prices being posted are before tax without indicating such, which is doubly confusing.

    Bottom line (imo), before tax OTD price for people who did not trade in a vehicle are the only prices that are meaningful on this forum unless you are intimately familiar with the tax/fee structure of the particular state quoted.
  • cpa1867cpa1867 Posts: 9

    Sorry, I initially misread your post. If you are getting the vehicle for $29,100 before tax, that is a great deal. Some of the US states have little to no tax on vehicle purchases, which is probably why you thought you weren't getting a reasonable deal. My EX-L (Crystal Black Pearl) was $29,350 OTD before tax with mud flaps, wheel locks, body molding, and 4 free oil changes. After tax, tag, and title I was $31,484 for Georgia. I think I could have maybe gotten them down another $300 to $500 but they were so far below the other dealers that I just skipped the rest of the back and forth.

    I indicated before tax in my initial post, but apologize for any confusion. Sounds like your Hawaii taxes are as bad as Georgia =)

    Happy hunting.
  • roy2001roy2001 Posts: 62
    No, that's the final price, I have not pulled the trigger yet.
  • seabee12seabee12 Posts: 4

    I'm getting a $31,490 priece for a EX-L RES with an OC dealer. Can you share your dealer info? $30,500 for a RES is the best deal I've seen so far.
  • vpradhanvpradhan Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    2013 Odyssey EX/L

    MSRP: 36055
    Purchase Price: 29329 + Tax + Title + Registration + Documentation Fees

    There was no trade in involved

    I think I did okay in locking down the car prices.

    For some reason I ended up buying GAP Insurance bundled with Simoniz protection for $1595 extra

    I wanted to get GAP coverage hence agreed to it. On second thoughts, I should have declined and got the GAP through elsewhere.

    I live in MA..just south of Boston
  • bionik9bionik9 Posts: 4
    This is a good point as I was not considering taxes in differing geographic regions. "Dealer fees", however should be put into the price, as this is simply a way to add profit and bury charges. I also agree it is important to differentiate straight price vs. when a trade is involved. With this in mind, the price I am working with is (no trade mentioned during negotiations):

    $36,055 Market Value
    $28934 Adjusted Sale Price
    + "Dealer fees" = $29632 (our "OTD" price)

    + tax (assuming no trade) of $1736.04
    + Titling/Reg up to $250

    = $31618.04 Total Amount Financed (hopefully with a small refund after titling/reg is complete)
  • bionik9bionik9 Posts: 4
    edited June 2013
    My last new car purchase had the finance manager trying to sell GAP insurance for $700 extra or so. I told him to hold on, called my insurance company while in the finance office (after he told me insurance companies do not offer this) and the insurance company sold me their equivalent protection for $1.12 a month. At this price, it would take 52 years to make the insurance-provided GAP coverage cost the same as the one the dealer tried to hawk. I'm hoping the truck will be paid off in 52 years, or at least that its market value will exceed the loan principal by then...
  • Hello Forum,

    Is $33,368.31 a good out the door price for a 2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L.

    I was given a quote of 29,703 from Ken Dixon Honda in Waldorf as a base price. Tag, tax, destination and other fees made the total $33,368.31.
    Buy Happy Price: $29,703
    $36,055 (MSRP - Retail)
    $29,703 (Buy Happy Price, Purchase on/before Sunday 06/23/2013)
    +$830 (Destination)
    +$195 (Wheel Locks)
    +$398 (Processing Fee)
    +$281.50 (Tags in Maryland)
    +$1,960.81 (Sales Tax in Maryland)
    =$33,368.31 (Total including Sales Tax and Tags in Maryland) NO Additional Fees, such as Appearance Package, PDI, Dealer Prep etc., contact dealer for details*
  • vpradhanvpradhan Posts: 2
    Thanks bionik6

    I called up the finance manager and am going to take the GAP insurance out. He insisted keeping it saying that I cannot switch insurance companies etc...Fortunately for me I have not taken the delivery or registered the car yet so they agreed. All I have to do is sign the contract again...No big deal as I get a chance to correct my mistake
  • I've been searching for the best deal on an LX. Below is the current lowest. I know there is currently $2500 dealer incentives if I finance through Honda. Includes Honda flex cash of $750.

    Grand total: $25,350.00

    I'd like to get it lower, that price is about $500 over invoice.
  • cam18cam18 Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    Just bought a 2013 touring In Massachusetts.

    OTD Price ($35100) Not including TTL.
    Do you think that was a good deal?
  • Cam,

    That's a good deal, I'm getting quotes from the lower $35,000 down here in Florida, without TTL as well. :shades:
  • sophie706sophie706 Posts: 2
    I got the price from James of Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, CA
  • sar2013sar2013 Posts: 3
    Thank you to everyone who has posted prices - this forum helped a great deal to figure out what to aim for. Yesterday we bought a 2013 EX alabaster silver metallic with gray interior and the tow package for $29,349 OTD from Faulkner Honda in Harrisburg, PA, and they actually delivered the car to my house 80 miles away and we signed the paperwork at the kitchen table.

    By the end I was just negotiating on out the door price, but I backed out the numbers based on their earlier offers to come up with the following (the $1500 dealer rebate and $750 down payment assistance were both applied to get to the base price) :

    Base Price: $26,336
    Tow Package: $1,220
    Dealer fee, tag, title: $213
    Taxes (6%): $1580
    Total: $29,349

    We financed at 0.9%. I decided I had hit the lowest price when some dealerships would only match, not beat the price. I did all of the negotiating by email after contacting about 15 dealerships in a 100 mile radius. In addition to Faulkner, Apple Honda (York), MainLine Honda (Ardmore), and Bobby Rahal Honda (Harrisburg) were within $400 of the best price and were all great to deal with as I was gathering pricing info - answered my questions, provided all the detailed information I wanted, and didn't try to switch it to a phone or in person negotiation.

    My local dealership (where we bought a car previously) was very frustrating - in writing and in person they told me they would beat by $100 any offer I got in writing, but when I presented them with the offer they told me that something was "wrong" and the dealer would pull a bait and switch on me, and they couldn't match the price. They then gave me an offer that was "an awesome deal" that was $2000 higher than what we paid, and one of the highest offers I was given. Ugh.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152
    Seven hundred dollars for GAP insurance is clearly excessive and a huge profit maker for the F&I manager and the dealer. Dealer F&I managers have an aresenal of word tracks they use to frighten unsophisticated buyers to purchase such products. They constantly attend training sessions to assure they maximize the profits they earn the dealer.

    It is not uncommon for F&I people to earn $2,000 or more on the back end of some car deals. In fact when F&I people get together they often brag about how much they earn on the back end. GAP is one of the most lucrative products they hawk to earn those huge profits.

    Having a vehicle totalled during the first couple of years, when GAP coverage is somewhat useful, is a relatively rare occassion. As long as a buyer negotiates a healthy discount off of MSRP there is rarely a huge difference between the amount owed on a car loan and the amount the insurance company would pay if the vehicle was totalled. If a down payment or trade is made that difference is even less as is the value of a GAP product.

    The real risk associated with instances where the amount owed and the amount the insurance company would pay is best shown in the prices at which those insurance companies sell GAP products to their customers. And really, who knows more about risk, the F&I guy or the insurance company?

    GAP is just oneexample of why the only word anyone should ever say to an F&I person is NO! No matter how friendly or persuasive that F&I person acts he or she is not your friend and that person has only one goal which is to get as much of your money as possible.
  • You can probably get it for lower price. I bought a Silver EX-L over the weekend here is the price I got, this is before tax but after destination.

    $36,055 (MSRP including destination)
    $28,831 (Price of the car, including $830 destination)

    Truecar gave me a price of $29981 (including destination). When talking to the dealer they said they could take off an additional 5$00 from the truecar quote which brought it down to $29481 and that quote was emailed to me as their E-price. Since the dealer was an hour from my house I decided to go to my local dealer. I took the quote over there and told them to beat the price by $500 and I would buy the car right now. They accepted it, I then got an additional $150 in savings because I the dealer was part of the AAA network.
  • sarahvz1sarahvz1 Posts: 7
    Also in CFL an trying to land a EX-l w/res. Currently working with Coggin Orlando (by florida mall) and autonation

    My prices are around 31k before ttl. I am also involving a trade so that does get a little tricky.

    Planning on buying next weekend. Let me know if you find a better deal out there.
  • tomormatttomormatt Posts: 2
    Conclusion to my earlier post. I ended up completing the sale on the terms above. One good aspect of where I live in Calabasas is that we have several dealerships in a small geographic area so I was able to keep multiple deals on warm in case something went wrong at the dealership. I am partial to the dealership we have used for our other Odysseys, but not enough to pay more.

    I went to the dealership on Saturday night and the person with whom I had worked the terms via email had left. I had a feeling that I should come back the next day, but thought I could just forward the email I had from him and get it done. Unfortunately the person who was helping me came back with some changed terms and I told him I was going to the neighboring dealership where I had the same deal negotiated. I went there and "they just sold the car with the color we wanted". They said they could trade for it and could get it from the dealer where I had just test drove and left. I said fine, but got the feeling something was wrong when the car was not back in 30 minutes as the dealership is 10 minutes away. After pressing them, they indicated they were trading with a dealer in Oxnard (an hour away). I had it at this point and told them I was calling it a night.

    Fortunately the original individual at dealership #1 found out about the fiasco and emailed me to see what we could do. I scheduled a time to go in the next day and returned to complete the deal in less than 45 minutes at the terms outlined above.

    On a related note, I agree that any deals with a trade-in cannot be used to compare pricing. Any trade in had the potential to skew the sale price of the new car to the point that it may not be meaningful.
  • trr123trr123 Posts: 2
    I bought ex-l with out any trade in $31k otd
    All inclusive in palmbay fl
  • I never step foot into a dealership without negotiating over the Internet and taking delivery "Only" when I'm ready. This way you can avoid the Circus of an act called the "Dealership!" Send out for a ton of quotes through the Honda website, CarWoo, Am-Ex Zag, TryCar, and the like. Compile a spreadsheet and ask for a breakdown of all the charges. All the dealerships will want you to step foot into their Circus, stand your ground and negotiate over the Web.
  • ndhon001ndhon001 Posts: 3
    Is this price included Tax, Title & Registration? I got a quote for EXL/RES for 31200 without that from one dealer in Dallas. Appreciate your response.
  • ndhon001ndhon001 Posts: 3
    Not sure you are still in the forum. Wondering if you could tell the dealer you got that.
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