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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigguy91bigguy91 Posts: 6
    John Eagle was the best along with Rusty Wallis was also good.
  • ndhon001ndhon001 Posts: 3
    Did Your number 31k for EXL/RES include TTL?
  • shock01shock01 Posts: 2
    Thought I'd post the deal I got after doing my research here. I was searching for a 2013 Odyssey Touring in Atlanta and ended up at Willett Honda in Morrow, Georgia. I dealt with the internet manager, Joel Pinnell, and no one in the metro area that I contacted was able to beat this price:

    $34,400 (base price including destination)
    + $599.75 (dealer fee)
    + $2,578.88 (taxes)
    + $70 (title fee)

    Financing through American Honda is available to get the price lower (-$750):

    Joel was great to deal with and it was worth the drive down. The whole process was surprisingly quite pleasant. I ended up going with Smokey Topaz.

    I considered for a minute upgrading to the Touring Elite since he was asking: $36,995 (base) and the taxes would be the same as the Touring (here in Georgia).

    Thanks to those locals who posted their deals -- feel free to mention mine to Joel and save yourself some hassle buying an Odyssey.
  • calermcalerm Posts: 7
    I just wanted to thank everyone for the invaluable information that is posted on this forum. I just completed my deal for the 2013 EX-L with RES. My OTD price was $32,000 (this includes TTL-6%MD tax). I purchased from Jim Coleman Honda in Clarksville, MD. Thanks to everyone for your help in making this deal come through.
  • sarahvz1sarahvz1 Posts: 7
    Thanks for this - i am negotiating on a touring right now. THis will assist with the negotiation
  • bigroc34bigroc34 Posts: 6
    edited June 2013
    Thanks to everyone who posted their info it really helped me to get what I think is a solid deal.
    I ended up with a Smoky Topaz Touring Elite for $37999 before TTT. There were not many TEs left on dealer lots in my area so after a few weeks of back and fourth with several dealers this was the best deal I could get. I did get one other offer for slightly less but I didn't want the Red Cherry Color.

    Really wanted the Alabaster Silver Color but the 2 dealers who had it would not budge any further unless I came into the dealership but their pricing was not inline and they claimed to be out of Flex Cash so I didn't bother.

    Greater than 15% off MSRP to me is a great deal and pretty much sets us up well to Get into a 2015 Late Next Year/Early 2015, which is our plan. With 1.9% Financing and good pricing we saw no need to put any money down with 90%+ of our payment going straight to the principal. Now if we could only get a 1.9% Fixed Rate on our Mortgage we would be in business!
  • Would like to hear about your experiences in Atlanta, where I'm looking to purchase a touring (elite) too. Thanks.
  • I am looking to purchase a 2013 Honda Odyssey this weekend (June 30 - last day of the month). I have been talking with some dealerships via email. I have not gone into them in person since I have a 22 month old and am 8 months pregnant with #2. I will be going in on Sunday - hopefully to buy. Can you share the price that you paid for an EX or EX-L (no RES/no nav)? I live in Omaha, NE. I have been quoted $28433 for the EX and $30534 for the EX-L. These prices do NOT include any documentation fees, splash guards, TTL...just the price of the car. I am a woman and don't want to be given the run around. I have read articles on how to buy a car, etc...but I would like some information from others out there as to what they paid for their new Odyssey EX or EX-L. We will finance through Honda - but I have not disclosed that yet as I wanted to have a jumping off price point before negotiating. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated since I will be the one wheelin' and dealing!
  • mappmemappme Posts: 1
    I just bought a EXL for 28900 in Columbus Ohio. However, I did receive a price of 28433 from a dealer in Cincinnati. I decided it was not worth the difference to drive 2 hours to get the car. The 28900 included everything except tax, title, registration, and dealer doc fee of 250.00. Call Jeff Goff at Lindsey Acura for the best deal in town.
  • d_man_600d_man_600 Posts: 4
    Quoted $30,085 this evening for EX-L in Northern Virginia. We didn't qualify for all incentives (not active military or college grad). Plus, dealership said they were out of flex cash. Good luck!
  • I was just about to buy an EXL in Cincy on Sat 6/29. Can you tell me what dealership gave you that quote and who it was? Last name is not needed as I assume they are in the internet dept. Thanks.
  • sar2013sar2013 Posts: 3
    I bought an EX last weekend in PA, and I paid:

    Base Price: $26,336
    Tow Package: $1,220
    Dealer fee, tag, title: $213
    Taxes (6%): $1580
    Total: $29,349

    I did all my negotiations by email. Dealers would call and ask me to come in to do the test drive and "talk." but I responded (by email) that email was the only way I would negotiate. I told them that I wanted to have everything finalized by email before I completed the sale, so that I knew exactly what I was paying and what that included. Some dealerships were great to work with and gave me all the information I asked for, and other dealerships just kept calling and wouldn't get the message.

    Also, consider looking at wider markets - three of my local dealers told me that the price we were offered (from a dealership 80 miles away) wasn't possible. However, in addition to the dealership that offered the deal, another dealership matched it and two others were close (within $400) - and all of those dealerships were out of our local area (about 60-80 miles away). It also turned out that the dealership with the best price was willing to deliver the vehicle to us, and we signed the paperwork at our kitchen table. Good luck!
  • wumarshall82wumarshall82 Posts: 3
    edited June 2013
    You guys seem to be getting crazy deals so maybe my dealer is really trying to screw me...

    2013 Ody EX-L without RES/NAV in South Carolina

    Sticker price is about 35,500 and with added dealer options it comes to about $37,800. They want to give me $30,000 for my trade (12' highlander limited - owe $30500 est) and knock off $4379 to get me at a OTD price of $34,800 with ttl...

    $37800 sticker - $4379 dealer coming off = $33421 - $30000 trade = $3421 sub total + ttl = $4300 (est) + $30,500 trade pay-off = $34,800 OTD

    Obviously this is terrible from what is getting posted here unless the trade changes everything and it isn't that bad.. What should I realistically be looking for do you all think? $30 - $32 range?? or 33-34 with the trade?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
  • d_man_600d_man_600 Posts: 4
    Not sure what your tax rate is in your area, but invoice price including destination charge is $33k pre-tax.
  • sarahvz1sarahvz1 Posts: 7
    I am in Central FLorida - sorry wish I could help
  • senmunsenmun Posts: 9

    Can you provide the sales person you have dealt with and your name for reference?

  • bigguy91bigguy91 Posts: 6
    Ask for the Internet/Fleet Person--Reatha.
  • sar2013sar2013 Posts: 3
    I posted all of my details on 6/23 just after I purchased, but here is the short(er) version. We are not supposed to provide names of sales people on this forum - I dealt with the internet departments at all the dealerships. We ended up buying from Faulkner Honda in Harrisburg, PA, and they actually delivered the car to my house 80 miles away and we signed the paperwork at the kitchen table.

    Honda Odyssey EX
    Base Price: $26,336
    Tow Package: $1,220
    Dealer fee, tag, title: $213
    Taxes (6%): $1580
    Total: $29,349

    We financed at 0.9%. I decided I had hit the lowest price when some dealerships would only match, not beat the price. I did all of the negotiating by email after contacting about 15 dealerships in a 100 mile radius. In addition to Faulkner, Apple Honda (York), MainLine Honda (Ardmore), and Bobby Rahal Honda (Harrisburg) were within $400 of the best price and were all great to deal with as I was gathering pricing info - answered my questions, provided all the detailed information I wanted, and didn't try to switch it to a phone or in person negotiation. Good luck!
  • senmunsenmun Posts: 9
    Thanks for the reply.

    My friend called Faulkner Honda in Harrisburg, PA but they would not honor this price based on this discussion. They asked for your name to verify the sale. It is also 80 miles for us from Nottingham, MD. College Park Honda which is 50 miles away wanted us to come to their store.

    Do you mind send your name to senmmail at rediffmail dot com?

  • kingmeatkingmeat Posts: 9
    Completed purchase of 2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L this evening in Charlotte, North Carolina. Took delivery on alabaster silver metallic with truffle interior. Here are the details:

    Vehicle price: 28516
    NC tax (3%): 856
    Admin Fee: 699
    State license: 179

    Total drive off: 30250

    It appears the inventory could be drying up a bit. No other dealer in the area countered at less than $31100 drive off this weekend in the Charlotte area. Also received the 0.9% financing for 60 months. Feeling this was a pretty good deal with the 2014's hitting the lots in mid-July.
  • chanthemanchantheman Posts: 4
    edited July 2013
    On Friday (6-28-13) I completed my purchase of a White Diamond Pearl Touring Elite with Truffle interior. My journey to purchasing left me more than perturbed at times and when I began emailing dealers I dreaded the thought of keeping it up for multiple weeks like many on this forum have done.

    Thanks to the helpful advice provided on this forum, preliminary research through Edmunds and TrueCar, and a dealer I didn't initially remember existed in Southern Central Georgia I walked away with the following deal after only 3 days of negotiating. Considering the lowest prices I've seen on this site for Touring Elites I'm fairly satisfied I had reached a point of diminishing returns. Maybe there are a few dollars on the table but, the color combination I wanted, an easy 90 mile one-way driving distance, and the service of my winning dealer were worth leaving the dollars on the table. My closest local dealers wouldn't even attempt to touch the price.

    Base price................. $36,813
    Accessories................$259 (cargo mat, factory painted door edge guards installed, wheel locks)
    Dealer fee..................$399
    Title and GWRA..........$21
    Georgia TAVT Tax.......$2578
    On the road for..........$40,070

    MSRP (44,855) - Base price (36,813) = 8042 total discount

    17.9% savings from MSRP

    ***My dealer did award me a 750.00 Flex Cash bonus (factored into base price above) so some dealers still have it to award. An earlier post mentioned a TE advertised in Atlanta for $36,995. Most certainly this price too hinges on an award of Flex Cash.****

    To get to the $36,813 price it took the $2500 Honda incentives, $750 Honda Flex Cash, and a significant portion of the dealer's holdback.

    Initially 9 dealers within 150 miles of Savannah, Georgia were emailed through the Honda website. All replied. Some replied with phone calls first and others with emails asking me to come for a showroom visit. Those who called were told I wanted to work over email and that firm "on the road" prices fully itemized were required. I also specified that I wanted a vehicle with no "dealer add-on's and minimal accessories" since I knew they were out there. Some of my emailed quotes touted the amazing amount of add-ons that had been reduced to zero cost just for me. Zero cost and an out the door price at least 1k higher, yeah, that math works!

    Three dealers quickly rose to the top as they were approaching the number I had in my mind based on the lowest prices I had seen in this forum and a further reduction I hoped for.

    40k and 37.5k were my on the road prices for Touring Elite and Touring respectively. I'm sure there are many who paid less, but, considering the value of my time these numbers were where I wanted to be.

    I actually considered purchasing from Anderson Honda in Maryland who has been mentioned earlier in this forum. Internet manager Greg was easy to deal with. His quotes were the fastest responses I received and were very straightforward with no hidden fees. Even knowing I was in Georgia he took great care in responding quickly every time I asked a question. His pricing was so good that I was in the discussion phase of shipping costs with him and seriously considering having him ship me a brand new van. Even with a very competitive shipping cost his total price was one of my most competitive. I would highly recommend him to anyone shopping the Virginia, Maryland, DC group of states.

    I began to work other dealers off of his on the road price to me before shipping. Some quickly bailed and a few more responded with versions of "that's a great price", "the only way to get there is to give you all of the holdback", or "If I were you I would buy that." These responses told me I was getting close.

    Not relishing the idea of dealing with a 40k sight unseen item I pushed the dealer I ultimately purchased from for better pricing. I shared my lowest quote to that point and put out the number I wanted them to hit to "give me no choice but to purchase from them."

    Within 2 hours I received a phone call from my winning dealer. Not only did they beat the lowest quote I had (already a very good one) by a small yet meaningful margin, they hit the number I had mentally committed to as the point at which I would stop negotiating.

    A full buyers order with firm itemized pricing was in my inbox within the hour. Two days later I drove the 110 miles, picked up my van, executed the price of $40,070 (I added some factory accessories on Thursday) and headed home.

    The service I received from this dealer was second to none. I do contribute part of my deal to luck as I purchased from a small dealer with small overhead. This Honda dealership actually shares a building with a Chevy-Buick franchise. I've never seen a Honda dealership sharing space.

    During my discussion with my saleswoman (4 consecutive salesperson of the year awards) she shared that the owner of the dealership (who also owns Toyota, Scion, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep) in the town does not floorplan his vehicles. Everything on all of their lots is owned. There is no floorplan interest to cover in the expenses for the dealership. The owner only has to worry about the opportunity cost of his money tied up in cars.

    Certainly not floorplanning does not make for a difference of thousands, but, it could be meaningful enough that dealers who don't need to answer to bank interest rates for floorplanning are able to go just a little bit lower than those who do have floorplan cost to worry about.

    Those of you who want to exploit every angle of the dealer's bargaining power just might want to ask how the dealership floorplans.

    Thank you to all who have posted here and shared your information. I could not have landed the Odyssey my wife and I wanted for a lower price than I imagined possible without your open and frank discussions.
  • Willett Honda and Joel from the internet department there have received high marks in this forum for very competitive pricing and great service.

    Although I purchased in Georgia the time and gas from my home to Atlanta would have erased most of any savings I could have achieved.

    An earlier post in this forum lists Willett as advertising a Touring Elite base price (not OTD) of 36,995. Compared to what is posted throughout this forum the advertised price of 36,995 is very good assuming all you have to pay additional is TTL and the annoying dealer fee.

    Only one dealership from Beaufort, SC through Savannah, GA and down to Jacksonville, Fl went lower than $36,995 and I purchased from them.
  • Thank you for all of your responses and help! I did buy an 2013 Odyssey EX-L today (June 30). Here is the breakdown that I received...

    I negotiated between 2 dealers (after emailing quite a bit) for a bottom price on an EX-L - I got their numbers, then told them I wanted to include a trade...the dealers didn't like that I was going from place to place (and the fact that I didn't talk trade until I had other bottom numbers), but I ended up saving money and that was important...but I don't think that they will be sending me a Christmas card anytime soon. We did finance through Honda.

    EX-L final price $26,484 (it was a demo with 4k on it); plus they gave me $2,700 for my trade - totaling $29, other fees except a $17 title fee...I told them that they needed to waive the admin fee of $199 and give me 2 free oil changes....My TTL will be paid separately so the prices above do not include NE's 7% tax rate.

    When I sent my husband in yesterday (to play dumb) the cost for the EXACT minivan with trade/etc was $3,200 more than we paid today. Granted, my husband didn't put the squeeze on them like I did, but that seems like a chunk of change. Perhaps being 8 months pregnant made them feel sorry for me? Do you think I did o.k.?
  • I am not sure if this will help....I posted earlier and dealt with a trade so my numbers might be a little different... but the bottom number (before talking trade) that I got for an EX-L 2013 - NO RES/NAV....$29934 plus $99 doc fee

    Personally - I think that the trade adds a whole new web of number maneuvering on the dealer's part which is why I didn't even speak about a trade until they thought that they had a deal with me and then I sprung the trade on them...and pitted 2 dealerships against each other on what the trade was worth. Might be worth checking with a new dealer to start a clean slate?
  • skmgaskmga Posts: 2
    I'm in middle Ga area and we are looking at buying the 2013 touring elite, can you tell me the name of the dealership you used? Thanks!
  • sdodysdody Posts: 1
    Bought Odyssey EX-L w/o Nav or Res over the weekend OTD 31500. Dealer threw in mud guard, wheel locks and truck tray and two free oil change.

    28740 base price (after $750 bonus from doing the 0.9% financing)
    80 doc fee
    2365 tax
    298 TTL

    Total OTD - 31500

    Bought at Pacific Honda - it took walking out the door to get them to deal. Guess dealer not as aggressive in pricing as other dealers in the area. We went there because it was close and the salesman was nice when we test drove the van a couple months ago.
  • senmunsenmun Posts: 9
    Closed the deal with NorthWest Honda at Owings Mills, MD.

    EX Silver with Wheel locks & Splash Guards for $28500

    Base price = $26392
    Processing = $199
    Tags & Title = $325
    Tax = 1583 (6%)
  • jjnerdjjnerd Posts: 1
    I got the following deal on my 2013 EX-L Odyssey today:

    Sticker price = $36,055
    Clearance price = $29,984
    Honda down payment = $750
    Total Price = $29,234
    Requires using Honda financing (0.9% for 60 months, 1.9% for 60-72 months) to get the "Honda down payment" of $750

    I actually copied and pasted these numbers from a slickdeals thread and sent them to the dealer closest to my house (only 2 miles away) on Sunday morning (no previous contact or negotiating with any dealers), and received an e-mail at lunchtime today (Monday) accepting the price - no haggling, no negotiating. I also contacted the second closest dealer (~50 minutes away), mainly to see if I could go any lower than that, but that dealer wouldn't budge from $29,500 total price (even knowing I had a lower quote from another dealer).

    The dealer I purchased from was Independence Honda in Bloomsburg, PA.
    The second dealer was Fairfield Honda near Muncy, PA.

    Thanks to all for posting your prices here so I knew what to look for. Having the price settled ahead of time made for a very pleasant and cordial experience at the dealership.
  • merryrdmerryrd Posts: 2
    Thanks all for sharing your purchasing experience here, especially chantheman's detailed post. I learned a lot from the forum last weekend and just sealed the deal similar to chantheman.

    2013 Touring Elite:
    Base price................. $36,823
    Accessories................$0 (dealer just throw in cargo mat, wheel locks)
    Doc fee.......................$80 (standard in CA)
    Electronic Vehicle Registration or Transfer Charge (MVSC) $29 (may be standard in CA)
    DMV (license/registration) and CA tire fee..........$347 (Print as estimated)
    Sales Tax ..................$2952 (8%)
    OTD ..........................$40,231

    I made the purchase at spreen honda, only took 1 email plus 1 call to get the price.
    it seems that dealer are clearing 2013 odyssey inventory, even honda website switched to 2014 odyssey by default today.

    Good luck.
  • I purchased from Walker-Jones Honda in Waycross Georgia.

    My salesperson was Kathy. Per the rules of the forum I cannot list her last name, but, it starts with "J". I don't believe there are any other Kathy's selling cars there.

    When you work with them keep in mind that I purchased an in-stock unit. They are a small dealership. I'm not sure what inventory they have left as of now or what is available for them to bring in. Locating and retrieving vehicles will most certainly add a small amount to the car cost.

    Waycross, Georgia is within a short distance of Jacksonville, Florida so there is at least one large metropolitan area and all of its Honda inventory at their disposal if you decide to purchase from them and they don't have exactly what you want.

    Have at least 2 and, if possible, three color choices in your mind as inventories are dwindling fast. White Diamond Pearl seems especially hard to find in large numbers and I didn't see many blacks in the inventories of dealers I worked with in the Touring and Touring Elite packages.

    Walker-Jones and Kathy were truly excellent and embraced the way I wanted to negotiate and do business.

    Their Finance Manager is Jeff. His service was first class as well. Although I wanted to be a cash buyer I couldn't pass on the finance tied incentives and Honda's virtually free money.

    Good luck and I certainly hope you choose to do business with Walker-Jones and Kathy. The drive would definitely be worth it.

    When I left the dealership on Friday I told the staff I would be posting my experience for all to see. They were more than happy about it and very thankful.
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