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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • airborn80airborn80 Posts: 2
    Do you have sales contact point???
  • bldvl89bldvl89 Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Mild torture buying new car, particularly when wife decided she wanted EX-L in white with beige interior. And before I say anything else, Joel Pinnell from Willett Honda who I'd read about on this thread, completely rocks - and we didn't even get our car from him.

    Originally tried to buy car from Curry Honda - they posted an internet ad for 2013 Odyssey EX-L for $29,083 if using 0.9% Honda financing or $29,833 otherwise. Told dealer we wanted to pay all cash, got a buyer's order from Curry with a supposed out-the-door price for $32,259 based on a car price of $30,108 - the $29,833 advertised cash price plus $275 body molding.

    Showed up with check for $32,259 per buyer's order, but then Curry pulled rug out and said that the $32,259 was the price WITH Honda financing at 0.9%, i.e., they wanted $750 MORE from me to take the car home paying cash on their already advertised cash price (which in turn was also $750 more than the car price using Honda financing) which put the out-the-door price over $33,000.

    Curry was slick - they couched the request for $750 more on the day of purchase (by now $1500 over their advertised internet price using Honda financing) as me not wanting that financing, even though they weren't giving me the $29,083 Honda financing price in trying to make me use their financing. The dealer had the audacity to claim I was trying to take advantage of him when I figured out what was going on. So I walked.

    Spoke w/ Joel Pinnell at Willett next - over the phone, he gave me a $32,008 out-the-door price (rounded down to $32,000) based on a $29,105 car price. But unlike Curry, he didn't add on anything to increase the car price, and he was upfront that I would have to use Honda financing to get the $32,000 OTD price. I would have done this deal (pay the transaction fee to get the financing and then paid the note off in a month or two) - except he didn't have any 2013 EX-L's left in white with a beige interior which my wife really wanted. Bummer - but he's THE man to see if you're buying an Odyssey anywhere remotely close to Atlanta.

    Ultimately went through Nalley Honda in Union City - paid $32,836 to get out the door and avoid being beholden to a car finance company (there must be an excess of cash floating around in this country when it costs more to save your pennies and pay cash than to go through the hassle of financing), and to take delivery of a white EX-L with a beige interior:

    29,905 car price
    697 dealer fee
    2193 TAVT
    41 tag

    Not the greatest deal and my pride got the best of me, but when someone gives me a firm number clearly based on an internet offered cash price, but then changes it the following morning to tack on more money while trying to accuse me of taking advantage of them (LOL - seriously????), you just don't do business with them.

    Kudos to Aaron Kirschnick and Lauren Davis at Nalley Honda for getting everything finalized promptly and telling me exactly what amount on the check I would need to arrive with.
  • jstarfamjstarfam Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of a good dealer in the Seattle/Tacoma area where you can get a good price. I've tried a few and they won't go below invoice.
  • At 7:30PM last night (7/8), I said to myself "Let's get it over with". I wanted 2013 EX-L for $30,000 OTD who was at $31,180 OTD with color we wanted (Smoky Topaz/Truffle). She immediately confirmed $30,500 OTD final (price $28,213) no gimmicks no surprises. So I decided to go with it. I didn't get anything other than the all weather mats and cargo tray, though they charged me $300 for it. I passed on the ext warranty.

    Someone else here mentioned that Sport, Criswell and Pohanka Honda dealers in Maryland are best for online. I completely agree. They all three responded immediately with exactly what I was looking for with best prices. Though I did get a very casual and pseudo rude salesperson from Criswell. I live in Northern Virginia and dealers here were $2000 off easy. And don't negotiate and are not tuned to internet buyers.

    BTW, these 2013 EX-L's are coming with Continental tires which are rated well on, the EX-L NAV comes with Michelin Primacy. So don't let any dealer foul you on that. It's important to have the right tire to enjoy the ride.
  • lauter1lauter1 Posts: 2
    Looking for the 2013 EXL odyssey. From this forum, it seems the price is lower in the east coast and in the north cal, around $28xxx. But in the south cal, the price is at least 1k higher after checking with several dealers. Anyone from south cal has better experience recently on buying a EXL?
  • danz75danz75 Posts: 7
    I got my 13 EX-L (no RES/NAV) at Lynnwood Honda in June for under invoice. Look for the internet sales person.
  • jstarfamjstarfam Posts: 2
    thanks. I'll try them.
  • Honest question: why not take the 0.9% financing and then pay off the vehicle in full after a month? You pocket $750 and only pay $24 in interest.

    I bet you could have financed a portion of it and paid even less in interest and then paid that portion off in full within a month.
  • airborn80airborn80 Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    Any one got good offer new 2013 honda odyssey EX-L w/o navi
    LA CA area???
  • k1200rk1200r Posts: 4
    Any good dealers in Chicago area who are willing to go invoice on 2014 Elite?
  • I am looking for 2013 EXL
    What price should I pay tentatively?

    If Anyone got a good deal in NJ recently please share the numbers and dealer info

    I think 0.9% from Honda is no more available
  • eja4eja4 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know where I can find the 2014 invoice prices?
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,696
    If its not on Edmunds yet try Kelly's blue book.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • stl717stl717 Posts: 2
    I've been following this thread lately and finally pulled the trigger tonight. We live in St Louis and got a 13 EXL w/ RES for $31k with .9% financing. They threw in the mats and pinstripe and a handful of other things. The inventory in this area is drying up very quickly. We were wanting a metallic or black but ended up with the silver because that's all anyone had left.

    Good Luck to you all!
  • I negotiated over the internet and got $30,500 OTD in Maryland (close to DC). If you know which van, color, options, etc. you want, then find out which Dealers in your area deal best over the internet and don't BS with such customers.
  • I couldn't find them either. But just from observation, I experience that EX-L is normally $3,000 lower that MSRP, EX is a bit less lower, and Touring is closer to $3,500-$4,000 lower.
  • I dont see the clause of $750 anymore with Honda Financing. Earlier they were offering $750 flex cash if you do financing from Honda
  • Is that 31K with taxes or without taxes?
  • stl717stl717 Posts: 2
    31K without TTL. Probably could have done a hair better but I was ready to get the stupid thing done and get out of there.
  • eja4eja4 Posts: 4
    Yes, the first dealer I went to wouldn't budge from MSRP since he only had one 2014 on the lot and assumed nobody else had any, but now I'm getting offers around $3000 under MSRP on 2014 EX-L so it seems reasonable that is about the invoice price (same spread as 2013). Someone upthread said they got about $200 under invoice on a 2014 which is the best I've seen so I wanted to be sure I was in the same ballpark.
  • lisabuddlisabudd Posts: 3
    Anyone know about the dealer cash/incentives? Any reason our price should be higher today
    than Monday? I had two quotes on Monday (one in TN, one in GA) for 2013 EX-L
    for around the price odyjbp got in Jasper (31600 incl tax) but the dealers are taking their time "checking" if the price is still good. Monday, at a local dealer (N. AL), DH decided he wanted a specific color (that they don't have) after we were just about where we wanted on price, so we walked out and maybe missed the boat :( Jasper is telling us "$31,500 plus taxes and fees, for a total price of $33,135.46" but not sure if I should tell them my other quotes to get him down since I am not sure they are still valid. Would prefer to buy within AL, and Jasper says they're getting the silver/gray DH wants. Interesting that someone posted about their good experience at Willett in Ga. I emailed Joel and just got a generic response from some other guy who didn't even give me a quote.

    We are planning on financing (preapproved via honda) and two
    Dealers, incl Jasper, have already told us we can still get the .9%. If the $750 was bringing
    That price down and is gone, a higher price would be expected, I suppose.

    I'm hoping they didn't go up, and if they did, not sure what to do since stock
    Seems to be dwindling... :confuse:
  • There were two incentives combinable with the special .9 APR that were set to expire on the 8th of July. These totaled 2500.00.

    Another 750.00 in Honda flex cash exists for dealers that, according to other posts, have some left to award.

    Also keep in mind that certain manufacturer incentives to dealers on volume could have expired. Ability to achieve manufacturer sales targets and incentives "encourages" dealers dot get more competitive.

    With 2014's on the lot and an ability to hold higher prices on them you will likely find wiggle room on the 2013's significantly reduced. Dwindling inventories also hurts the consumer as certain preferences make it easier for dealers to hold higher prices on 2013's against closer to MSRP prices on 14's as still a better deal.

    I'm sure the loss of Honda's 2500.00 in incentives is the fundamental reason you see a price change from Monday.
  • kingmeatkingmeat Posts: 9
    To be fair try to compare 2007 and 2008 side by side with equal mileage and then a 2003 and 2004? You will see that the differences are much narrower when you have owned to vehicle 5 or 10 years and the $3-4K you save today looks very good in comparison.
  • sigrudesigrude Posts: 4
    I purchased the Smoky Topaz model at Honda of El Cerrito today. This was the only place I found that has it in stock. The price was $34796.22 plus tax and fees. The price included $677 of dealer installed accessories which I didn't want. I accepted it because they matched a lower TrueCar price for a different dealership. Luckily, the $895 alarm system was not installed. I traded in a 2004 Acura MDX for $9500 ($500 dealer cash). 72 months finance at 1.9% for a lower payment with no early payoff penalty. $1526 for the 84 months 80000 miles extended warranty. During the final inspection, I found a ding on the driver's sliding door which I was told the dealership will fix. Overall, I think it was a good deal.
  • odysseysdodysseysd Posts: 4
    first I had negotiated for an exl with res for $31,250 on july 5 with 0.9 financing with a dealer in san diego. I thought this was a great deal. However, we wanted a white with beige interior and the only one they could find was in Riverside (about 100mile or so away). I had signed all the papers, got a dmv slip, and handed them a deposit. I come to find saturday morning that when their guy got there, the Riverside dealer had sold the car an hour before he got there. There seemed to be no exl with res with white and beige colors. I checked other local dealers and that seemed to be the case. Plus the wife was very against truffle. So we decided to try for an exl w/o res. But I knew I had to start all over again.
    The dealer had to locate one. This time in el centro. they got the car, I saw it there, inspected it, and even test drove. I knew from this forums that sdody got one for around $28,800 so i was trying to go for that. They offered $30,250 and I walked out. Other local dealers had an exl with white and beige so i tried to call and get better prices. I was able to get the original dealer to go down to $29, 500. I believe sdody had good timing with the $700 dealer cash. no dealer seemed to have any left. Best deal from Pacific was $30,533 at that time.
    So even though we didn't get the first car which i thought was a great deal and I still had to wheel and deal (it's their job, so can't really blame them for trying) , they were still the best price on our second choice. Didn't pay for any thing but tax and title. Oh I paid the $80 doc fee. I decided not to negotiate because it wasn't worth the hassle. Oh, I forgot when I went there in the afternoon (july 8) to accept their offer can you guess what happened (if you believe it)? That, oh there's another buyer coming down to get the car. I know what you're thinking, they're going to ask for more money. He did but as a joke. The manager said it's policy to hold or something like that the car for 24 hours since they went to the trouble of getting it for me and honored the $29,500 price. So OTD was $32,557.95. I have 9% sales tax $2, people with 3 and 4%, so jealous. ttl was $297.75 I think that all added up right.
    So thanks mossy for the best prices and the people on this forum for your price information. Next time I will try to only negotiate for a car that's in the lot!
  • odysseysdodysseysd Posts: 4
    from Mossy I got $29,500 on july 8th.
  • odysseysdodysseysd Posts: 4
    I financed part of my car. Beware that there is a minimum of interest that needs to be paid. With mine I believe I have to pay at least $75 worth and if i paid before the amount, I pay the difference as a fee (i think that's right). Check the conditions for paying off early.
  • badbilly27badbilly27 Posts: 4
    edited July 2013
    This site has been helpful so thought I post some details of our new car we drove home tonight.

    2014 Honda Odyssey Blue Obsidian EX-L w/navigation

    MSRP $38,455

    Paid $35,422 plus tax, Lic and Doc Fees

    (Used Credit card for $5K got additional $100 back due to cash back credit card)

    Tried using Truecar but 2014 not yet supported on the site but still used to make initial contact with 3 dealers. Contacted two others directly via internet. Got all pricing through internet negotiation. I didn't share pricing with any of the dealerships just was up front with each - I'm serious, will buy this week from one of three dealerships I'm contacting, no games. Many pushed 2013 models and confusion over inventory on 2014 since they just came out. In the end, Rosen Honda in Gurnee got my business.

    Very responsive and direct communications. Best price out of the box no haggling required. Worked with Pat who was terrific. Experience at dealership was equally enjoyable - no pushing on anything. Not typical car buying experience which I appreciated. I'd recommend. Unlike Schaumburg Honda who had my service business for last 12 years, asked for quote and they would only offer sticker price. Offered to match or maybe beat others if I could produce written quote - otherwise no lower than sticker. So 12 years of profit off of me and no discount? They lost my service business now as well as my new car purchase.

    Hope this info helps.
  • tdaotdao Posts: 3
    I'm looking for an EX-L in Atlanta area too. What was your out the door price? Were they willing to negotiate with you at all? I've called a few places and I'm not getting great deals.
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