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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sbafnasbafna Posts: 1
    Hi! Has anybody bought or got a OTD quote on a 2014 Odyssey EX-L in South Florida area? I am now in the market for one. Thanks much!
  • Purchased on 9/22 in SoCal:

    Trim: Touring Elite
    Vehicle Price: $39,798.00 (includes destination)
    Doc Fees: $ 80.00
    Sales Tax (9%): $ 3,589.02
    Electronic Vehicle registration fee: $ 29.00
    Vehicle License Fee: $ 258.00
    Registration/Transfer/Titling fee: $ 100.00
    CA Tire fees: $ 8.75

    Total OTD: $ 43,862.77
  • Hamilton Honda and working with Elliot Griffin.
  • Could you please let me know which dealer is? Thanks!
  • Spreen in Loma Linda - very aggressive pricing
  • vk_vanvk_van Posts: 8
    Thanks vkalyanam for sharing the details. Any accessories provided in that price ? thanks again...
  • torajmtorajm Posts: 1
    I was at VIP Honda, NJ last week - they had dealer adds totaling more than 2k. the usual not required stuff like non stain spray for carpets etc..

    Do you know any dealer who will sell EX-L without these dealer add ons in NJ?

    Also any experience with no haggle dealerships? don't want to go through the time of negotiating for hours to get a good price. true car suggests they have 3 dealers. Lowest for EX-L @33,149. Sound too good. Any experience - do they give this price to get you into the dealership and then add to this...
  • Thank you so much!!!
  • I took delivery of my 2014 odyssey EXL for 35,499. I was offered Honda care 5 years 60000 miles for $2400..i laughed at them and showed them the online pricing from one honda dealer in MA. Finally paid 510 + NJ sales tax for 5 years 60000 "0" deductibles...

    If you ever buy honda care beware of this pricing..its 3 -4 times higher than the actuals..
  • no accessories..
  • Honda and Toyota are reputed brands and one would run into problems after 5 years. I would suggest going for 8 years/120K miles. I paid close to 1300$ for the same but it is worth it.
  • I can't recommend the dealer, so am not going to post the name. But you can get the price quote from True Car if you want.
  • I am looking to purchase a 2014 Ody EX-L in Ohio, anyone have any recent experience to share?
  • Just received the following quote from a dealership in NY for a 2014 EX-L with Navigation.

    $34723 (base)
    $2560 (tax)
    $75 (doc fee)
    $23 (tire disposal fee)

    OTD $37381

    What do you think of this price?
  • I am actively looking in NJ for EX-L w/o RES or Navigation and after talking to close to 4 dealers I am looking to get OTD price of $35,500 so yes your price w/ Nav with a difference of approx $1900 is a decent price.
  • I think we got just about the last new 2013 EX-L RES in east TN yesterday. Internet manager quoted $33,387, and we said he needed to come down another $2000. He came down another $1,000 on vehicle price, but gave us $500 Honda flex cash and an added $500 allowance on our trade (which I felt was already a very fair deal). So, the vehicle price on our deal sheet says $32,304, but I feel like we got it for $31,304. I guess the lesson is there's always a way for the dealer to create a little more wiggle room, especially with a trade.

    BTW, we almost went with the Quest due to the smokin' deals you can get right now. The interior is SWEET, we just weren't totally sold on the exterior. They're worth a look for the price, though.
  • Just brought home a 2014 Touring Elite White/Truffle including protection package, Window tin, Pin stripe and 5 Year/100K warranty $44,830 OTD ($1,330 for the Warranty). I was pre-approved for 2.49%, but the Dealer tried to sell me the Warranty, so they buy down the loan to 1.49 (60 months), so I ended up paying $560 for the Warranty. I hope this is a good deal?
  • I'm in the market for 2014 Odyseey EX-L with Nav. in San Diego area. Has anyone in my area got buying experience to share?
  • stallion_vstallion_v Posts: 8
    edited October 2013
    So, just got a 2014 Odyssey EX at out of door price of $31500 which include free dealer add ons like wheel locks, rail and door guards totaling $699. This near San Jose CA
    It was all by chance when I went shopping and the first one I went to offered a unbelievable price of $30k OOD (including alarm and lo jack and wheel locks $2000)since it was closing time and they had a bad day, I was unsure since I was not sure if the price was right (being my first time) and also my wife was not with me and I did not want to end up surprising her with something she would be shocked by. So I did not take it ( and I still regret).
    Next day I called a ton of dealers and checked and they laughed at me saying this was unbelievable since invoice price for all in that area is $30,300 so why would someone undersell by $3000(10% for tax).
    Anyways the next day the dealer did not give that price and was offering $31,500 which as well fell through since I was not sure. All dealers told me even $31,500 OOD without accessories is unbelievable. Finally the deal broke down but another dealer close to me offered me that price if I financed. So I finally did get it for $31,500 + free $699 package Out of door. Vehicle price little under (29k)

    My question is regarding a few extras that we got from dealer

    1. Alarm system to ensure if someone smashes your windows or hits the car hard it goes Bonkers - $699
    2 .Perma Plate - Interior and exterior quotes with special layers, protecting the colors and making seats stain and water proof. Warranty for 7 years to cover any damage (color or interiors ) and fix it for no cost $660.
    We have 2 infants and thought we would surely need this to protect the seat and so was a no brainer for us
    3. Honda servicing - 4 years 48k - $770 (includes all servicing, labor and parts). We were also offered 3 years 36k for $670 but I thought this was better.
    4. Honda Care - 7 years 80k - $1590

    Most of this sounds reasonable except may be Honda Care which reading on other forums seems like we could have got way cheaper online ($890 same care).

    I went back to dealer and asked and he said we can cancel Honda care and Maintenance within 61 days no issues. But he said people are not allowed to sell it online, why else would Honda allow only dealers to sell it. He said what they are giving is the best price in town and said I need to do my research and be very sure before canceling and switching to some one selling it online. He said get at lease one guy in CA or around who has bought it from online sites, which at least guarantees it work.
    Basically he was very upfront and honest about it.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Also do we need both Honda care and servicing or only one like Honda Care. Also how do u get Sentinel services? Sorry for multiple questions. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    Honda Care through the dealers mentioned in this forum is not buying online. You send an email to the various dealers mentioned on this site, they email you back the prices for the options you want.
    You then can call them and buy over the phone, (I'd never put my credit card number in an email). It's really that simple, and it's NOT online. You will get your Honda Care Warranty in the mail within a couple of weeks and it is real Honda Care and honored by all Honda Dealers, or you can stay with the price your dealer offerred and overpay by several hundred $$.
  • ny_danny_dan Posts: 12
    Which dealer did you get this price from?
  • venkubvenkub Posts: 2
    That's awesome deal IMO. Congratulations on getting the deal.
    Do you mind sharing the name of the dealer where you got this deal.
    I am also shopping for Odyssey in San Jose Bay Area.

  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Dealers do not set intrest rates. If the dealer wrote the loan at 1.49% that is the rate for which you qualified. Dealers do have access to loan resources which you may not have. In many cases, they can find a better rate. That is why it is always a good idea to allow the dealer an opportunity to find a better rate.

    In this case it appears the dealer was less than honest about the financing.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Dealers do not set interest
    rates. If the dealer wrote the loan at 1.49% that is the rate for which you qualified. Dealers do have access to loan resources which you may not have. In many cases, they can find a better rate. That is why it is always a good idea to allow the dealer an opportunity to find a better rate.

    In this case it appears the dealer was less than honest about the financing.
  • ny_danny_dan Posts: 12

    Best price I got so far is 36,000. They are also giving me 1000 loyalty cash that require financing to use. I don't know if there is any catch of the loyalty cash is as well.

    In additional to that, they want to charge me $895 for factory remote starter which I know is crazy. MSRP for the factory remote is only 399. Hence they want to charge 500 for installation.

    I'm considering the VIPER smartstart but concern about factory warranty.
  • Thanks.
    Yes by online I meant getting quotes and then purchasing over the phone.
    I would surely not want my CC info in an email.

    My dealer told me that if you can get it from outside ($890 7yrs/80k) at a much lower price why would honda allow them to sell it at that price ($1590)?
    But he said i can shop around and cancel if I get a better deal.

    In fact I got one for $840 from but am just not sure if these dealers are allowed to sell in California and I may face obstacles in case I try to use them here.

    Has anyone bought and used these in CA ?
  • As part of the negotiation I was able to get them to do that remote starter for $318 installed.
  • ny_danny_dan Posts: 12
    Which dealer was that?
  • if you don't mind can you share details of the salesperson whom you worked with? I might as well go buy with him.
  • ny_danny_dan Posts: 12
    Does anyone have a good photo of the truffle interior? Dealer don't have it on display.

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