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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bigtxbigtx Posts: 16
    Just search ebay or something for honda trouffle. It is the color you want, kind of a lighter charcoal with a hint of brown, the tan is too light if you have kids it will be destroyed
  • james99wjames99w Posts: 6
    edited October 2013
    Hi Vkalyanam

    I am in the market to purchase 2014 odyssey EXL in NJ.
    Is 35,499 OTD price?.. If not, what was the OTD price?
    Could you also please share the dealer where you purchased?
  • Sorry for the delay. We bought it from South Bay honda of milpitas. You can ask for Jennifer or Roberto they were outstanding.

    Wish you all the best
    Hope u get a great deal
  • Sorry for the delay. We bought it from South Bay honda of milpitas. You can ask for Jennifer or Roberto they were outstanding.

    Wish you all the best
    Hope u get a great deal
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Your answer is only partially true. Some dealers have agreements with banks that allow them to adjust the interest rate charged and earn commissions thereon. This is even more true with leases where dealers often mark up the money factor. There are usually limits on how much dealers can mark it up.

    Second, while it is often a good idea to allow the dealer a chance to beat the interest rate you were offered by your bank or credit union, keep in mind the fact that the dealer's finance manager will do a "hard" credit inquiry, which will drop your credit score. It's too complicated to say how much your score will change, but if your score is barely good enough for the best rate tier, the extra inquiry could knock you out of contention for the best rate.
  • lowespittlowespitt Posts: 4
    edited October 2013
    Pittsburgh Area - Today

    Sales Price: $34,500 after $500 Flex Cash + TTL
    Installed Options: Roof rails, crossbars, splash guards, and 2 additional headsets
    Financed at 1.9% for 60 months.

    After the deal was made, the dealer said his dead cost including the options was $34,569. He also acknowledged that he was still making money after holdback and HTB. Take that for what it is worth.
  • Just purchased a '14 odyssey, EX-L w/RES from jeff Wyler colerain. Paid 33878 + destination fee. Thought that was a good price.
  • didedide Posts: 3
    Hi, where did you get this from. Can you share? Did you get the extended warranty or anything else included - all weather mats, roof racks, etc?
  • FYI, internet manager at Poway Honda said they will sell 2014 Odysseys at invoice + TTL. One question though, slightly unrelated to this thread, does the EX-L w/o nav have a small capacity hard drive for downloading my wife's CD's, or is an audio hard drive only available on models equipped with the HDD audio/navigation system? We hope to make a decision soon.

  • Which dealer you got your odyssey? I am in the market to get one soon. Thanks in advance.
  • didedide Posts: 3
    Does the $31,998 number include destination fee, taxes in IL, documentation fee? I'm in IL as well and curious is this is OTD pricing or before the taxes were applied. Thank you.
  • j621j621 Posts: 1
    I am in Columbus, OH, Can someone share their OTDs for 2014 EX? The best offer I got is $32000 including $29500+TLL. Wondering if the dealer could go OTD as $30500-30100?
  • Did the price included TTL or any extra accessories for the car?
  • Is there any people who bought the Odyssey 14 EX-L around San diego? I wonder if we can buy a little bit cheaper than the window price. The Carlsbad Honda Dealer doesn't have an emotion to sell us at a reduced price.

    The Carlsbad Toyota is the one want to sell Sienna at good price. sucks!
  • I was at Poway Honda last Saturday. Internet manager said he will sell 2014 Odysseys at invoice + destination + TTL.
  • Poway Honda sales called me said, for odyssey 2014 exl, price is 3400+ tax+doc fee. Not that good.
  • Anyone have rates for October/November?

    MF & residual for an S, SE or Titanium... 10K/36m is fine
  • It included mats and mud guards
  • Got this from cincinnati. No extended warranty. Got mud guards.
  • Paid $38109 + Tax, Title, Doc which is $1000 below invoice.
  • didedide Posts: 3
    What dealership did you buy from?
  • hi. Im new to this forum. Can someone tell me the November money factor and residuals for both the EX and EX-L on a 36 month 12k/yr lease?
    Also has anybody ever used a car buying service like truecar to secure a negotiated cap cost and use that number for the lease? If you are doing your own negotiations with internet sales via email or phone should you disclose to them that you may be leasing instead of buying - or will they treat you differently?
    Looking to lease in the next couple of weeks so any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  • I am in suburban Maryland outside of DC and trying to determine if my current offers are any good.
    Dealer 1 offered 39,245 (38,415 + 830 destination) plus 200 doc fee for $39,445 (tax and title extra).
    Dealer 2 matches that at 39,245 (38,415 + 830 destination) with doc fee of 189 for $39,484 (tax and title extra).
    Are these deals any good?

    We want roof rails and an extra key. Since these are available aftermarket I just called around to see costs at various dealers. So far the lowest offers are $309 for the roof rack and $275 for the extra key. We are not looking for any other dealer installed stuff, but is there anything experienced Honda owners suggest?
  • Those seem to be really good prices considering 39,104 is invoice price, and a $850 or so dealer holdback (2% of base MSRP) putting the dealer true cost around $38200 (minus any other undisclosed kickbacks from Honda). Do you mind sharing which dealerships you are working with?
  • how much is the invoice for 2014 EX-L in SD?
  • I got my Odyssey Elite for $42k Out of the door.

    Have purchased Honda care extended warranty for 1560$
    also got Honda service plan for 1050$

    is this good price ?
  • I've been reviewing a few different Touring offers over the last few days. I've gotten 2 offers for a Touring in the $37,xxx range + destination now. There's also $500 flex cash floating around, putting prices at almost $2000 under invoice.
  • I originally felt like I got a good deal but after seeing these posts regarding prices paid for touring perhaps I didn't.

    Initial Price of 34,800k--after taxes and everything I was at $35,737 and this is with a lifetime or 250k mile powertrain warranty.

  • Hello all,

    I got a quote for 2014 Honda Touring for $38,100 (includes destination) + tax,title etc.
    Do you think its a good price?...can some one suggest any better prices/dealers in MD/VA ?

  • what does this mean as far as price before taxes and fees. Can you state MSRP vs amount you paid? Thanks
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