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Impreza OBS AC and Ventilation System INOP

mossberg500mossberg500 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Subaru
First timer, please excuse any mistakes...

The AC and Vent system on my Impreza OBS 1997 stopped working.

I have pulled EVERY fuse in both fuse boxes and they are all good, I even swapped out the AC ones. AC Relays in main box look fine as far as I can tell.

All other electrical are working correctly.

Fan, AC, Heater all inoperable. Help Please!


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    ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    You already did what I would have suggested, which is to swap out fuses even if they appear to be OK.

    Could the hvac panel wiring have come loose? Did you do a radio swap recently, anything like that?
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