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Transmission Reprogramming 2010 Fusion



  • jeromefjjeromefj Posts: 2
    It may be that you had an extra coverage warranty, bumper to bumper or something. But Ford refused to cover the Throttle Body for me under their drive-train warranty, which was still in effect. They claimed it was "a sensor" and not a drive-train part.

    Crappy dealer, or crappy manufacturer...not sure. But I am buying another new car, and it won't be a Ford.
  • donsmrsdonsmrs Posts: 3
    No extra coverage and $300+ poorer. DearbornCust. Svc. told me they didn't have many complaints for the throttle body. Then I read about some 9,000 of those nonexistent complaints. Thing is, they don't know how to correct the problem so it will likely happen again. We quit taking the Fusion on trips due to that, and leave it for local trips. Have a nice Expedition. Not at good on gas, but the ride is better and so far, no such issues. BTW, if it rains so hard you get deep puddles, stay home with the Fusion. The local dealer told me if the fan belt gets wet, the whole computer system shuts down and won't restart, unlike with the throttle body problem.
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