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Ford Freestyle Recalls



  • gab6gab6 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you were able to obtain a refund, I also spent $1000 for the repair but Ford refuses to provide a refund.
  • i have the same problem i talked to for they want 300 dollars to replace the moutier mount center pulse labor and as far as the stalling i had change the fuel filter and put intake cleaner in the gas next time and had no more troubles with that. but i got the mount center from O'riellys auto parts and now trying to figer how to get it out with out braking it.
  • Received Ford letter 12NO3 Customer Satisfaction Program. Dealer cleaned carbon from throttle body. Had minor surges before cleanup. After they were worse and car stalled at high speed in heavy traffic. Returned to dealer. They insisted they cleaned it properly. They wanted $90.00 to put it on the computer,Second visit I agreed to charge. Told me they throttle Body had to be replaced as computer was broken. They called it a coinsidense; not there fault. Ford refused to support me. Cost for part and installation $919.48. I plan to go to district manager and higher if possible.
  • Last Friday I had my 2005 Ford Freestyle go to the dealer for 12N03 throttle body recall. The car broke down on the way back from dealer (lost power), I had to get it towed back to dealership. I made a mistake getting the recall done because the car was working fine, no problems. Well I have had several calls from the dealership bad max airflow sensor, bad throttle body and my last call was both catalytic converters need replacing. Does anybody know what they might have done to cause these problems? Of course the service rep believes none of these problems had anything to do with what they did on the recall. Has anyone had similar problems?
  • I have a 2006 Ford Freeystyle...I have had all of the same problems everyone else is having....we went on vacation and the car litterally died, it surged backwards and had trouble in the snow....BUT my mechanic suggested we try using the more expensive shouldn't have anything to do with the problem...but let me tell you....our problems are works. It was explained that the higher gas is much better for you car, engine, filters, etc, even if it doesn't require it..Yes, it is more expensive, but our car runs much much better...we used the highest priced gas for a month or so, they we went to the middle priced gas....sound stupid? maybe...but it worked...try it and see if it helps. I have not taken my car in for the so called fix, because it is running fine and has been for a couple years...
  • how is your car holding up ? Interesting that you fixed it yourself...but glad to read
  • samyers01samyers01 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    I have a 2005 Freestyle, bought it new. I never recevied the recall letter but started having trouble last week. I'm having the same problem as many others. Surges, loss of power, Failsafe Engine Mode... independent shop confirmed it's all in the throttle body which Ford isn't standing behind. I will never buy a Ford again. I found out about the recall online and made apt for car to be worked on today. Driving home from work yesterday the car lost power *on the highway*. I rolled to a stop in the curb and was fine after turning the car off then back on, and continued to drive staight to the dealership where I bought the car near my home. Almost there when it lost power while driving into a busy intersection. Barely completed the turn before it came to a stop. Stopped and restarted and made it to the dealership. They are telling me there are eight different alerts on the vehicle and that I need to pay $150 just for them to diagnose it, not covered by the recall and not applicable towards the repairs. Nothing was wrong until the throttle body acted up. Crap. Don't buy Ford.
  • I just bought a used 2005 Ford Freestyle yesterday with 159,000 miles on it (the car looks very nice and loaded). Today, I drove it to work for the first time. Halfway (20 minutes driving), I lost power with the "wrench" sign and "Engine" lights on. It was so dangerous driving in highway next or in-front of speeding cars and trucks. I pulled over to the right side just in time before the car came to a complete stop.

    I got the car towed to Jerry's Ford dealership in Annandale, Virginia. They said I need to replace the Throttle Body with the gasket too for $942.

    I purchased a warranty with The Penn Warranty Corporation (PWC), but unfortunately this type of problem will not be covered under the warranty.

    After reading this forum, I don' t know if I should tried to clean it first.

    I just hope, this will be my last problem with this car.

    Any other recurring problem I should be aware of this car?

  • Have you run into any problem since you use higher grade of gas?

  • Have you injectors cleant - I had my done and no other problems with that. But now my A/C is no the fritz - understand lots of problems there also with is car.
  • Our 2006 is on it's 3rd throttle body, just had the recall work done last week, cleaning and reprogramming computer, because it was surging and stalling again. Our air conditioner went out two years ago. Can't wait to replace this car.
  • Why do you think Ford stopped making the Windstar. This piece of junk has the same problems because of cheap components! It purposely engineered to save pennies. They don't make this model anymore either...probably just changed the name to something else and still making garbage.
  • I just purchased a 2006 Freestyle and it has a similar problem as what most of these complaints describe here. When trying to accelerate from a stop, it will hesitate and then takeoff. Im thinking that this couldbe caused from many things such as: transmission, CV= Constant Velocity Joint,
    electronic sensor(s) , something else ????
    Does Ford have any recalls on this known and common issue with this vehicle ? This could very quickly and easily become a very dangerous issue, if not fixed ASAP Can someone advise me on the best call of action to take?
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