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1992 Legacy runs great then stalls...

molliemmolliem Posts: 4
edited July 2014 in Subaru
My Legacy runs great but it has been stalling then I have to pull over ( not always easy to do safely here in NW Montana) and wait. If I try to start it too soon, it will start but stall again. It is getting worse.

When I bought the car, the guy said he was told by a mechanic it was the front o2 sensor, but a subaru guy tells me, if your dummy lights aren't on, don't spend the money. It ran great for me for months before it started doing it.

SO, what are your thoughts. It's my only vehicle that was running now I can't trust it. I got about 15 miles before it started doing it in the morning but only about 1 mile that afternoon to go home. I need ANY thoughts or experiences even close to this because I am desperate. Thank you.


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    As they say spark or fuel...

    I would check, in order:

    spark plugs
    fuel filter
    spark plug wires
    ignition coil
    fuel pump
  • molliemmolliem Posts: 4
    it's suddenly running like a champ. I replaced the fuel filter asap, plugs were new when I bought it in January, I think the wires were new also at the same time. For the life of me I cannot find anyone who can tell me if the car takes a 1" or 2" in diameter fuel pump unless I take it out first, which would leave me with no vehicle. Unless I take it out measure it and put it back in to go buy another one and to get to work. Any suggestions? 1992 Legacy L wagon 2.2L.

    I'll price an ignition coil also..can't hurt to replace it. I suppose I will go ahead and do wires and plugs then I know for myself. Thank you for suggestions so far :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Not sure about the fuel filter as I've owned 2.5l Subarus.

    Ignition coil on mine was about $80.
  • molliemmolliem Posts: 4
    Had a fuel pump put in, along with the strainer and relay...still does it. I am so sure it is not getting fuel as sometimes it acts as if to stall, you give it gas and no RPM change, as if I wasn't getting fuel. So, I find it interesting the mechanics I talk to can't come up with anything else.

    I thought to myself "what other elements are part of the fuel delivery system?" I see Throttle position sensor and injectors. The sensor is $329 eeek. There is a place I can take the injectors to to have them cleaned for $15 a piece. I bought wires and plugs so I'll put those in hopefully tomorrow. But I think I am on to something. Anyone else with suggestions?

    I haven't been thinking ignition because it always starts. Even after the stall, it will start for a few seconds then die unless I allow it to rest. Fuel filter is new. :sick:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Try a junk yard. Oops, auto parts recylcer. :surprise:
  • molliemmolliem Posts: 4
    Plugs and wires are in. I can't seem to find the EGR, but am told by people and the book it may not have EGR if it wasn't a California car, which it wasn't.

    Took the vacuum hose off the Fuel Pressure Regulator and plugged it and it runs better. Is that odd? It is to me.
    I haven't really taken it out onto the road until tomorrow morning on my way to work. I gave it throttle plenty of times and it hasn't stalled but as I mentioned it is very unpredictable. Time is drawing near for my road trip and I don't know what to think. :confuse:
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 11,148
    Hey, life is an adventure... take a chance! ;)
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