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Nissan Juke



  • Look at the design and quality of the Juke, - who would buy such a thing ?

    Did someone actually design such an ugly thing? What is it, - ma cross between a jungle vehicle and some mtoy spaceship four 5 year old?

    Upon inspection of the interior of the vehicle, - poor quality was also observed. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • My wife and I just talked things over for weeks before deciding this and after 5 recalls.. a number of repairs and other issues with the Juke.. we elected that we had to get rid of it.. The first dealer made us an offer of $19,500 which sounded to good to be true.. but we wanted to find out more.. and again.. it was to good to be true.. this got us going and very upset. four dealers later.. we found someone willing to help us out of this "lemon" thats right "lemon". It never was the same after all those recalls and repairs.. milage plummeted.. getting only 18.2 city and 23.8 highway.. the Juke just never recovered..

    Sure we both loved that little car, taking it on road trips etc.. handling was great.. but the constant issues and with her missing work having to take the juke to the dealer for repairs.. one has to weigh the pros and cons of this whole experience. As for what we got instead of the Juke?.. I can't say cause I have way to many friends here.. as the post above and below post will indicate. But let's just say.. we are out of those high payments via Capital One (Capone) and that was a main factor in getting rid of the juke in the first place.. at this point.. I'll never buy another foreign car ever again.

    So word to the wise.. if it looks like a lemon.. (shape) then it's a lemon.. :lemon:

    TC Steve

    btw.. while at the dealer trading our juke.. I noticed two more Jukes in the dealers used car lot.. seems we aren't the only ones getting rid of Jukes these days..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Have you replaced it with something?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,098
    I'll never buy another foreign car ever again.

    Well, that certainly gives you plenty of options, such as the Honda Accord, BMW X3, Toyota Highlander, etc. :blush:

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • marylandjukemarylandjuke Posts: 14
    edited May 2012
    Allow me quote:

    "As for what we got instead of the Juke?.. I can't say cause I have way to many friends here.. as the post above and below post will indicate." or i would have come right out and said where we ending up with..

    As for the never buy another type car statement.. sure there are parts made all over the world so one can't be to sure if their car/truck is really American or not.. the point is.. we opted for something we've always needed and this new vehicle will help us when we volunteer on our friends farm. So yes our needs changed and holding onto the Juke wouldn't have fit into our life style..

    Apparently when I posted this comment at the juke forums.. they had to make an effort to post where every car or truck is made etc.. As one can see someone is always read words into my sentences without really reading my sentences.. Or maybe I just haven't made myself clear.. Never the less Im out.. Thanks kyfdx.. its been real.
  • barneymbarneym Posts: 32
    I am pretty obsessive when it comes to buying decisions and I am about a year away from replacing my '03 Honda CR-V. After checking out most of the market I am pretty sure that the Juke is my best option given my criteria. However, I'm curious what else people might think would also fit. My criteria (in rough order of priority) are:

    1. Price $30K roughly ($2K margin) in top-level trim. I would rather get a cheaper car with all the toys than a nicer car stripped.

    2. Automatic Transmission (sadly - my wife needs to drive it too and she will not row her own)

    3. Back seat big enough for kids / small adults. Rarely anyone else back there and our 2nd car is a Sienna.

    4. AWD - life is just too busy to get stuck regardless of weather, plus I get weird food cravings during blizzards. I swap to snow tires Dec - April.

    5. Different - I hate having a me too car and owning a CR-V has grated on me for almost a decade now. Obviously the Juke has this in spades.

    6. Sporty - While in CA for a few months on a job I got a Mazdaspeed3 and fell in love. No way am I driving one of those in NE (and see #2) but I want some of that sense of hurry-up and go. So I'm looking for quick in a straight-line, eager to tackle corners, and the ability to play along with my game of using every clover-leaf off/on ramp as a practice skidpad.

    7. Reliable & Durable - Despite the CR-V's blandness, the sucker has been beaten to hell and back and is still ticking. When it was my wife's car it went to the body shop so often that I'm on a first name basis with most of the staff (don't ask what I pay for insurance). It always starts quick, even when cold. We drive it under the worst possible conditions (Boston traffic during rush hour twice a day and is parked outside). I know Honda is known for this but I just can't stomach another CR-V especially with it's now pathetic performance.

    8. Hatch / SUV - Love the flexibility and style of hatches - but this is not written in stone if it meets enough of my other wants.

    9. Toys & Gadgets - I'm a tech head and so I want Bluetooth, Nav, Sat, Back-up camera's, DVD Players, Subwoofers. As much tech as can be packed in a car and I want it cheap.

    10. Good factory audio - I like it loud and clear. I'm not an audiophile, but I know what does and does not sound good and I despise distortion.

    11. Sunroof / Monroof - Love driving with all the windows and roof open. Who needs a convertible?

    That's it. I've looked into Mazda CX-5, Mini Cooper Countryman All4, RAV4 V6, and countless others but the Juke is the best option so far. My only reservation is the small trunk but otherwise I'm sold. Thanks for reading all of this. Let your suggestions fly.
  • I test drove 20 or so different vehicles.. Juke won out hands down.. Love it!

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited July 2014

    Cool - we've been having fun jawing about the Juke over in Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous.

    Please write up a Consumer Review too.

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