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Chevrolet Malibu Maintenance and Repair



  • sgr5516sgr5516 Posts: 156
    If you can lock/unlock doors with FOB and the lights flash after you hit lock then hit and hold remote start button, then FOB and Receiver are communicating and body control module knows you are requesting a remove start. See message 188 in "Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Electrical/Lighting Problems" for other conditions that disable remote start. I don't know how to create a link to another message.
  • javon7065javon7065 Posts: 9
    Thanks so much for the reply and the reference to the detailed reply. the lights do flash after hitting the remote start button so I will check out the hood wires.
  • I have herd this random lock/unlock is caused by heavy key chain. It seems that heavy key rings applying pressure on the switch may cause it. Lighten up the key chain and see what happens.
  • billymaxxbillymaxx Posts: 12
    My remote start on my 2005 Malibu Maxx went out and the Chevy dealer said it was the hood latch sensor that was the problem. The sensor was malfunctioning and the computer was sensing that the hood was open so the remote start would not work. They wanted $230 to replace the hood latch. Being the cheapskate that I am (and knowing I could replace the hood latch myself) I ordered the part online for $80 and put it in myself. A few bolts and unhooking a wiring harness & hood release cable and the latch was replaced and the problem was fixed. The GM part number for the hood latch assembly is #20763655.
  • tdunlaptdunlap Posts: 1
    Mine (05 Malibu Maxx) is doing weird stuff too.

    1. The locks randomly lock and unlock (either while driving, or after parking and locking the door with the key or the fob).

    2. The inside door lock button on the passenger side uit working altogether, and the driver's side doesn't work reliably.

    3. Remote start doesn't work.

    4. When exiting the vehicle and NOT locking the door (running into the store real quick), the alarm goes off when returning and getting in, unless I "unlock" (even if it's already unlocked) the door.

    I've had the following problems and shutting the car off and back on has cleared it.

    1. The power steering quits once in awhile displaying the warning.

    2. The air conditioning sometimes quits cooling (the light won't stay on).

    3. The seat warmer on the passenger side got stuck "on" once.

    I found a used BCM for $50. Might try it.
  • guswojoguswojo Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Malibu LS. Over time, some bulbs on the dashboard instrument panel need replacing. How do I get at the bulbs to replace them?
  • I have a 2007 Malibu that has the same problem, and it will just keep getting worse, trade the car in!!! Mine currently is in the shop with (54,000)miles, and I have just been told that the motor is bad! A car should definitely last longer than 54,000 miles do some research on these cars and consumer complaints, trade it in for a honda or something in my opinion.
  • Hopefully someone on here will be able to give me some insight as to what is going on with my car. The car runs flawlessly as far as getting me from point A to point B, but does crazy weird things as I am driving. I do not have any remotes for the car, though the car does have a remote start feature. I have two keys for the car, and both of them have plus signs on them, both of them crank the car, and I get the same problems when I use either one of them. Here's what the car is doing..........

    1. First off, the alarm does crazy things. If I close a door and then open it up a few second later without locking it and then unlocking it first, the alarm will go off. I also had the alarm go off the other day while the car was RUNNING. It also went off when I removed the gas cap to pump gas.

    2. As soon as I crank the car, all of the gauges start going up and down like crazy and do not stop the whole time I am driving. The same thing applies to the electronic lights on the car, such as the airbag light, battery light, oil light, seat belt light, and all of the lights on the radio and console flash on and off too. The whole time this is happening, the security emblem light on the dash stays on, except to flash along with the other lights. Also, the radio will just display three long rows of dashes and says "locked."

    Hopefully someone will be able to help me out. If you need anymore information on the situation just let me know. Thanks.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Good Morning:

    QUESTION: Is your alarm an "aftermarket unit installed by the selling dealer," or is it part of the vehicle as it came from the factory? ----- If it is an "after market alarm," disconnect the unit, and see if you still have the symptoms. ----- This vehicle needs to visit the dealer! ------- Best Regards. ------ Dwayne :shades:
  • Hello There,

    Unfortunately, the alarm that is installed in the vehicle is factory installed. I was thinking the very same thing - I very well may be taking the car to the dealer where I bought it either today or tomorrow. I just hope they don't come up with a fix that will cost well into the hundreds of dollars. We all know that dealer service repair people are really good at that type thing. :P
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    I just had a thought, ----- How old is the battery in the vehicle? ------ I have two vehicles, (a 2010 Malibu and a 2007 Camry.) ---- When the Camry was four years old, I notice that my push button electric exterior front door locks were operating in a "lazy manner." ------- I had my battery / starting / charging system checked since I have a Toyota extended warranty. ----- The results of the test was that the battery was on it's way out! ---- The dealer replaced the battery at my coast and the problem went away! ----- You might want to have this test performed on your vehicle.

    Best regards. --------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. You stated you may be taking the vehicle into the dealer where you purchased from to be looked at. Please keep me posted of any information.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Please let me know how things go at the dealer.
    GM Customer Service
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    edited June 2011

    The more I read about your problem, the more I think it is "battery related!" I would check the condition of the battery. I would checked the battery cable connections. ----- (They should be CLEAN and TIGHT!). ----- Have the charging system checked out! (Alternator output!) --- I would also check the electrical connections at the starter. Do you have a lot of extra keys on your key ring with your ignition key? (See if the problem exists with only the ignition key in the ignition switch?) Are your ignition keys the original keys for the vehicle? Consider replacing the ignition switch with new keys!

    Best regards. ---------- Dwayne :shades: ;)

    My E-mail is on my "profile" if you would like to E-mail me directly!
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712

    Have you solved the problem with your vehicle? ---- If you have solved the problem, kindly share the solution!

    Best regards.
    Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • golfdude3golfdude3 Posts: 2
    2.2L, 142K
    I bought this car in late October last year so I could store my new Miata for the winter. The car ran and drove great all winter. As the weather starting getting better this Spring I decided to keep driving it daily to work and save the mileage on the Miata. One morning a few months back when I tried to start the car the engine would crank over but never started. I was in a hurry to get to work, and decided to drive the Miata. Besides, it was a beautiful day and the temperature outside was already above 80 degrees. The next day I jumped into the Classic and it started right up. I was really glad because the weather had turned cold and rainy over the night (the outside temperature was around 53 degrees) and I really didn't want to drive the Miata. A month ago I drove into work early in the morning. When I was leaving at lunch the Classic would not start. The engine would crank over, but it was either missing a spark or fuel. I tried to start the Classic again to go home at the end of the day, but it would still just crank over and not start. The next morning I caught a ride to work and decided to see if the car would start. It fired right up, so I decided since it was running I was going to take it to my mechanic a couple of miles from where I was. I told my mechanic what it was doing, and that it just occured to me that it won't start when it gets hot outside. I told him if the temperature is under 75 degrees outside it will start whether the engine is hot of cold. But when it gets above 80 degrees- it won't start. My mechanic called later in the day and said that he thought he had it fixed. He said that he changed out the Fuel Pump Relay and it fired right up. He put the old relay back in and it would not start. He tried this several times and felt this was the problem. Two days ago I got in the car and it would not start again. It was hot outside, so I thought here we go again. The next morning it was cool outside and it started. Not sure why the weather is playing such a huge part in this. I know I bought the car to drive in the winter, but it would be nice if it did run in the summer.
    I tried to start the car this morning- no go. I pulled the Fuel Pump Relay and put a 12 volt charge over the input prongs and checked for 0 ohms on the switch side of the relay. The switch did not close, so I assume that it wasn't sending current to the fuel pump. I am going to run by the auto store this afternoon and buy another relay to see if this fixes the problem. However, I don't want to buy a dozen of these so I can keep the car running.
    Another thing that is happening- sometimes the cruise control stops working. I got it to work once be tapping the brake hard, but am not sure if this will work all of the time.
    If I turn the ignition to the on position and flip the turn signal either way the flasher control buzzes, but the turn signals don't work.
    Sometimes when I am going down the Interstate and switching lanes the turn signals stop working. Then in a little while they start working again.

    If anyone has some thoughts on this or have had this fixed- please let me know.
  • winzwinz Posts: 9
    I traded my 2007 malibu in for a nissan last sept. before bigger problems developed. This problem cost me thousands of dollars. The treatment I received from GM was belligerent and just rude. Good Luck out there.
  • ekinneyekinney Posts: 1
    My Malibu Classic 2003 has many of these same issues, good to know a Fuel Pump Relay may fix it temporarily, but sounds like not much of a fix. Where do I find the fuel pump relay, is it hard to get to?

    I have had it start when 57 degrees out, am still experimenting with temperature ranges. Once I used "blue ice" frozen Ice packs to rescue my wife when it would not start. I placed the ice packs all around the keyhole area (top of dash, against the indicator panel, resting on the wiper handle, and held one in place below with my knee. In about 10-15 minutes it started. I had jumper cables on it so I could try every so often.

    Another time I tried plastic bags of crushed ice on variuos places under the hood. No luck at all, I waited till 11 pm and drove back to where it was stuck and it started right up. So based on my limited ice attempts I'd say the temperature that is important is interior, not under the hood temperature. I have not experimented with airconditioning, but since it has to be running to turn on air conditioning, I don't see a way for that to help, other than allowing a quick stop.

    I also noticed the symptoms with the turn signals, but mine is not as bad off as yours. If it cannot start the signals just buzz when the ignition is on, but if it can start they work *almost* fine. I say "almost" because the first troubles I had began about a year ago, after using the turn signals the clicking sound they make continued even after I turned off the blinker. It would keep clicking somewhat erratically, then eventually calm down and stop. Then if I used the blinker again it often would start happening again.

    If I can get it to start, then I am fine, it keeps running no problem. I just keep it running when I stop for gas, for example. It has door remote so I can leave it running and locked while making a quick stop at a store, and use the remote thingy to get back in when I am ready to leave.

    Thank you for posting your experiences, eventually we'll get the right part to fix figured out. by turning the key to "on" and listening to see if I hear the fuel pump come on, I can predict if it will start, without having to waste battery turning it over. One time I was turning it on then off, listening for the fuel pump, and one of the electrical ger boxes in the fuse panel under the hood started buzzing, I felt them till I could feel the one that was buzzing, and switched it with another one that was the same. It stopped buzzing, but that did not fix it. I have not yet checked to see what circuit it was on, but maybe I will get a clue that way too.
  • Hey - Did you ever resolve your vibration problem? I ignored long enough and just put up with it until about 8 months ago when my steering was clicking loudly. The car was still under warranty at the time. I took it in the dealer and they remove spline of the steering column and re-lube. Since then the vibration went away.

    I think what it was that the steering column supposedly slides up and down the spline and should damp the vibration input from the wheels, however this spline was sticking and transferring the vib into your steering wheel. What do you think? Would like to hear back if you still have the car?
    Anh Le
  • I have a 2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx LT. It seems when the weather starts to get cold I have a 50/50 Chance that the Rear Door will latch and stay closed. When it decides that it isnt going to latch there is no amount of cussing and slamming the door that will change its mind. I either have to tie it closed using the seat belt or just stay home and try it when it again later when it warms up. Any suggestions?
  • please if anyone has fixed this eratic door locks and alarm problem please help i am having the same problem
  • please help if you solved this problem i am having the exact problem with the locks and alarm
  • I had the same problem. My mechanic found out that the issue is in the hood latch of the car. The latch is faulty, making the car think the doors are being opened illegally, triggering the alarm. The door lock problem is also related to the command module for the locks, I can't remember what it's called. This is the WORST car I've ever owned, I'll never buy another Chevy again.
  • My user manual states the computer will track my usage/environment and the computer will tell me when to change my oil. Yet I have heard that no matter what, I must change the oil at least once a year. I am close to a year and my computer monitor say I have used 11% of my oil usage as opposed to 100% just after an oil change. Do I wait until my computer tells me to change the oil or must I do it in one year no matter what the usage/mileage?

    Thanks a mil, Dewey
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