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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I just got my 3 year old birthday card and it had a different salesman's name on it.

    What are you doing driving at your age. In my state you have to be 16 not 3!
  • i have a friend who ordered a Odyssey thru the local dealer. Is their a website or toll free number to track her order(production date & delivery date)?
  • ody99ody99 Posts: 3
    1999 Oddy EX- Reaching 36K miles. Took in for a Trans service. The service tech. said that Honda recommends that front brake pads should be replaced. How do I know the brake pads are worn or not because I don't know what was the pads original thickness. Do you have any suggestions. Thx
  • kemtidkemtid Posts: 6
    My wife and I are looking into purchasing a 2002 Ody in Granite Green. I was told by one local dealer that the Granite Green color is being discontinued. Is true? Or is that only for 2003 Ody? Any help would be appreciated.

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Crank the steering full left and looking under van from front bumper and you should be able to see them good enough to gauge the thickness for your self. Than repeat with other side.
  • scmelvinscmelvin Posts: 5
    We are considering buying a small 2-horse stock trailer to haul my daughter's approx 500 lb pony to and from shows, etc. I have a 99 EX. Will my van be able to tow this trailer, or do I need to have a towing package installed? What is a towing package? Any ideas? Has anyone used their ODY to haul a small horse trailer? I am trying to avoid having to buy another vehicle just to tow the horse trailer, yet I do not want to do anything to the ODY's transmission. Thanks in advance for the help.

  • jalhjalh Posts: 11
    I've been told by several dealers that Mesa Beige and Granite Green will be replaced in the 2003 Odysseys. The replacement colors will be Sandstone and Sage Brush Pearl. Also for 2003, new colors will be Midnight Blue and Nighthawk Black Pearl. The Night Hawk Black will only be available on the "leather" versions of the EX.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    You may want to browse around the Towing with a minivan discussion and take a look at this NHTSA article entitled Towing A Trailer.

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  • pmsuitepmsuite Posts: 3
    My Ody LX 2000 has 21,000 miles, and the tires are bald. These are the Firestones Affinintiys.

    I went to I think I am going to buy the Regatta IIs from Goodyear. The noise level was rated good by the other buyers. It also was good on snow. The Aquatreads seemed good as well. They seem to a good choice as well.

    It sounds like it is not just the Firestones that go bald rapidly. I have seen people mention Michelins being worn out early.

    My guess is the weight is heavier than other like vehicles. The tire sidewalls are just not stiff enough on the tires to handle the weight.

    Anyone agree or disagree?
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    You know...I never thought of that but this van, especially when loaded, is more like a light truck than a passenger vehicle. I was recently hunting for a second set of performance tires for my 2001 Pathfinder, and I settled on the Pirelli P-Zero Scorpions...they wouldn't fit the Ody but I think the Pirelli Scorpion S/T comes in sizing to fit the Ody (it's a performance oriented all-season light truck tire). My Pathfinder is about the same curb weight as my 2001 Odyssey EX (4300 lbs). Why not pick up a set of SUV or light truck tires for the Ody??
  • jsb16jsb16 Posts: 64
    My 99 EX warranty will expire in september. The dealer never offered me the extended warranty but I knew one existed from this forum. The car has been excellent and the only repairs I haev had to date were the clock light and evaluation of the door sensor. If I wanted the warranty now, can it be obtained. Is it the same price as anyone pays for the warranty or is it more since I didn't get it in year one. I read all the posts three years ago while I was waiting for my vehicle but have not kept up to date with them. Is there a preferred dealer on the internet who can set this up or is there an advantage to going with my local dealer. The car has been much more reliable than my 94 GC ES but the routine service experience doesn't compare to that on my 1990 Lexus. When the Honda goes in for an oil change, the bill is always $150 for all the inspections, etc. The Lexus dealer is happy to charge $30, give me a free loaner, and check out the brakes, etc. for no charge in anticipation of the service business. Also wish I didn't get the dark blue color which shows scratches everywhere.
  • selasela Posts: 5
    I am testing a one-owner '98 odyssey with 45,000 mi. It is priced at $15990, with a fairly decent trade-in on my Windstar. I would appreciate any comments. I do not want to take on this van if it has the potential transmission problems that the newer ody has. I do not think that it does, but please let me know. I have to decide by tomorrow. Thanks to all!!
  • jcrobertsjcroberts Posts: 54
    Here at 36,000 miles, I need new tires. I am looking into Costco's Michelins 215/65 0r 235/60 X Plus. I was told today of what a great tire the Goodyear Eagle is for minivans? Has anyone tired Eagles on their Odyssey? What do you think?
    We just returned from a 600 trip into the mountains of WV. 400 miles was on the interstate. I was pleased to average 24 mpg and how well the Odyssey handled on the hairpin curves. Only one of the three sons got sick in the back, having failed to fill up on Draemine.
    Happy Odysseying!!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with replacement tires. JR
  • mickeywdwmickeywdw Posts: 12
    I am dealing with the same thing right now. I have a 99 ody that goes out of wtty. in July. I am in the middle of ordering the wtty for $705 (including a $60 fee for being 2 yrs old and/or having > 24k miles) for 7/75/0 HondaCare. I am dealing with Dennis at Mendo-Lake Honda in northern CA (800-287-6727). Please tell him Bill from NY sent you.

    Good Luck
  • popperpopper Posts: 41
    Firestones wore out at 50K on our '00 LX. Ordered Toyo 800 Ultra's from (68$)as replacements. Now have 10K on Toyos and couldn't be more pleased. Superior to Firestones in noise, handling, rain, etc. I think you'd be hard pressed finding more tire for the $.
  • moonkatmoonkat Posts: 265
    Tirerack is an excellent source of information at:
    They list user survey ratings along with tire info and excellent prices.

    I replaced the Firestone Affinity's early on for our 99 Ody EX with Michellin MXV4 Pluses (235x60R16) initially quieter and provided much better handling, but at 45k, even with much tread left it's time for a replacement; they are harsh and noisy now. But I won't be spending $500 plus from Price Club for the next set.

    Since the MXV4s, I replaced the tires on our 95 Grand Caravan AWD (Michellin Xones, 215X60R15)with Yokohama Aegis LS4s, and have been sold on Yokohamas, and for half the price of Michellins.

    I'm looking to get Yokohama Avid Tourings for the Ody in 225X60R16, on the rim and out the door for less than $300. Anyone want a spare set of Firestone Affinitys cheap?
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    If cheap is free, I'll take them off your hands.
  • ladypilotladypilot Posts: 20
    Hi, I own a '98 Odyssey with just over 50,000 miles on it, and it has been a wonderful vehicle. We briefly thought of selling it for a new Odyssey, but decided against it. We've had several wheel sensors replaced, but that is the only problem we've had with it in 4 years of ownership. I think it would probably be a safe purchase to make.

    Good luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please, no soliciting - take the tire swaps to email or eBay. Thanks!

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  • bdaddybdaddy Posts: 171
    The 98 Odyssey is much different that the current model since it was built on the Accord platform. 4 cyl vs. 6 cly, smaller, no rear sliding doors, etc. (but you probably know that). I wouldn't let the transmission concerns hold you up on a 99-02 Odyssey - it's a superior vehicle.

    I also think $15,000 is a lot of money for a van in the 98 Odysey class - you're paying more cuz it's a Honda, a lot more. (I'm going to do something I almost never do here...) For that money, you could get yourself a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan. If it were me, I wouldn't do it (the 98 Odyssey), but then, I don't know what your needs are. You may be satisfied with a small, 4 cylinder, 6 passenger van.
  • millsk1millsk1 Posts: 24
    Sela, the 1998 Odyssey had much more power than previously. It is essentially a tall wagon.

    Scmelvin, you should definitely get a AT cooler. You will need at least a Class III hitch.

    As for the warranties, I would be pretty mad if one of my business managers didn't at least offer an extended warranty. That is his job.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Someone was asking about buying an Odyssey in Canada a while back:

    Gray Market Cars

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  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    After reading that article, I think few persons would want to buy a gray market car.

    Looks like your odds of getting taken are just too high for the money you save.

    I suppose it could be done if you could find a reputable dealer and get a good valid warrant. The question is how do you do that? The article does not offer any help with that.

    Maybe someone will come up with a detailed how to manual on how to do it.
  • johnnyrfjohnnyrf Posts: 65
    I have a '99 Odyssey with 42K miles on it and the tranny was slipping in reverse when backing up hills. Remedy was to replace the transmission. Thank God I bought the extended warranty. I recommend to all early Odyssey owners to buy that extended warranty.
    As far as tires go, I put Michelin Radial Pluses from Costco on the van. These tires are the same as X-1's. I am very happy with the performance of these tires.
  • cavluccavluc Posts: 1
    There is a way of doing it while minimizing the risk.

    First, use (which was mentioned in the article is a source used by the investigators) to determine the origin of the car. (Obviously, get the VIN number of the van before you buy).

    Second, purchase a third party extended warranty to cover any problems with the van. I think there is a Edmunds article about evaluating third-party extended warranties. (Obviously, first ask the company if they will cover a Canadian-market van.)

    The only way of being completely sure would be to buy a new vehicle in Canada and then have it converted to meet US specifications. That way, it never enters the Gray Market.
  • ody01ody01 Posts: 100
    Old Odyssey much smaller, less power than 99 Odyssey. Old Odyssey very reliable. Large 99 Odyssey had a few problems but low percentage.
    Could buy new 2002 Caravan, Voyager or Kia Sedona with 100,000 mile warranty for not much more money than 4 year old 98 Odyssey.
  • liebesiliebesi Posts: 33
    What is the recommended breakin for a new ODY. I am picking mine up next weekend and have to drive it home 200 miles on the highway. I have been told not to set the cruise or drive more than a few miles at the same speed? any other comments or input??
  • bibbensbibbens Posts: 6
    You must post 50 times a day on various boards. How would you even know how your vehicle operates?
  • emmaj1emmaj1 Posts: 1
    Could anyone comment on the following concerns:

    1) should we wait for the 2003 Odyssey LX or buy the 2002 Odyssey LX now?

    2) is the DVD option worth the price?

    3) re: #1, what are the changes with the 2003 LX?

    4) is there any hope of getting the dealer to budge on the MFRP? That is, what are the best tactics.

    5) if money were not a concern and you had the choice of the Sienna LE vs Odessey LX...what choice would you make?

    Thanks in advance...a possible future owner of a Ody.
  • djohnson64djohnson64 Posts: 43
    I have the same questions about the 03 model.
    We are less than 2 months away from the typical release date of the 03 models; yet, I've heard very little about the upcoming model. This leads me to suspect that there may be no changes. As far as the price, one rumor that I've heard is a $300 increase.
    The Sienna would be state-of-the-art technology, but I'm always concerned about the first year models.
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