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heat problems

hyenaxhyenax Posts: 2
dodge caravan 1999 98000 miles
I replaced thermostat, heat core checked hoses for leaks and tares, flushed coolant system refilled with new coolant without radiator cap and raving engine coolant shoot out from the opening so should mean that water pump works ...
These are the symptoms:
Car runs only hot air no matter where I set climate control level a/c or not only hot air.
Coolant seams to get really hot that make hoses top and bottom swall like err balloons.
I replaced top bottom and from reservoir to radiator cap little hose, I replaced radiator cap...
I am puzzled not sure what to look for anymore,
could it be radiator??
Why are hoses swallowing like that and eventually pop??
p.s the heat coming from vents it is super hot??
What gives...
TY for any help first time here...


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