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BMW 3-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    I believe my battery is about shot... not surprising considering I've had the car for 7.5 years. This morning when I tried to start the car, it tried turning over slowly then started clicking... pretty standard stuff. However, each time it clicked, the headlights flashed. I've never seen that on any other vehicle I've owned. Does anyone know if that's standard behavior for a BMW? The headlights were off and I don't have DRLs. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,288
    Any thoughts? Thanks!

    Low battery voltage can make a late-model Bimmer do all sorts of screwy things.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • I had the same problem with the driver seat left side leather where the seam completely split. The dealer replaced it with no questions asked. I also had the problem on a 1989 325 convertible.
  • I took my '06 325 I to Autozone after my Service Engine Soon light went on. I was told it was P0456, small emissions leak. The tech couldn't reset the light, it said there was some kind of error with it. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks
  • I want to thank all the folks that has offered advice and opinions whenever I post!!! All of you are awesome!!!

    My E46 sometimes has a slight hesitation on take-off. I've noticed that this happens mostly when I have on the a/c and sometimes without. I've recently discovered that I may have to replace my valve cover gasket due to an oil leak. Are any of these problems related? :sick:

    Thanks in advance for the comments!!!
  • davidd3davidd3 Posts: 582
    Had an engine problem with my 2006 330i sedan. A loud ticking sound. Let to a lifters replacement job.

    Replaced it with a 2008 328i coupe just last month. This morning I heard that familiar sound again. Unbelievable! I would have thought they'd of worked out the kinks in the engines for the "new 3" long before now.
  • Hi all,

    I got a bmw 328i jet black 2008.
    To my terrible disappointment i found that i have scratched my front bumper quite handsomely :(
    it seems like i scratched it against a curb while parking and it around 4 inches of if i wanna paint this do i have to do the whole bumper of jus this part.
    also how much will it cost?
    do i have to bother abt it rt now or I can do it anytime.i have my first service coming up in another 7k miles.can i do it from the bmw dealor then?
    Also I need to travel outside US on official purpose so it seems like I wont be around for abt a month(40 days). Will leaving my dear car unattended cause any issues like battery drain out/any exterior issues cause of winter?
    Please do help me with your answers.
    Thanks a lot...
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,341
    Check locally to see if you have a bumper repair service. They come to your house and color match and paint all or part of your bumper. I've seen work done on late model car bumpers that were not only scraped but dented and the repair was unrecognizable. It usually runs under $200. Good luck.
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    Some may think I'm nuts for having this done at my dealer's body shop, but his hourly rate is $40, plus parts, etc, ETC.

    I was dinged by the highway roads department by a rock flung by a weed-whacker. They accepted complete responsibility, and it was actually a pleasure dealing with them. A half-inch scratch on the RR door of my '07 335xi. Estimate: $922.32 plus 1 week of rental vehicle (a Lexus IS 250 *sigh*). Prior to that, I received a tiny but very noticeable wedge-shaped ding just ahead of the passenger mirror along the beltline crease, apparently someone flinging their door open without any regard.

    I also have a couple of scratches along the left corner of the front bumper from some inconsiderate boob, probably trying to make a 39' turning circle turn in 38' of space. The gouges are fairly deep, right through the plastic coating.

    The work is being done at the body shop owned by the same dealer where I bought my car. They have an excellent reputation, so it seems.

    The work on the front passenger door and the bumper is a tad over $1,200 plus the rear passenger door ding of $922. They are going to R&I (Remove & Install) bumpers, quarter panels, rear bumper, roof trim, and so on to "blend" the paint. Color: Sparkling Graphite Metallic. Does "blend" mean "perfectly match"?

    I can't believe that a $200 in-my-driveway never-see-you-again job would be as professional. Call me a skeptic/cynic.

    I want my car back in showroom condition. I just wish there weren't so many inconsiderate blithering idiots in the Metrowest region of MA (hopefully, present company excepted).

    You may think that ~$1,200 for the wedge ding and the bumper is too much. My feeling is that if it comes back in the condition that it had with 3 miles on the odo when I gleefully drove it off the lot , it's money well spent.

    Now, the $64,000 question: My wife has a brand-spanking new '08 328xi. Today, a bottle of McGuire's spray-mist One-Minute Detail emptied in the trunk. It is fairly soaked into the floor panel. When I opened the trunk tonight, it wasn't bad until the sickly sweet aroma rose to inundate my nostrils. Any suggestions as to how to rid the car of the moisture and smell (other than sawing the car off at the rear window)? My wife is heart-broken. The bottle was intact when I put it in there. It had been in my car for a year with no issue. Please help! I'm going to have the car detailed soon, but I'm searching for a "permanent" solution.

    Other than this stuff, everything is cool. I know this isn't the right forum, but did anyone go to Watkins Glen?


    P.S. Roadburner, for my wife's 318ti, your wife would have made an exception!
  • andynn002

    Go to your dealer and purchase a BMW battery tender. You can go for your forty days and come back with a battery on full charge. If you leave the car without a tender for this long, your battery will be dead! Ask your parts person for hook up directions as some plug in your lighter and some under the hood. I have used a tender for much longer than a forty day period and it works perfectly.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks Bris..I will look into this...
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,288
    Other than this stuff, everything is cool. I know this isn't the right forum, but did anyone go to Watkins Glen?

    I was supposed to instruct for 2-3 days, but I wound up not being able to go. GRRR...
    At the very least I'll make either the St. Louis or Buckeye fall schools. :)

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,612
    Clean it thoroughly with soapy water, mix in a little baking soda and then rinse repeatedly with hot water water and towel dry. Then, spray it down with Febreze. Also, keep the trunk open for a while while it drys and airs. Be careful that the light does not stay on. If so, hope you can pop down the rear seats and then just leave the windows open for a couple of days.

    The Febreze should help counteract the odor.

  • anyone else have this problem? had to get it brought in after a complete shutdown on the highway. They said it was a high pressure fuel pump problem and its getting replaced. this sucks.. 8800 miles and we have a problem already! wtf!

  • Search the internet. Major malfunction as well as recall.
  • docgarydocgary Posts: 17
    I'm buying a 2006 325i, 28k? miles - CPO from new jersey BMW dealer.
    Car drove quite well - tight, firm suspension, good pick up decent acceleration.

    I've had 2 BMWs - 1994 325i and 1997 540i.
    Both were my first BMWs and first new sports cars - and I fell in love!
    Over the last 14 years I've had the pleasure to garage a number of fine cars -
    1998 Porsche Carerra, MB SL 500, CLK 320,Jag VDP, Inf M35x -
    The point of listing these is to point out the fact that I'm going back to my roots -
    There's something unique about BMWs - and no other car comes close to that
    combined marraige of suspension, acceleration and steering.

    Having stated this, is there anything inherent in this particular year (2006) and model(325i) to be aware of?
    From my recent demos, I hadnt really found a MAJOR increase in performance between the 330i and this projection on my part ( Im looking to save every dollar i can) or is the 325i a decent ride?
    This 57 year old body doesnt need the off the line mach speed but I dont want to be bored either! (I've got my motorcycle for the speed and a lexus for the comfort)
    I need a nice everyday transport with a bit of fun ...

    Will the 325i meet my rather conservative needs?

    2006 325i, cold weather and premium package
    Silver and black interior (big plus!)
    under 30 k miles,
    body and interior -excellent cond -garaged and well maintained
    ride very good -tight, no overdamping, good steering response

    OTD $25,000 ( inc tax)
    3.9% x 60 m, CPO with maintainance package (2012 and 70k more milage

    All feedback appreciated.

  • I was so happy they fixed the problem in 24 hrs(replaced fuel pump and so other stuff associated)... went in to pickup my car and headed home, on the entry of the highway... when the car went above 50-55 the engine malfunction light went back on and car started to lose power. this is total [non-permissible content removed]!! Did they
    a)misdiagnose the problem..
    b) not fix it and said they did or
    c)is the car a lemon??

    I got a bmw so I didn't have to go in and out of the shop... this sucks!
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    "I got a bmw so I didn't have to go in and out of the shop. . ."

    Well, that's certainly a contrarian point of view. Most people appear to acquire (the majority lease) a BMW for the driving experience, not for the reliability. If you thought that by spending this much money, you were going to get a stone-reliable piece of equipment, I'd suggest doing more research on the 'net next time, prior to the acquisition. Happiness = reality - expectations. Your expectations were clearly too high.

    Good luck. Hope you (eventually) get it fixed. When they're running, they're great.
  • davidd3davidd3 Posts: 582
    I got a bmw so I didn't have to go in and out of the shop... this sucks!

    It does suck, but you'd better get used to it. The only thing that kept me under the allowed mileage on the lease was all the days my 2006 330i sedan was off the road due to spending time in the shop.

    BMWs are not Hondas when it comes to reliability. In addition to a BMW, I currently have two Hondas in my family. Our 2+ year old Accord has never needed a repair. Our 2 year old Pilot once had a problem with the keyless remote device, but that's been it.

    I've owned a bunch of Japanese cars - Honda, Acura, Infiniti. My 330i needed more repairs than all the Japanese cars I have had combined.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,612
    My '06 330xi had one problem with a sensor at 5K miles and since then perfect at 42K. One flat that cost me $250 because of the RFT but the car drove for 100 miles on zero pressure so I never got stuck with this car.

    Not to bad.

  • davidd3davidd3 Posts: 582
    My '06 330xi had one problem with a sensor at 5K miles and since then perfect at 42K.

    Not bad at all, I'd say. Question is whether I was unlucky or you are lucky. Hard to say what's the norm.

    I'm nevertheless on my second BMW now, a 2008 328i coupe. Only 2,000 miles and I think the engine has the same lifters problem I experienced with my 330i. Only heard that sickening ticking noise once so far, hoping against hope not to never hear it again. Other than that, I've noticed some empty deliveries of seatbelts. Here we go again . . .
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,288
    I'm the original owner of a 1995 3er with over 113K on the clock. It also serves as one of my track rats and the only non-scheduled maintenance it has needed has been a couple of recalls/TSBs under warranty, a thermostat, a couple of drive belt idler pullies, one set of pads/rotors, and a timing chain tensioner(which I replaced in @20 minutes only as a precaution).
    My wife's 2004 X3 has 70K on it and the only non-scheduled repairs have been a passenger seat SRS sensor under warranty and a set of pads and rotors at @60K.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    I have a 2007 335xi with a little over 13,000 miles. I had one of the front wheel bearings replaced about half the mileage ago. It was such a non-trivial event that I don't even remember which wheel. Granted, I was out of town for the week and it was ready when I returned.

    I also had an oil cooler installed ($1,800 job) for free as the dealer (and BMW techs) couldn't explain why my car didn't come with the cooler just because it didn't have 18" wheels.

    I love driving my car. Loving the actual car is weird.

    I had some minor, but expensive, body work recently done at the dealer's body shop in Ashland, MA. Since it was partly an insurance repair from a flying rock ding, I was given a Lexus IS 250 AWD. While not bad, it is clearly no comparison to the 335xi. Or probably any BMW, for that matter. The shop did a fantastic job. I was really pleasantly surprised.

    By the way, the Lexus rental from Enterprise came with the 6-speed slushbox and paddle shifters. For anyone considering this combo in a Bimmer, GO FOR THE MANUAL TRANNY. While fun for the first 2 minutes, it gets old quickly. And the paddles turn with the wheel, so when you start off and need to shift to 2nd, your reaction will be "where the &%^$^ are the paddles?"

    The only thing I'd want more in my Bimmer is to have 300 ft-lbs of torque from 1 RPM on the tachometer, not 1500. I want to leave the line like I was hooked to a giant slingshot. Since that's not likely to happen, and more than a bit wacky, I'll remain very happy with my '07 335xi, especially since the weather is already turning chilly, and the Almanac is predicting a nasty cold snowy winter.

    I can't wait for the first time I fire up the rump-roasters!

  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    also had an oil cooler installed ($1,800 job) for free as the dealer (and BMW techs) couldn't explain why my car didn't come with the cooler just because it didn't have 18" wheels.

    Curious, what was the reason for the oil cooler install which you got for NC - did you order it on the car and it wasn't installed? What do 18" wheels have to do with it?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    Sports package came with 18" wheels and an oil cooler, among many other things. No sports package, no oil cooler & many questions regarding oil temp & engine longevity.

    No dipstick, either, but at least the oil level sensors didn't work (at first -- haven't heard of "issues" lately).

    Oh, and then there are those wonderful run-flats.
  • Hi,
    I have a 2003 330XI and am planning an oil change.
    Please let me know the following:
    1. Is Mobil 1 0W-40 is a good oil for me?
    2. How much of oil do I need to purchase for 1 oil change
    3. I bought the MANN oil filter from is that ok to use?
    Thank you in advance
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    1) Mobil 1 0W-40 and Castrol Syntec 0W-30 are both certified for use in your car; use either with confidence.
    2) You'll need seven quarts for the oil change and it's usually a good idea to purchase an extra quart for make-up oil.
    3) Yes the Mann filter is just fine.

    Best regards,
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Interesting, wonder where those specs are laid out on the BMW website? I have the sports package but 17" wheels (the 18" on the SP are only if you've ordered them which is an add'l charge) I suppose I don't have no oil cooler?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I don't believe that any "xi" models get the oil cooler as they don't get the true Sport Package. Said another way, the only way to order the real Sport Package on this car is to order a RWD 335i SP, and with the exception of the early 335i SP models, all of these come with an oil cooler.

    Best regards,
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    I don't think it's like that anymore (oil coolers only on SP), and in any event BMW isn't going to publicize much of anything to do with the presence or absence of an oil cooler on the website. It's been yet another PR disaster (well, only to those who care/know, who are definitely in the minority of BMW drivers), much like the other 3 items I mentioned in my previous post.

    There are those who post here who can tell you where to look for the oil cooler. I'm not among them, and wouldn't have been in any event (even if I could have looked past the RFTs, dipstick/oil sensor malfunction, and much higher lease rates), since I was interested only in the naturally-aspirated engine.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your car, but take really good care of the oil -- most who care change at 7.5K intervals and otherwise follow the pre-"free" maintenance schedule.
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