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BMW 3-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • drive 80 miles a day, 80% highway, I don't redline the car, don't use sportshift. I will be the test subject on how long transmission would last with BMW's recommendation.
    Replaced spark plugs and coils at 100k.
  • rhmassrhmass Posts: 263
    BMW does recommend replacement ATF and filter replacement at 100,000 miles, so you have already exceeded the factory recommendation.
  • Hello all:

    I have some kind of issue with the TPMS in my 2003 330XI where I can not successfully reset the yellow light. When re setting, normally, the light should turn red and then disappear. In my case, it stays yellow and then disappears for maybe 5-10 minutes and then comes back again and stays on. I went to independent BMW specialist who replaced the main unit and then checked everything else and could not find the problem why it would not reset. he says every component works correctly but the light is still on.
    It is very annoying to have it on all the time and I would love to fix it.

    Anyone who has experienced it or knows something about it - please HELP!!!! I really appreciate your attention.
    BTW... I am in North NJ and if you know of a shop that can help - please let me know.
    Thank you in advance!
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,194
    First off, if you love BMW automobiles, then you love Bimmers.
    Beemers are BMW motorcycles.
    As for your tire pressure issue, your car detects a tire with low air pressure by monitoring the ABS sensors; if one tire begins to turn at a much slower rate the system activates the low tire pressure light. It sounds like your BMW "expert" simply threw parts at the problem. Do you have one tire with considerably more -or less- miles on it than the other tires? That could very well be the cause of the problem.

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  • Can you kindly reference this information from BMW for 2006 so I can show it to my mechanic...
  • Thanks for the note. No, my tires are all the same and the issue is actually is with resetting itself. So, it comes back up even when I do nt drive... Just let it sit for a little while when engine is on.

    I kind of know that he threw the parts at it and my problem is still not fixed.
  • I have a 1987 BMW 325I convertible and the plastic window of the convertible broke out. I was just wondering how to replace it and where to buy the replacement window?

    -Thanks Peter
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,360

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  • bmwdriver7bmwdriver7 Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    I have a 1987 BMW 325I convertible and the plastic window of the convertible broke out. I was just wondering how to replace it and where to buy the replacement window? The only problem is, it doesn't have the zipper window. Help would be appreciated!

    -Thanks Peter
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,360
    Give Pelican a call (see above posts)

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  • Hi there everyone,
    we have a 2006 325i 4 dr,sedan. we bought it used. we rarely open/close the rear passenger window. Suddenly 2 weeks ago, we opened it and when we tried (elect.) closed it, the window would not rise/close. We took it to be repaired and was told it is a "pulley problem". after shelling out almost $300.00 ( parts & labor). It goes up,but it does not completely flush/seal. Is this a sign of electrical problems in the future?

    I also want to know about my automatic car opener, it unlocks the doors, but when I click to lock the car, it does not. I have to pull out the key to do it manually. Does this indicate I need a battery for my automatic car keys?
    Thank you for any advice you can give us. This is our first BMW and with all the cost and maintance, it may be our last, UGH!

    Thank you in advnce for any help.

  • For the door issue you can try to replace the 15amp fuse with 20amp.

    Or you might need a new door actuator.
  • mylesrmylesr Posts: 9
    Most of the 80K miles on my 2004 325i have been at low speeds. I want to use an injector cleaner and replace my fuel filter (never replaced this previously). Any cleaner injectors better than another?
  • The shop that repaired the rear window should have "initialized" the window when they were done. Unless they specialize in bummers, they probably don't have the expensive scan tool and software required.
    I've got a 2006 325i and have found that bummer dealerships don't pay their technicians enough to attract good ones. If you live near Roseville, CA, stay far away from Roseville BMW. They break more than they fix. Good luck, hope you have better luck with yours, than I've had with mine. Doubt the lock problem is a low battery issue, if it were you should have other problems with the key. Abummer dealership oughta be able to tell you what the problem is, but I would look for an independent shop that specializes in bmw, mercedes, audi....
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    In this day and age they're all pretty much snake-oil; current fuel standards require more than enough detergents in pump-fuel to keep your fuel-injectors clean.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,360
    edited October 2011
    BGK-44 is a very good injector cleaner but you may have a hard time finding it. Most of the cheap stuff in chain stores is worthless, but BGK actually does work. My friend runs a very high end Porsche/Audi shop and he uses it, so he should know.

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  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,984
    i have found it on amazon in the past.

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  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,194
    edited October 2011
    BMW recommends Techron. I'd use it or BG 44K every 3000-4000 miles if you don't use a Top Tier gasoline.

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • BMW sells chevron techron under their own label as the recommended addative.
    Get it from your dealer or from an autoparts store. It's about $15 @ BMW.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Unless I'm missing something, BMW actually recommends AGAINST any fuel system additives (Techron or otherwise) for pretty much every car sold in the U.S. and Canada since about 1999 or 2000.
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 10,194
    edited October 2011
    Shipo, I thought so too until I came across this BMW SI Bulletin. Note that it references the use of "BMW Fuel System Cleaner Plus"- AKA Techron:

    Advise the customer that it is necessary to add one bottle of BMW Group Fuel System Cleaner Plus PN
    82 14 0 413 341 with either TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline or Premium Fuel, with a minimum octane
    rating of AKI 91, the next time that the vehicle is refueled.
    For optimum cleaning, advise the customer to add one bottle every 3,000 miles when refueling. Refer to SI B13 05 06 BMW Fuel System Cleaner Plus

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport / 2014 M235i / 1999 Wrangler / 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2016 i3 REX/2009 Cooper Clubman Son's: 2009 328i

  • Yes, I too read this bulletin. It appears that BMW is suggesting same. As I said, BMW is selling this as noted above, although one can buy an identical product at most auto parts stores under the Chevron logo...
  • jajjaj Posts: 55
    edited November 2011
    My iPod connection appears to be without power and I'm wondering if it may be due to a blown fuse. Does anyone know which fuse that would be? - I can't decipher the fusebox map to determine that. The vehicle is a 2009 328 xDrive. Thanks for any suggestions.
  • Permanent solution - after numerous attempts over 50K miles and 4 years to remove/reset the TPMS fault light in my 2003 330XI - was from an independent mechanic who has worked only on BMWs for over 30 years. Remove the dash panel, place a piece of thin black silicone rubber over the area of the fault light, and replace the dash. Ahhhhh! That light might be illuminated back there, but I can't see it. It's been back there for 3 years and 24 thousand miles... no problems. Checking your tire pressure by sight and gauge on a regular basis is easy. IMO, a very useless feature coupled to the ABS. I asked him first if he could remove the bulb or circuit, but a lot of the fault lights/circuits are all connected like old Christmas tree lights.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,360
    If it were my car and I were guessing (I have a BMW made MINI) I'd try the fuse for the Aux. Power, if you have such a fuse on your list.

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  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    Any one on here doing it?
    TY Puffin
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    Made in England though.I mean you havs a six speed getrag, not a cvt.Why won't a BMW dealer work on a Mini es pecially if there isn't a dealer in your state?Would you drive the Mini in the snow with front studded tires?
    TY Puffin
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,360
    edited December 2011
    BMW dealers often work on MINIs here in the States, as long as they have factory authority and the proper tools and training.

    Sure, I'd drive a MINI in the snow with snow tires---the problem would be more about ground clearance, but I'd expect it would be pretty good in the snow. Driving in snow is 50% driver ability anyway.

    For a BMW I'd recommend snow tires on all four wheels, and dedicated snows at that.

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