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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    this issue is common for 2000-2002 Maximas and is accomponied by error code P1320. Nissan Service Bulletin suggests to replace all 6 coils when you get this code unless you also get a misfire code for a specific cylinder as well. If you don't get a specific cylinder misfire code then no, there is no good way to determine which coil is bad, I tried and they all had same resistance. One way is to take out one spark plug at a time, connect it to its coil and crank the engine and observe the spark. I didn't want to do that though. I found these coils at $45 each on eBay, bought them and replaced myself.
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    do you know what exactly was done, how was the flush performed? The filter on my Max is not a replaceable item, do they clean it?
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    02's have no issues with coils. 02's and 03's are the same car (ie 255 hp, xenon head lights, etc). The coil problems are pre 2002.
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    yes, 2000 and 2001 only
  • Thanks for the answer, but it doesn't address the original question which was: when the coils break down, what fails? Is it an insulation failure or an electrical failure - and can it possibly be repaired?

    Since I have a 95 SE, it would seem that I don't face much risk of it. Is that right?

  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    you definitely don't have the known issue we discussed here but a I held a coil in my hand and I don't think that you can repair a bad one in home or auto shop setting, if it's bad then it needs to be replaced. The only thing you should try to do is determine which one is bad. As I mentioned, I wasn't able to do it on my 2K Max because the detonation was intermittent. If you get constant misfires and you determine that it's one of the coils then you can try replacing them one at a time and see which one eliminates misfires.
  • tomaslttomaslt Posts: 2
    I have a 95 Nissan Maxima with 190K miles on it. I replaced all fuel injectors, spark plugs, battery, fuel filter X2, fuel pump, fuel regulator, alternator, starter X2, knock sensor, coolant sensor and will be replacing the oxygen sensor. I'm hoping to fix the cold starting problem. Once it starts the car runs beautifully. It started with running problems then after the new fuel injectors it ran fine. Then it wouldn't start at all and after replacing the battery and starter it started ok. Then it would not start right away which is where I'm now. I had my mechanic replace the fuel pump, fuel regulator, knock sensor, fuel regulator and fuel filter and yet it doesn't start on the first turn. Hopefully the air sensor might fix this for good. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.
  • t2029t2029 Posts: 8
    I have a 2001 Maxima GXE, 72K miles, O2 sensor changed, new battery last year. It died on me while I was driving this morning, with only AC on. Then it occurs to me that about 3 weeks ago, both brake and battery lights came on and off one day. And it was ok since then until today. I went to AutoZone to test the battery and alternator. They said both are ok. Although the alternator is marginal, as it was putting out 12.65V, where the threshold is 12.4V. It sounds like about $400 if replacing the alternator. Any suggestion? Thanks.

  • hello i`m new here. i just brought a 93 nissan maxima . i have several problems. the latest and the most important one : doesnt start. i dont now why. yesterday he work fine.. i parked the car after 1 min i try to start and failed, after 15 minutes i tried again and.. it works. now this morning.. again doesent start and i try several times.i dont think is the batery.also in my first day ( i have the car from 6 days)when i try to start the car the alarm went on ( i just have one key).i pull of a red 10A thing and now is quiet. if i put back the 10A thing alarm is starting..

    pls help
    p.s sorry for my english
  • 95max295max2 Posts: 9
    I have a 95 with somewhat the same problem and the dealer said it can be my computer that is bad if it continue after I change my relay. Let your mechanic change your relay that should do it, if not then it is your computer, mines solve the problem.
  • tomaslttomaslt Posts: 2
    Are you talking about a inhibitor relay? Here is a link to the part can you tell me if that is the right one. Thanks r=1995&product=P2020-131380&application=000639967&part=Relay&dp=false
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    this isn't easy to diagnose on the forum, you need to see a good mechanic. But I can comment on the $400 alternator price. Find a shop, which rebuilds alternators and starters and have them change the alternator for you. Should run you $150 or $200 max.

    12.65V is a bit low, you want your alternator to be at around 14V.
  • 95max295max2 Posts: 9
    The link did not work, the relay that I am talking about I think it is in the trunk.
  • hey, i just got a 91 max to take up to school but the current alram is Ancient and the remote wont work ( its a prestige alarm with a single button remote) and my master key wont open the doors for some reason... i dont want to spend the money and get a brand new alarm system, but as of now i cant even lock the car... my question is, is there any chance i can get just a Keyless entry system with remotes and take out the current alarm? i dont really dont want the alarm to conk out and not be able to start the car.
  • I have a 97 Maxima GLE. I have had it for about 4 years and it has 132k miles on it. Never had any major problems except the cam sensor died on me twice.

    Well, recently the car began to struggle starting. Sounded very sluggish, and it turned over slower, and slower, then wouldn't start. I figure either the battery or starter died. I took it in to a mechanic and as it turns out, the starter needed to be replaced, battery was still good.

    I start the car up, it runs fine. The next few times I start it up, its turning over, but is struggling to start. I can feintly smell gasoline, and the car eventually starts. Once it starts going, it runs fine. Sometimes, it won't start, I need to give it a rest, and then try again after a few minutes.

    I took it back the mechanic, he replaced the spark plugs and occassionally, the car would start just fine but still struggling other times. He thought there was an electrical problem, specifically with the fuel injectors, but couldn't pinpoint it. Diagnostic came back that everything was okay. I noticed the check engine light doesn't come on anymore when I turn the car on prior to starting it.

    Thanks for reading. Any suggestions?
  • I've gon through 2 batteries..and 1 alternator..starting to wonder if its the starter..

    Im not totally sure, when I attempt to start the car, I get nothing at noise or anything..the car seems like it has NO power

    it seems like something is draining the battery, I got a new one yesterday, and the car started up fine, after I turn the car off, the radiator fans keep going, and thats the same thing that has happened everytime, so I always end up knowing it wont start after those fans stop.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Get a cylinder leakdown test performed ASAP and have the car put on a lift to inspect for leaks.

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  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    with these older alrams, there is usually a button below the steering wheel and when you turn the key to ON and push that button then it disables the alarm.
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    what kind of noise upon startup? Does it go away in a few seconds?
  • actionjactionj Posts: 1
    I have a 97 maxima and i drove home from work and it was fine but when i went to start it up again it would not start. So i got out my ohm reader to check the battery and my battery is full of life. it seems like something draining the battery because all of my lights are dim. whats going on with this thing?
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    try cleaning the battery terminals, they oxidize. Take the wires off, clean everything and screw wires back on.
  • I have a '98 Maxima with 196000 kms. all of the lights surge wether it is under load or not. i have cleaned the battery terminals and coated them in dielectric grease. my fear is that it is a bad ground. is this a common problem for this car? PLEASE HELP
  • majikmajik Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 1990 Nissan Maxima SE for $500 and after putting a healthy $1000 into it, it is running...roughly but actually not that bad. However, when the guy sold it to me, he explained that he had an issue with a fuse blowing and the car not starting. Last night was the first night driving the car, and it died on me and wouldn't start. Luckly my friends helped me get the car to his garage, and we discussed it and he checked the fuse this morning and it was blown again...Anyone with any ideas what could be causing this 10 amp fuse to blow while driving? Do I need a new fuel pump relay? New Engine Computer? Stack of 10 amp fuses? Overall the car is in nice shape for a $500 car, and I would like to figure out this problem and drive it for a few years. Any assistance is appreciated.
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    My driver side window sqeeks when it's dry. It's fine when it's raining. I am thinking that the rubber edge needs to be lubricated. Any suggestions what to use as lubricant?
  • hi dale-
    i am having the same problem with my 2000 maxima. Did you ever get it resoved???

  • My son may have pulled up too hard on the emergency brake handle of our Nissan Maxima. Now we cannot get the emergency brake handle to go down. The release button on top just won't press in to release it. Any suggestions?
  • reply disappeared, so here I go again. Pull up while releasing the brake. It should (easily) release. Good luck.
  • hi -
    my maxima 2000 se standard stalls when i pull it out of gear and into nuetral - but not all the time!

    it never does it if i have the Air Conditioning on.

    It happens mostly in the morning or when the car has just warmed up.

    It seems like the idle is a little low.

    It seems that the whatever controls the idle isnt catching it after i pull it out of gear, the rpm drops very low and recovers or just stalls out.

    also, i need to find a honest mechanic in the orlando area!

    thanks for your help!
  • Mine does the same. Get some dry lubricate.
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