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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • how do I fix windows that wont go down on a 95' Nissan Maxima....Its just the psnger side and 2back windows that are not working ......driver side works just fine.... what could be the problem?
  • how do i disconnect an after market alarm off of a 95' Maxima do i completely take it out!!! :confuse: :mad:
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    Hi, I know that 2000 Maxima doesn't have a replaceable transmission filter and it's supposedly a metal screen. The trans fluid can be drained just like oil through a single plug on the buttom of the pan. I saw that part stores carry a transmission filter kit for this car. Anyone knows if the transmission filter can/should be replaced or may be it could be cleaned if I remove the transmission pan?
  • I have 2005 Maxima. I bought it brand new and after some time it stared to get a vibration while driving over 65 mph. Nobody from service dept. knows what is causing this vibration. They have checked everything, wheels, steering, the whole suspension. I even had rims replaced lately hoping this would solve the problem. Had anyone have the same problem and knows what might cause the vibration? I am desperate since I have been trying to have this problem fixed for over 4 months already...
  • do you have steering wheel locks? take it off and you have no problem. i had the same problem for 2 years and nobody knew what was the problem.
  • You can only mess up the starter by doing that but it has to be over time. If you keep doing it. Once or twice is not a problem. Just try not to do it again or else the starter may go bad.
  • I've got an 04 SL and just in the last month, a vibration started. I had to drive to North Jersey for work. In the am, no problems. In the pm driving home at about 80 on the NJ turnpike, I started hearing/feeling a vibration sound. For about 30 minutes I had no idea where it was coming from. Finally, I noticed that my hood was the thing that was vibrating. I pulled over at the next rest stop and found that the hood was secure but on the driver's side of the grill, the hood had a larger gap than on the passenger side. I guess at higher speeds air is getting up under the hood causing it to vibrate. Since this happened, any time I get over 65 I have the same vibration. Unfortunately, the warranty period just ended. Any thoughts on how to fix?
  • niurouniurou Posts: 1
    I just got a 1995 nissan Maxima, the check light is on, so I asked a guy who works at Acura to check it with computer.
    There were three problem code, 1. P0115 Collant Temp Sensor Prob 2. P0325 Knock sensor Problem 3. TCM-ECM coummunication Line Prob. That guy told me the first and second prob was not a big issue, but the third prob he was not very sure. So does anyone here has that problem? How do you deal with it? Thanks a lot
  • dahuberdahuber Posts: 53
    You are right about the metal screen. When I changed the oil and filter on our 2001 Maxima, the metal screen looked really clean. I changed it anyway since I had the pan down, but you could just flush it under the sink and reinstall.

    I'll probably change the screen with every other trans fluid change in the future and save the $25 for something else.
  • mikel9mikel9 Posts: 5
    the same thing happened to me yesterday. i changed the battery and the lights were still on and then went out and came back on. i noticed on one of the terminals that there was a lot of corrosion could that be the problem? :confuse:
  • Wow...I can't believe I found this message. When I picked up my Maxima...the steering wheel was in the shop for 4 hours on the day of delivery...they said it was out of round tires....then I took it back with same problem at 285 miles....rotors? wouldn't tell me....just took it BACK in at 2,750, the steering wheel is vibrating between 55 and 60 mph.....they said it was's better but I still feel it...Just sent a scathing survey into Nissan. Now I feel like I have something else concrete to suggest to the new service department. Thanks for posting..
  • I have about had it. I have a 93 Maxima. At first the car had a real bad idle problem. We replaced the ECM. Then the dealership told us to replace the Engine coolant temp sensor and the O2 sensor. We were told that would fix the idle and the cold start problem. Apparently Nissan doesn't know what the problem is. Has anyone fixed the cold start problem yet? Please help :confuse:
  • I have a Maxima 2000 GLE. I had a SES light on and took it to the mechanic. They fixed the emission problem but when I started the car, it would not shift out of P. I never had the problem before. The mechanic used the Shift Release to take it out of P. He let the car run for some time till it was warm enough and then the shift was smooth. I tried to take back the car after 2 hours but again the same problem. The car is still with the mechanic and I am driving a rental. He says that it might be because of some dirt caught in there or something about some bush casing. I do not know what might be the problem. Has anyone experienced anything like this or does anyone have any answer to this problem? :confuse:

    Thanks in advance for any help..
  • I have a 95 Maxima SE. I had the starter replaced today and now the check engine light is on. It never came on before this. I filled my tank the same night my starter went, had to have it towed. Any relationship there between the gas tank being filled, the starter being replaced and the check engine light coming on?
  • army5army5 Posts: 3
    Re- starting problems 99 Nissan Maxima;
    Have been driving this car with no problems for quite awhile. Left it parked for 2 hours while having lunch. Came out and wouldn't start. Starter would keep turning over and over, but no start. Left the car overnight and came back the next day. Tried to start but wouldn't. Same thing, turning over but wouldn't start. Towed it to shoppe and check everthing that we knew. Couldn't find anything unusual except that there was no spark.
    Changed both crank sensors, still no spark.
    Took it to dealer. They advised to change ECM, Crank Harness, and Crank Sensors.
    They named some other sensors that possibly needed changing, estimating cost to be in the $7000 range. They did re-key the car in order to get it running, charging me $380.
    Drove the car several days, stopped for gas, went to start, same thing [no start].
    Whatever you can make of this, any help appreciated. Baffeled!!
  • jbitrijbitri Posts: 1
    I have 02 maxima and the factory alarm is driving me crazy. After I lock it it will go off spontaneously (night time and day time). One of my Xenon bulbs is about to die and it turned pink because of that. Is there any way I can adjust the alarm my self or do I have to take it at the dealer. Please send me a solution people. Thank you.
  • 93max193max1 Posts: 1
    I just got the oil and transmission flushed an fuel injection add to gas tank.... know it rattles when im on the brake. I took it on the beltway to burnout an as the automatic gear shift the car rattles an I smell burning... well I be geezzup!!! can u help me?
  • dahuberdahuber Posts: 53
    Check all of the brake lights and bulbs. Awhile back, I read that if there is a brake malfunction, it will lock the trans in Park.

    When my wife's 2001 Maxima was read-ended two years ago, the back was demolished, but movable. I had to use the shift release to put it out of Park until it was fixed. The body shop hadn't heard of this either.
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    of course that's the problem, just clean the terminal real good and then apply terminal greaze, which you can get in any auto store and retighten the terminal
  • Replacing the starter requires disconnecting of a MAF sensor and, possibly, another (intake air temp???) sensor. If they were not plugged back in, you would get the light.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    have they over-filled your engine with oil?

    have they under-filled your transmission?

    take it back.
  • mikel9mikel9 Posts: 5
    Thanks i will give it a try.
  • mikel9mikel9 Posts: 5
    Have your ignition coils check, because i was having the same problem and if one is bad change all of them .
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    coils may be it but you need to check your computer for error codes. Bad coils will usually produce P1320 error code. You can get codes out even if engine doesn't start. I would start with that and then post any error codes or pending error codes.
  • :confuse: My 2007 bluetooth set up is craping out on me. I have had two treo devices and the both started working fine then all of a sudden they stopped. The phone shows the bluetooth signal going in a out for 2 sec intervals. This is crazy I looked around and hear that others are having issues with the bluetooth but none like mine. Pls help. I'm going to get a big ticket here in NYC if I get caught. I'm gonna make an appt with the dealership, so I'll let you's know.
  • Hi,

    At around 75k, the dealer indicated that my maxima needs new belts(serpentine and fan). A local mechanic(AAA certified) agreed to replace the belts at a much cheaper price than the dealer. Unfortunately now th replacement belts always make a noise when I start the car in the morning or when I start it back in the evening after work. Its a screeching noise that happens for about 5-6 seconds only at starting time(after the car has been parked for several hours) There is no other problem otherwise

    I have taken the car to the local mechanic twice now...the first time he lubricated the belts, the second time, he removed them and adjusted their tension all over again....but it hasnt helped.

    Any suggestions on what could be causing this ? In hindsight, I repent not getting this done by the dealer :(
  • dahuberdahuber Posts: 53
    Some foreign object (besides the lube your mechanic used) on the pulleys? Maybe a cheap brand of belt? Things to check. :confuse:
  • army5army5 Posts: 3
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    I recently had a 30K maintenance done on my car. As a part of maintenance , I had replaced transmission oil ( though it was fine , but why not). Now my question- Dealer told me I need 5 qt, manual says nothing for auto transmission. I had 3.5 qt put in and after 2 miles its @ low. How much oil this transmission needs?
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