After market exhaust and having an O2 sensor issue

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I put an OBX Exhaust Manifold Headers 02-06 Toyota Camry 2.4L I4 and an ram air system from K&N.
I no longer have a cat converter, however still have both sensors hooked up. I am geting and error that there is something wrong with the cat converter. Short of replacing everything is there anything do?
I have an 2002 camry le 2.4 with auto trans


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    Would you, did you, bother with installing the cat efficiency sensor..?

    Either put the cat back or ignore the CE. But the danger in that is having another more serious fault "shadowed" by the ignorance.
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    If you mean both up stream and down stream senors, then yes. The cat is welded to the stock headers.
    Thanks for your great support and by the way only ignorant people use ignorance. That's something to ponder. :shades:
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    The computer would be mis-adjusting your input mixture, trying to get the final post-cat exhaust mixture correct....and not able to do so because the (absent) cat isn't cleaning up the exhaust gases as needed.

    Not sure what state you are in and the smog inspection they'll do, but in my state your vehicle would not pass now. Check your state inspection rules, to help determine the next course of action.
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    We have no inspections in the County, I live in. :shades:
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    So then it is kind of up to you what you want to do next. Live with the CEL (put black electrical tape over the light, disclose to eventual buyer, hope the mis-adjusted input mixture doesn't cause any damage, etc).....or fix it and put a cat converter back on it.

    Having a permanent on (and taped) CEL, would mask any other different problems that might turn the light on, so you should probably get an OBD2 reader and check the computer periodically for other codes that computer might have thrown for other different failing conditions.

    Good luck.
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    My use was....

    A constant CEL would result in "ignorance" (not knowing about) of any other "CEL" type problems, maybe more serious problems, that pop up later.
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    Does anyone know if and when GM started using "planar" type O2 sensors in their cars?
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    Some one broke the a sensor off the where it connects to the air filter box, I waited untill the car ran like crap before i took it in and now i have all kinds of issues. The transmission solenoid is bad on this year i coulkd not afford the part new so i purchased a used one. Now it feels like the tranmission is going out, it doesn;t seem to go in the last gear on the freeway, around town no problem. Reverse lags a little o0nly at first engament. but it keeps running so i think it could all be related to this broken EGR part? I parked it because i can't afford a transmission but could it be something else?
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