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2001 Cherokee code problems- need help please

bowhunterjohnbowhunterjohn Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Jeep
I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee

A few months ago my engine light came on, so I had a friend with a shop plug it in and it came up with numerous codes

Misfires several cylinders
O2 sensors bad
cold start sensor
electric fan sensor

It runs perfect in cooler weather, but once it gets above 80 degrees it acts like the choke is stuck when you start it up after its been ran for a while, takes 20-30 seconds of light gas pedal to clear it out, then it runs fine

Also when idling for extended periods it will overheat because the electric fan for the radiator doesn't turn on. I checked the fan and it works.

Also the A/C no longer works, the clutch does not engage, and the coolant level is ok.

My passenger windows only work on my consule and the front speakers are no longer working.

Do I have a computer problem? Or just a bunch of things going wrong about the same time?



  • I have the inline 4.0 six with auto tranny
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    check the wire plug by your ac accumulator (big can like thing by coolant bottle) when ac runes can swats and water gets blown on the wires that go into computer mounted right behind it on fire wall
  • i have a 04' cherokee 4.0 w/ 80+ miles. truck started feeling like it wasn't getting enough fuel. truck would sometimes stall at idle but then start back up with original fuel pump. i did complete tune-up w/filters and the problem went away for 1 week. i then searched the web and found others with same symptons and supposedly fuel pump R&R was the solution. i got good deal through a friend on both parts n labor so i went ahead and changed it. problem went away for 3 days. then truck stalled on highway and wouldn't start back up. so it got towed to shop, they said pump was bad so i replaced again. problem went away for 1 week then stalled and wouldn't start back up. towed it back to the same shop they said pump is bad and they will replace it at no charge but reccomend i take it to dealer before the 3rd pump goes bad again. i don't have dealer money and i'm exhausted!! PLEASE ANY HELP???
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