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2012 Honda CR-V



  • vistajayvistajay Posts: 4
    5000 miles on our 2012 CR-V LX-Nav. With about 80-90% city driving we are averaging 25.3 mpg, overall. When in the hwy we usually see 30mpg if driving 70 mph, and 34mpg if drive 55-60mph. Seems about right.
  • You are very lucky! Wish Honda would acknowledge this is what it's supposed to be.
  • Right from the get-go, my brand new 2012 CR-V seems to have arrived with some sort of a computer controller problem, specifically with not allowing my iPhone to pair, and also problems with the iMID control functions. Symptoms started as they delivered my new vehicle to me with non-functioning Phone and Setting buttons (no response to the press). Then, problems also surfaced with the steering-mounted Display and Audio Channel toggle buttons (eratic, sometimes uncontrollable, screen movements between settings), in addition to the same eratic control of the Aux iPod control functions through the dashboard. Other functions not working include the customized Wallpaper input and some Back button functionality. Most other computer controlled adjustments (sound system, door settings, vehicle info, etc.) seem to be working properly, although at a very slow response rate like an old 486 PC that receives too many input commands at once and slows to a snails pace. At first, the dealer tried to perform a software re-install - that didn't work. Then, they replaced the Audio hardware unit without solving the problem either. Now, Honda Engineering is in contact with Panasonic to replace the Computer System Controller unit that apparently the phone and audio systems pass through to process command functions (which, by the way, I mentioned to the dealer right off was perhaps the problem - I know a few things about computers). I'm a bit concerned that a CARFAX report will show warranty work right off the bat with this vehicle, and that they're already plowing into the dash with repeated repairs - but not as much as just wanting these problems resolved - I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this same kind of problem with their new, 2012 CR-V, and what was done to resolve the issue - thanks. :confuse:
  • caffycaffy Posts: 5
    We've had our 2012 CR-V EX 2WD since 2/14/12. Our driving is more non-interstate highway than city (including TN rolling hills) - maybe 75%/25%. Our gas mileage on our most recent tank using the ECON button was about 29.3. Our lowest mileage was about 26.9 and, based on what we've seen so far, we fully believe that we'd get (at least) 30-31 when driving pure interstate on a long trip.

    If anyone is not doing so, we would definitely recommend that you manually calculate your own gas mileage rather than solely relying on the vehicle display.
  • Date Odometer Miles Gallons MPG Price Cost Oil Life
    04/07/12 263 263.0 8.404 31.29 3.659 30.75 100
    04/24/12 678 415.0 13.702 30.29 3.749 51.37 100
    05/07/12 1098 420.0 13.115 32.02 3.759 49.3 90
  • Repair Update: 5/7/12 - Honda dealership technician performed all diagnostic tests per Honda Engineering (Reset System, Voltage/Resistance, Wiring/Cable Reel, Audio Unit, Remote Switch, HFL Unit) - finally narrowed down the problem to be a faulty Multi-Info Display Unit (NOT a "Computer Controller Unit" as I was originally told it was called). After replacement, the Phone, Setup (NOT the "Settings" button as originally stated), and Audio/Display functions/operations (Remote and Dash) all checked out OK, and the repair confirmed/closed. Honda DPSM said no other problems like this have been reported in his zone. Nice to have my new vehicle back - Honda provided (upon prompting by the dealership SM) a Goodwill gesture of a free accessory (except wheels) item. Issue closed.
  • I have a brand new 2012 CRV less than 500 miles on it. I hear a hissing noise under hood... really loud when parked in my garage... Any idea what is could be?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,602
    Maybe a snake?

    Seriously, just open the hood and find out whre it's coming from. It could be something normal. Maybe not? The dealer can check it out for you!
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,343
    could be something with the AC?

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • chinita78chinita78 Posts: 4
    I just bought my crv as well 3 days ago and I have the same problem and asked for assistance from my sales guy. He has no idea as well as to why this feature doesn't work on the iPhone. I figure maybe its an apple thing...
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Can anyone tell me whether the dashboard is padded or hard?
  • Anyone have an annoying vibration under the dash?
  • flatfiveflatfive Posts: 2
    2000 miles on my 2012 CR-V AWD EX-L-Nav.

    80% City driving / 25-26 mpg
    HWY 65-70 mph/ 31-33 mpg

    My old car was city/ 11 mpg & HWY / 16 mpg, so I am very happy with 2012 CR-V.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Has anyone used a compartment separator to keep their dogs in the back of the car. If so, which one did you buy and how well does it work?

  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    My only complaint with our 2012 CR-V EX-L RES is getting the hang of the remote for the DVD player. If you have 2 movies on the same DVD you can't see which one you are choosing (for your granddaughters ages 3 and 1) while you are sitting in the front seat. Wish the DVD screen would display on the front info screen.
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    I purchased my new 2012 CR-V on 6/1/12 and I, too, hear a hissing noise under the hood which is parked in my home's garage. I have never raised the hood to see if there is a problem but I noticed after a few minutes, the noised has stopped. I have not encountered any problems because of it and I have not inquired with the dealer about it. However, since I am reading that others have encountered the same noise, I assume it is normal when the engine has been stopped. If anyone finds out other wise, please let me know.
  • indigo1indigo1 Posts: 8
    I have a 2012 crv lx awd and the dashboard is hard plastic.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    The dealer told me that it is an option on LX and EX models and they will cost me $850, installed. I looked at Yakima and that would cost $315 for the cross bars plus another $140 for the bike carrier. I thought this is standard on SUVs these days.
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    I saw one 2012 CR-V sitting on a dealer's lot with the roof rails and cross bars and discovered it was the 2012 EX-L AWD model. So, although I am not sure, I think the roof rails/cross bars might be standard on the AWD models only.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    They said that the roof rails is standard on EX-L (FWD and AWD) but still need the option cross bars. They are all options on LX and EX (FWD or AWD).
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    I purchased my 3rd Honda but 1st CR-V in June of 2012. I have encountered some of the same inconveniences mentioned earlier, i.e., hissing noise after engine is turned off and uncomfortable position of the driver's head restraint. But, I can live with those. However, I am curious to find out if any other owner of the 2012 CR-V has encountered a problem with blind spots on the left and right rear sides of the vehicle. The way the new CR-V is built toward the back sides of the SUV (a solid panel between the rear slanting window and the tall tail lights on each side), I am unable to get a clear view of the right and left sides of the vehicle when attempting to change lanes. The space between the side slanting window and tail lights block your view. I find myself having to check and double check prior to changing lanes. Now, I understand the importance of being sure a lane is unoccupied prior to attempting to enter that lane, but I have never had to do this amount of double checking before executing my move. Does anyone else out there feel the same as I do?
  • bmfcbmfc Posts: 9
    I can't believe this. My wife's 2004 Odyssey has Homelink. My son's 2001 Intrepid has Homelink. What is Honda thinking?
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,343
    that homelink costs money?

    doesn't the EX-L have it? They have always limited to top of the line models.

    My 2005 Accord EX-L did not have homelink.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • pochiepochie Posts: 1
    I agree 100%. The driver side-mirror with the extra wide area does nothing to detect your blind spot. I am putting the small fisheye mirrors on tomorrow. I have 1200 miles on my new CR-V and it is very poor. Even turning my head a good 90 degrees it is not a clear view. I hope this helps and maybe you'll do the same.
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    Thanks Pochie for your response. Please excuse my ignorance on the subject but what are fisheye mirrors, where can they be purchased and where on the CR-V will you place them? I am assuming the driver and passenger side mirrors, correct?
  • kagomehkagomeh Posts: 3
    Yes, I do! Mine seems to come from somewhere on the passenger side of the dash. It is intermittent but when it happens accelerating seems to aggravate it. My car is barely 2 weeks old and I took it back to the dealership that sold it to me to take care of this problem. They kept the car overnight, opened up the dash, tightened all sorts of things, but when I picked it up today the vibration was still there. I am taking it back next week.

    Did you find out the source of your CRV's dash vibration and is it resolved?
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    This weekend I received my recall notice from Honda for my 2012 CR-V concerning the safety of the front door locks. Has anyone else received their notice and have already taken your vehicle to the dealer to have the problem fixed? If you have, how long did it take and are you able to notice that the problem has been fixed?
  • I do not received recall notice from Honda. I checked Honda web site, but my car was not affected car. I stopped my Honda dealer about 2 weeks ago(not for about recall) and asked about recall, my Honda dealer want fix all 2012 CR-V even not affected.
    He told me take a couple hours to fix, and they will fix now.
  • snukesnuke Posts: 81
    Thanks for your feedback Flatfive.
  • bled01bled01 Posts: 1
    Any feedback from those that ended up getting the spoiler? It it worth the $$$ in your opinion? What about the vision out the rear window...does that get reduced at all?
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