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Highlander off the pavement

alohaboyalohaboy Member Posts: 16
edited July 2014 in Toyota
Good morning,
I was wondering if anyone could give me their experiences with the Highlander off of the pavement. I don't mean true off-roading, but dirt roads, fire roads, etc. How does the 4wd do in the snow?
Thanks for any info.


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    grahampetersgrahampeters Member Posts: 1,786

    If you start from the premise that it is really a Camry Wagon with a lift and AWD, the Kluger/Highlander is surprisingly good on dirt and mud. The transmission is good and clearance okay but yo really do need to think that it is not a full on 4WD and body structure is nowhere near as tough as dedicated 4WD. The absence of a low ratio is also a barrier to more serious off-roading. There is some variation in transmission types. Mine is fitted with a traction control system that locks up spinning wheels and is remarkably able on bad mud and snow.

    If you stay on formed tracks, and not challenge too seriously, you should not get into too much strife. However, do take along the gear to dig yourself out if problems arise. That includes a spade or army entrenching tool, some old bags to place under spinning tyres and some rope and/or a winch.


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    alohaboyalohaboy Member Posts: 16
    The worst I would get on would be fire or dirt roads and the beach, and that wouldn't be but a couple of times per year.
    I'm looking at the Highlander and 4Runner, but I'm worried the 4Runner will just be too much truck for my needs as the Highlander has the same amount of space and is probably a better daily driver.
    Thanks for the info.
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