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Acura MDX Quality Issues

klenjklenj Posts: 23
My 2009 MDX is the 6 Acura I have owned. In less than a year I have had more quality issues then the last 5 cars put together.

Most recently my driver's door power window switch broke off in my finger. It is made of cheap fragile plastic and not designed well.. Also the rear out side door handle has become very lose and rattles when driving.

This car is less than a year old and babied. If it is falling apart in less than a year I cannot imagine what I am in store for down the road.


  • i suggest that the engineer at acura pay a visit to hyandai or kia and take some notes on how to close the gaps on certain area of the body panels like the gas tank cover..? $ 47.000 car..shame on you acura...
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