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2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring Seats



  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    I have the GLS with upgraded fabric on the seats. I think the seats are very good. I have had the car for over 30,000 miles now. As for the harsh ride:
    1. this will sound dumb but the cars come from Korea with over 45 pounds of pressure in them to prevent flat spots on the journey over to the US. Please make sure the tires are at 32 psi. Most dealers have no clue and don't take the pressure down to what it should be. As a result, many have commented (as did I) about the harsh test ride. It was all in the tires.
    2. If you have the larger tires (SE model) with alloy wheels, you naturally will get a harsher ride. The smaller tires on the GLS with steel wheels provide a much better ride.
  • You are right to let a little out of the tires. This has been the case with imported cars for a while. For me the suspension is a bit mushy. This can be solved with upgrading the struts for a few hundred bucks. I plan on doing this soon. You can also find some stuff on Shark Racing, stabilization bars etc for a 100-200 bucks which will also help here.

    As for my seat, it was defective and they replaced the cushion. The new cushion didn't fit right and, so they are ordering a new one again. I think they are going to have to replace the whole bottom seat frame kit but I'm letting them do what they got to do.

    Some other things which I'm seeing in all new cars is a brake pedal is too far from the firewall to comfortably heel toe the gas brake, making you move the seat back more, the telescoping steering all the way out (thank God I have this option), only to find you have to stretch your arm straight to reach the radio and AC controls. I've found this is just about all new cars in the compact, and subcompact class. To help fix this there are some who suggest tilting the seat up at the two front seat bolts with washers, which I haven't tried but have considered it.
  • hwyhobohwyhobo Posts: 265
    > I have the GLS with upgraded fabric on the seats.

    That means you have an automatic with Popular Option. Those seats are different than the ones on GLS Manual.

    > Please make sure the tires are at 32 psi.

    Yep, first thing I did.
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