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Honda Odyssey: Problems & Solutions:(1995-2004 Models)



  • This occured on our 2000 Odyssey EX twice also. I believe I caused it by pressure washing under the hood. Since it dried out (a day or two later) we haven't had that problem since and it's been several months. Whatever got wet, shut our van down while we were accellerating onto the highway. We took it back home and parked it for a few days. I haven't pressure washed under the hood since and so far no problems. Could be moisture getting in somewhere that it doesn't belong. Hope this helps.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,603
    Yeah, don't do that! No good comes from pressure washing a modern engine in ANY car. First of all, it's unnecessary and there are a lot of components under there that don't like water.
  • I too am just starting to experience a wind noise from the front windshield area on my 05 odyssey(2k mi).I usually notice it at around 30-45 mph.This obviously seems to be a common problem from what I have read in this collumn.I will bring it back to my dealer monday and see what happens.Does anyone know if honda has a service bulletin out on this problem?Anyones shared experiences with this problem and or dealer interactions would be appreciated.

    thanx justin
  • thanx for the wind noise info

  • aongchaongch Posts: 6
    Just starting to look into these forums, and two issues we're also experiencing - front brake grinding when deep braking, and poor gas mileage (appx. 17 mixed driving, mostly city). The brake problem we were told was being addressed by Honda; it is a commonly reported problem but no resolution as yet. So, we're waiting. Horrible sound when it does occur. The gas mileage is very disappointing so far. With the VCM we we're expecting at least 20 mpg, so what is the cause? The cylinder cut-off is working by the indication of the 'ECO' light on the dash, or at least we hope so.
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    Long ago, someone wrote on here that the VCM light doesn't really indicated when it's actually running on 3 cylinders. So what's the purpose?

    Today, I get to drive a friend's new Charger R/T with cylinder deactivation, I'm very curious how DCX does it - is there a light like Honda? I'm meeting him for lunch tomorrow.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Chrysler doesn't use a light to indicate 4cyl mode. Chrysler released some information a year or so when they first brought it out and basically they said it switches from 4/8 so often they felt the light would be annoying. I've also heard that the ECO light on the Honda only indicates efficient conditions, but not necessarily 3cyl operation. I've never had this confirmed by anyone that would know for sure, but the ECO light is quite obvious when it's going to come on and that's not the way I understand the MDS, VCM, type systems work.

    I've driven a couple of the Hemi MDS engines and it's not any different than the Honda; basically seemless. I've only thought I could feel it on the Honda in very engineered circumstances. Basically I've creeped along at low speeds and then tried to accelerate very very lightly. It seems like it stays in 3cyl mode for a bit and then when it kicks out theres a bit of a kick in the power and even with steady throttle it surges a tiny bit (and it's not a gear change). Other than that, I can't feel it whatsoever. And I tend to feel every little thing on a vehicle, having a history in autoracing and such.
  • gteegtee Posts: 179
    I have a 2005 Odyssey which is making a strange noise when driving on the freeway. It always happens around 70MPH at part throttle position. The sound is like a whooshing sound, it is similar to the sound an AC evaporation coil makes. At first I thought that this sound was coming from the AC, but its not because I can turn OFF the AC and the sound is still there. The only thing is that if I let go of the throttle the sound immediately stops. I took this car to the dealer and he told me that this sound is normal induction noise. Has any body else noticed this type of sound and what is the cause of it. It is really bothering me because normally I drive without the radio on.

    Thank for you help.
  • bfd63bfd63 Posts: 1
    I have an '02 Odyssey that has had a vibration at 60-65 mph since I bought it last November. It had a Honda certified warrenty on it and they have tried to fix it 8 times. The service department has balanced the tires 3 times, incorrectly done alignments 2 times and they have put on three sets of tires (the latest ones are "better tires", Good Year). They also replaced a rim that an independant tire company locally thought might have "run-out". None of this has solved the problem. Has anyone had a similar probem?
    I don't know if I should be worried about this vibration, it is mildly annoying. If it wasn't a condition of the sale to have the vibration fixed, I would live with it. The service manager has refered me to the GM of the dealership. What can I excpect?

    Thanks for any help.
  • Hi,

    I am having the exact same whistling issue with my 2005 Odyssey. It seems to be on the driver's side, and I have had it to the dealer 5 times now to try to get it fixed. They have replaced the molding and also said that I was missing some clip. Tomorrow I am taking it back in for another try. They told me that they will have a factory rep there for me to talk to as well.

    Did you ever get your problem resolved?
  • leem1leem1 Posts: 1
    I have a problem with the speedometer and gas gage on my 2001 Honda Odyssey. First signal of problems was flashing lights indicating check engine, and some other lights, then the speedometer engine needle swung from left all the way to the right and back again—finally settling at the far right. The gas gage shows the out of gas light which disappearsbut the needle stays for a time on the empty mark. The gas needle stays inaccurate for 5 minutes or more then corrects itself—but the speedometer needle still lied dead at the far right bottom.

    When the car is turned off and on again the speedometer problem remains, but the gas gauge is generally okay.

    I found a temporary fix for the problem. When driving on high speed roads I aim for the rumble strip at the side of the road. Riding on the rumble strip for about 5 seconds corrects the problem, and gets the speedometer working again sometimes for a week or more.

    Sounds like something is loose. Any advice??

  • dj123dj123 Posts: 2
    I found this same problem with my '01 Odyssey and think I've fixed it. After a really bad rain storm this weekend I found a half inch of water in the cargo area behind the 3rd row seat. I checked this forum yesterday and saw the advice about the A/C drain behind the wheel, but after inspecting it (and poking it with a thin wire) I found it was not clogged. A few hours later it started raining again and I checked the grate just above the cargo area and saw a stream of water dripping in (no A/C on). I then pulled the van into the garage and opened the hatch to check the door seal. In doing this I noticed that the rear window washer hose was not seated in the hole at the very top of the frame and water was dripping in. I'm 95% sure this is the source of my problem and now I just have to dry it out.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Just a guess, check to see if your Air filter is in any way damaged (filter element and gasket/seal). If none, check for any possible air leak in your air intake any where (i.e. gasket for the mass air flow sensor, and etc...). You may consider change the air filter to see if the noise goes away... Again, this is only my guess; I wonder if it has anything to do with the PVC valve/system, hummmm hard to tell.
  • Thank you for replying to my message (#5607). This should be a good thing to check. It has been a bit cooler in Texas and I have not seen the problem for about 2 weeks now. I will check and hope that this is a similar problem. Thanks, minhvotx.
  • ymjymj Posts: 2
    I just bought an 06 Ody touring with Nav. same error message "disc error" appears after norming working for a few hours (may be after loading more CDs in). the dealer is ording a new CD changer to replace.
  • riparipa Posts: 1
    I have a 01 Odyssey and the TCS and check engine lights would come on/go off, stay on. It turned out that my battery was going bad. When it was replaced, all lights were gone. Hope this helps you.
  • pen101pen101 Posts: 238
    Dealer just fixed wind noise problem (fixed trim), damaged door seal and rough brakes (new brake pads) all under warranty.

    Over the weekend damaged (bent and tore) the underbody plastic shield when pulling back from a parking block. It has to be replaced. Fortunately, it is just a $35 part.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    There have been issues w/ the instrument panel, but from the first part of your post, my first instinct would be a bad ground connection in the instr panel. Your last line about the bumps fixing it makes me feel more strongly about a bad ground, somewhere,either in the panel or a ground that affects the signal sources.

    But there was a rash of prblms with instr panels, I don't recall if there was a TSB or not - you might check
  • ymjymj Posts: 2
    I bought 06 Ody two weeks ago and it has been sent back to service 5 times. The power sliding door cannot close right from time to time and the service department had a hard time to find the root cause. The sales person told me that if they cannot fix it, I can get another one. Beyond this issue, the CD changer also failed and is waiting for a replacement part. I just don't have confidence on this model design anymore. Oh, BTW, the suspension has very short travel and I hit bottom several times making horrible sound, but I did not go too fast and did not run over too big a hump - much worse than my 96 Ody.

    Does anyone know if I can request a refund from the dealer if they cannot fix the problem of the door?
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    The salesperson doesn't have the authority to tell you if they can't fix it you can get another one. Unless, he means you can get another one by paying for another one.

    Check your states lemon law. A door that won't close properly, that the dealership is unable to fix, is a good reason for the dealer to refund your money.
  • lmplmp Posts: 1
    I am having a problem with my 2005 Odyssey - of course it is intermittent - and of course the dealer cannot replicate it. Periodically after idling in Park, and then shifting into Drive - the car will only reverse. Any depression of the accelerator causes the car to go backwards. The transmission will not reset until I turn the car off and then back on again.

    Any ideas about what may be happening ?? Thanks !
  • I also have a 2005 Odyssey with 11,000 miles, had it towed back to the dealer yesterday morning (10/12). Drove it the night before, and it was pulling, stalling, then revving, happened 5 times during a 6 minute drive, then check engine light came on. Afraid to drive it, at home I looked up possible problems on internet...long story short, the transmission is being replaced, under warranty, not a penny out of my pocket. It's a scary feeling, a new car shouldn't being "slipping" into neutral, or reverse for that matter....the service manager admitted to me this morning Honda is having a problem with these transmissions, but haven't seen one as "young" as my car. Have them run diagnostics on the transmission, don't pay a dime either!!....Good Luck....
  • k5rcbk5rcb Posts: 1
    Perry...I have the exact same problem. Is there a "fix" that you are aware of for this susposed "drift to the right design"? Ball Honda in National City told me today that there was a kit they could order, but I hadn't done any research prior to going in, so wasn't aware of this "design". thanks....Rick
  • Beware of the "New Transmission." When I looked under my 04' Odyssey to admire my shiny new transmission, I was very suprised to see that the tansmission case looked old and used. I called the dealer and he assured me that it was a "New Transmission." Long story short, he assured me that it was a remanufactured tranny and the work was done by Honda. He claimed that the only thing about my tranny that was used was the outer case. I would rather have had a real new transmission inside and out but claimed that the only was to get a completely new one would be to get it off of the assembly line in the Honda factory. Is this true?? I don't know. To me new is "New" not rebuilt. Good luck. P.S It leaked from day one.
  • Beware of the "New Transmission." When I looked under my 04' Odyssey to admire my shiny new transmission, I was very suprised to see that the tansmission case looked old and used. I called the dealer and he assured me that it was a "New Transmission." Long story short, he assured me that it was a remanufactured tranny and the work was done by Honda. He claimed that the only thing about my tranny that was used was the outer case. I would rather have had a real new transmission inside and out but he claimed that the only was to get a completely new one would be to get it off of the assembly line in the Honda factory and not even the dealership could do that. Is this true?? I don't know. To me new is "New" not rebuilt. Good luck. P.S It leaked from day one.
  • j0mammaj0mamma Posts: 26
    1. Fit and finish seems to be "B" grade both inside and out.
    2. The Driver door is about 4millimeters, 1/8th of an inch out of allignment with the frame.
    3. I get a clanking sound from where I think the transmission is when I put the car in drive when it's cold and backing out of the driveway.
    4. Engine refinement is better in my 2000 Honda CRV-SE with 80,000 miles in it. I get a rough "feeling" from the steering wheel at 2000-2800 rpm's while accelerating gently.
    5. FUEL Economy is dismal. I got better MPG from my 2000 BMW M5 putting around the town than this thing. I'm getting 290 miles a tank! CRAP!
    Anyone out there think I'm crazy or have you seen the same thing?
  • Using either the A/C or heat mode and then turning off the system (more noticeable). I can hear a noise from behind the dash. It sounds like a creaking noise. It's not always in one location. If I turn the temperature knob to full cold then the noise goes away ( but not completely) The noise is just annoying. So I'm wondering if there is a fix I can do myself.

  • j0mammaj0mamma Posts: 26
    I have a 2006 Odyssey and the MPG is TERRIBLE. I'm getting the same MPG you are and I'm driving under the ECO mode almost all of the time. I was expecting BETTER than factory tested 20/28 mpg. I feel this is totally fraud. On ALL of my other vehicles I can expect BETTER MPG than the sticker/testing just by driving more economically. There is something wrong here, and I'm not happy with the results.
  • j0mammaj0mamma Posts: 26
    Can you tell me what % of driving you did on the freeway against city driving? Also were you trying to conserve gas? My MPG is 15 mixed and I'm getting a little worried.
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