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Mazda Tribute Sync

tishpit1tishpit1 Posts: 24
I'm planning on purchasing a new 2010 Tribute (it has a much needed adjustable lumbar that the Escape does not offer plus other items standard that are extra on the Escape). However, I would LOVE to have the Ford (Microsoft) Sync system installed on the Tribute as it comes standard in every 2010 Escape. The controls for the a/c and such are identical to the Escape as well as the radio (or so it appears). The Mazda dealer didn't know if it would fit/work in the Tribute. The Ford dealer said it would cost $600 for the kit + installation and couldn't guarantee it would work and is NOT returnable/refundable. Does anyone here know if this will work?????????


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I don't know whether it will work with Mazda but the retrofit apparently works on the Navigator and Mustang.

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  • This is just a thought, but have you looked into the possibility of getting an Escape and retrofitting it with the seat from a Tribute?
  • tishpit1tishpit1 Posts: 24
    The Mazda comes with more standard equipment (except Sync) and costs $2,000 LESS than the Ford. I also am a bit prejudiced against Ford... had 2 and both were lemons. I now have a Mazda MX-5 (Miata) and that's my second one... LOVE IT! But with school pending, need to pair down to one vehicle (also have a Jeep Liberty... most reliable vehicle I've ever owned but starting to show its age). But yeah, I know, the Tribute IS an Escape... I just hate to see that four-letter word that starts with "F" staring me in the face every day LOL!

    As for the Sync in a Trib... heard from Ford directly and they said you CAN NOT put the new Sync into ANY vehicle other than on the assembly line. Appears the newer version is wired into the car to monitor airbag deployment, diagnostics, etc. It's a great system, but then I give up the lumbar control, running lamps, rear camera, and a few trim pieces and pay thousands more just to get Sync. So... think I'll survive without the Sync unless of course they cannot get the Tribute. Dealership is still trying to make the trade and so far, nada.
  • Did you ever get it to work? I want to do the same thing.
  • No... ended up buying the Ford. Sync system SUCKED! Didn't work smoothly, sometimes button worked, sometimes it didn't. Very distracting when driving. Also had some transmission hesitation when cold and battery died when only a few months old, luckily happening at home. Sold it, though mostly due to wanting to be debt free. Bought a 2005 Tribute... just had shifter mechanism totally re-done. About $500. ALWAYS USE PARKING BRAKE! It runs o.k. with 112,000 miles. Handles sportier than Escape but also rides much harsher and noisier. Reminds me of my old Jeep Liberty... now THAT was an awesome car (if not for faulty placement of gas tank, I'd still have it!).
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