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2005 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • ophidicusophidicus Posts: 1

    First off I owned several Chevy Cars from a Blazer to a Eurosport and a Camaro. The Blazer I had went 200K Miles and had Minimal Maintenance issues.
    Test drove a 2005 Chevy Equinox 4/10/14 with 77,1xx miles on it , Drove fine but test drive was only 2 miles so the car did not have an opportunity to get to operating temperature. dealership was unaware of interstate laws with registration. had to wait 6 weeks for the paperwork/registration to process. Finally Got the Vehicle at 3PM on Monday 5/19/14 with 78,xxx Miles?? strange since i had a deposit on the vehicle, Vehicle Broke Down 20 miles outside dealership on a busy Highway approximately 3:25pm same day. Overheated 3 Times Temperature Gauge Fluctuated Wildly . Dealership was not helpful at all and would not offer a solution other than going to a Jiffy Lube to get it fixed. Had to use last AAA Towing to get the vehicle back to the dealership. Blown Head Gasket in My Opinion, Radiator Reservoir Bubbling and exhaust smelled of Coolant badly. Oil Level was 3X too high with milky coolant smell and Drivers side headlight was out. They claim a 200 Point Inspection? Dealership seemingly Dodged all my calls and concerns about the vehicle for 2 days. Wanted to return the vehicle but Atlantic Hyundai would not accept a return. Vehicle still sits on Dealership Lot. They called me and said it was fixed but I believe the problem is more than a broken Thermostat as I placed my hand on the Thermostat hose and it was red hot and it would not be that hot if coolant was stuck in the engine. I cancelled my Registration and Insurance and Notified the bank of my Intent of not Paying for a Vehicle I do not have in my Possession since they will not accept the vehicle back. very bad experience. I Didn't even make it home with the car from the Dealer. That Says Everything.

  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160

    A friend at work has an "05 Equinox and needed to replace the engine this past January. This vehicle only had about 70K on it when it started overheating. I told her about the issues with these cars. She described as best she could what was happening and I told her I truly believed it was a head gasket issue. Now she bought this car used from a local dealership(Not a Chevy dealer, but a GM dealer) and took it back to them. They himmed and hawed for weeks and finally told her she'd have to replace the motor. At first it sounded like she was going to have to pay for the whole thing but after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, they told her they'd put in a new Jasper engine(Why they didn't use a genuine GM crate replacement, I don't know since they are a GM dealer) but they did use the Jasper and they made her pay a little over $800 for things "not covered" so they said. She got the car back sometime in February and while she's happy she didn't have to foot the whole bill, the car is now acting up and she really doesn't want to take it back to this dealer. Using my code reader, I got 2 codes, one is PO300 and the other is PO352. She has a little hesitation from time to time and I believe that both of these codes are ignition related. I'm sure when they put in this new engine they used parts from her old one like maybe the coil pack and that's what the code PO352 relates to. She's noticing some hesitation when she's stopped for a light, gives it gas and she says one time it felt like it was going to shut down. If anyone has any suggestions on what may be the problem here, please let me know ASAP. Thank you very much and have a great day!

  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160

    Just a follow-up to the above. My friend took her 05' Equinox back to this dealership where she had all this work done to have the DTC codes I spoke about evaluated. Their solution was to replace the ignition coil pack at a cost of $275 including labor. She gets the car back a week ago Friday and all SEEMS well till 2 days later when she tells me at work that the engine light came back on. So I check the computer Saturday morning and lo and behold what do I get?? THE SAME FREAKIN' 2 CODES!!!! This vehicle is unbelieveable or haunted or just PLAIN JUNK! I told her to take it back and NOT to pay anything since they did NOT fix it. I know the owner of this dealership and I'll call him if I have to on her behalf. She told me earlier she can't wait to pay it off(she bought it used) so she can get rid of it. Now I can't say I blame her.

  • I am having so many issues with my 05 equinox. It was purchased used from a family friends lot. As soon as my son signed the papers, I was driving it home to do the maintanance on it. The drive home was 45 minutes and in that time it overheated and died on me on the side of the freeway. Being a mechanic I knew this car was bad but my son thought it was a great deal and sign the papers anyways. Took it to the dealership who explained to me that the water pump was bad which i told him there was no way and it was the head gasket. after 3 days, they called me to tell me it was the head gasket. So 2 days later, they say its just fine and to come pick it up. I drove it 3 minutes to the freeway and it wouldn't go over 35. so I was broke down again 4 minutes from the dealership. I got it back to the dealer and they diagnosed the converter as being bad due to the head gasket crack. Replaced the converter $880 later and it still doing the same thing. The only codes it is throwing is 02 sensors. replaced them $300 worth, still the same issues. Seen the PCM recall, not my vehicle (wrong VIN). What do I do now??? $200 a month, only had it 3 months, Have $6000 left to pay for a car I can't use. I am so upset with GM for this car/suv. I hate it and will never purchase another GM.....Oh and btw, I also own an Olds Alero (GM product) which I have had at the shop for 5 months and none of the mechanics can figure out how to start it.We have done all the GM security tricks with no luck. Replaced $2000 worth of parts on the Alero with no luck. GM is just not making good cars anymore and I will NEVER buy another one. anyone know how I can complain to GM?

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