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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • I have the ABS option and I do not know why anyone would want to go without it. It does rain in Mississippi and the ABS comes alive in those types of situations. Why not have the peace of mind that you have a safety feature that you do not have to worry about. ABS and TCS are safety features in which you do not even appreciate their worth when they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. It has saved me from several spin outs and from slipping into a telephone pole. I will always have ABS on the cars I own.

    Its probably not that stupid of a question with TCS and mpg. TCS only comes on when you lose traction, it is standby mode most of the time and I do not see why it would drain your mpg. AWD drains mpg cause it requires more axles to be powered. TCS only comes online in those times when traction is decreased. Typically, your TCS would not be active for an extended period of time. Once your wheels get moving, the TCS is standby.
  • Not to mention the insurance reduction.
  • I have always felt like an idiot because I wasn't clear as to what exactly TCS did. I'm going to check w/ State Farm to see how much of a reduction they give for these options. Depending on the number, it could end up paying for itself!

    At the moment, I have a seemingly unbelievable deal on a base 5-speed. 13851-2000 regional rebate-400 grad student rebate= 11451 delivered (destination included). Problem is that the car would be almost 900 miles away. I'm waiting to hear back from a few dealers who are a bit closer in the hopes they can come near that price. Fingers crossed!
  • I'm also eligible for the college discount, but the dealer I am working with said that if I take the $400 discount, I would also have to finance through Hyundai, which would mean a worse APR....are you in this same situation???

      Does anyone else know what kind of APR I would be looking at for a 60 month loan through the Hyundai financing??

    I'm really close to the total I wanted to spend on the car, but not close enough. Although, I think the dealer may have made a math error when adding up my offer because the numbers they used should have been roughly $14200, but they were quoting me $14600. I was hoping to get them down to about $13600, but that was as far as they'd go because they said their invoice for that car was about $15300..Here's the numbers:

    $16,149 : MSRP
    $15,400 : dealer's offer
    -$2000 : elantra discount
    -$500 : loyalty discount
    $12,900 + Tax(6%), tags, title

    Then they offered me $4200 for my trade in that has a $4800 payoff.
    Someone please let me know if they actually get $14600, because I keep getting roughly $14200 total out the door. I use the 6% PA sales tax, but is there a chance they're using a different percentage???
  • Dairyshick, I had not realized that you were required to go with Hyundai financing. According to Hyundai's website, though, it's true. Fine print #3. Hmm... That takes some of the fun out of it. I have no idea what rates HMFC is charging & whether they're competitive.

    As to the math error, from what I've heard it may be an advertizing charge that they sometimes throw in. I could be wrong, though...
  • Well if its $450, then its basically one or two free years of financing.

    Try not to finance too long though. If you can do it, pay if off!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The college rebate does require Hyundai financing. I got stuck with it. Thanks to my upside down trade and small down payment, I got a quite high interest rate. But with the numbers mentioned above, I would think they can offer you reasonable rates if your credit is good. I think their standard rate is 5.9% for 60 months.
  • The dealer rates are negotiable as they often add points to the rate the pay. They are allowed to this for offering you the service but sometime they take advantage of people. See what other dealers are willing to do for you when you tell them you are shopping for the best rate as well as the best price on the car.
  • Does anyone know for sure when tax is calculated on a car purchase?....I know that the trade-in value they offer you is taken away first before taxes, but what about rebates??...Are they substracted from the total before or after taxes are calculated?
  • Tax is always calculated and added on before the rebate. This is not usually shown in advertising as it makes the math a little more complex and the dealers want to highlight the rebate.
  • mehuljmehulj Posts: 15

    I've Nissan altima with nearly 75K miles on it, no major issues on it. I'm planning to trade my car for a more compact car with good mileage (we owe Honda Ody for long trips). I want to know which would be good.
    I'm looking at Elantra GT 5 door with fully loaded (option 8).
    Mazda 3 5 door Hatchback (interior of 3 looks very good -atleast online).
    Toyota Matrix XRS (I think Pontiac Vibe would be better as it is copy of Matrix but could be had for discounted price compared to Matrix).

    Any recommendations ?


  • i would recommend the elantra GT from a cost, comfort, and reliability standpoint. i would also recommend the mazda 3 on a design, performance and engineering standpoint, but the reliability remains to be proven. mazda reliability has plummeted with the recent introduction of new models such as the 6. plus the mazda 3 shares a lot of components with the ford focus, which has had many reliability problems in the U.S.

    the matrix/vibe seem good on paper, and should have very good reliability, but i can't stomach their looks. the elantra GT and mazda 3 both have a nice, sport-euro look to them. the vibe/matrix just looks trendy in my opinion, and lacks timeless style.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    You really need to get out and DRIVE these cars. That may be enough to let you decide. The cars have different handling and ride characteristics. The 3s has the sportiest handling and a more powerful engine than the Elantra, but the Elantra has more feature content at a lower price (the 3s can be optioned out to exceed the GT's features, e.g. nav system, but now you're looking at over $20k). The Vibe is the best hauler of the bunch, but I've seen complaints in reviews on the driving position and the driveability of the optional engine. What you need to do is figure out what criteria are important to you, then go out and take long test drives of all three cars to narrow things down. You will probably find that one or two cars drop out based on your criteria and test drive. If not, then you can play all three dealers against each other in negotiations. ;-)
  • mehuljmehulj Posts: 15
    Thanks for your advise, I've test driven Mazda 3 liked the way it drives but still I feel you need to push little bit more to get speed out of it (might be bcoz car was brand new) compared to my 155hp 3 yrs old Nissan Altima. I'd like to know what is GT in Elantra ? Does that mean this vehicle is turbo charged ? Will it give more smooth ride , means will respond more to gas ?


  • Howdy,

    The GT means that there is tighter suspension than the regular, fog lamps, leather, upgraded stereo mp3 player, and vtec for the 04 model. All together, the Elantra GT is not really a GT in its natural sense of the word.

    I would go with the Mazda 3 cause it just looks so different. I think the instrumentation in the Matrix/Vibe is not the most friendly; along with with the ride height. I am just not comfortable in the Matrix.

    But i chose the Elantra GT cause its just the best value out of them. Fully loaded its comparable to the others. And i will trust Hyundai reliability with the best warranty out there over the others.

    I agree with backy as you need to sit in the cars and see how it will feel. Looking at pictures is deceiving. I think Elantra has the most luggage capacity overall. Definitely take a longer look at the GT. The thought will grow on you.
  • Good day,

    I have an 02 GT with factory RIMS, I've been driving the car in harsh Canadian winter weather for about 2 yrs (125,314kms to be exact). The finish on my RIMS are wearing in areas, some spots it's shows white spots through (imagine its undercoating?). Any ideas to brighten them up without having them refinished? If they do have to be refinished, any ideas what the cost may be? (realize it may vary).

  • I've test driven Mazda 3 liked the way it drives but still I feel you need to push little bit more to get speed out of it

    None of these cars are scorchers in the performance area. If you are looking for get up and go, you aren't likely to match it with high mileage and low cost.

    The Elantra GT is 135-138 hp engine (depending on state/emissions) and is the weakest link of the Hyundai value equpation, IMO. It has gotten stronger as I have owned my car (now at 8k miles) but it doesn't pull. My BMW 318ti (138hp/very close on weight) seemed to pull better, a combination of gearing and transmission design, no doubt, but it also used premium fuel and would return about 24 mpg in mixed driving.

    The Mazda should be the strongest runner of the group. IIRC, you get two choices of engines, including the 165hp one from the 6. If that isn't enough punch, you aren't looking for an economy car, you are looking for a 40mpg WRX. If you find one, let me know. :)

    The Vibe/Matrix has been criticized by several sources for being very blah in the driving/acceleration side of life.

    A sneaky fourth option might very well be the new VW Jetta Wagon with the TDI Diesel engine. Most of Jetta's recent reliability problems seem to stem from the popular 1.8T engine. The TDI engine was upgraded from 90hp to 100hp. Doesn't sound like much, but torque jumped as well, to 177 IIRC. I have driven the old 90hp Jetta and while it is no barn burner, it had plenty of pickup for around the town driving. The gobs of torque that a diesel delivers makes the engine feel stronger than it is. My Elantra drives like it is being "pulled" along. The Jetta TDI drives a little more like it is being "pushed" along, a much more rewarding seat of the pants feeling. Plus, you get 40-50 mpg.

    Of course, Jetta Wagons are much more expensive then Elantra GTs, don't have as good of a warranty, and the wagon style is very straight-forward and not as up-to-date as it once was.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Actually the same VVT engine is used on the '04 Elantra GLS and GT. The suspension is the biggest performance difference, also standard rear disc brakes on the GT (which you get only with ABS on the GLS). And of course all the other goodies that have been mentioned.
  • I am curious: who is reporting on the reliability of the Madza 6? Also, about the Mazda 3 -- it is based on a new Focus platform which is unrelated to the U.S. Focus (we are keeping the old platform for the time being). FYI
  • Southpaw..... your trick of using the tv tuner cleaner to fix the noise when the volume was turned worked like a charm. Thanks again! Anyway, are there any other uses for this stuff around the house?
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    I hated the Vibe when I rented it. Mostly because I'm used to early-90s subcompacts, so it might not be a fair assessment... it was the driving position that I couldn't stand. I'm used to looking over my left shoulder when I change lanes... it was useless in the Vibe.
    When I sat in a Mazda3, I felt even more like I was in a black hole. A nicely decorated one, but still.
    I sat in an Elantra GT and rearward visibility wasn't great, but not too bad. And it felt more like a regular car. More airy and less somber than the other two.

    Question for everyone... do you drive using only mirrors to change lanes? I was taught not to, but maybe that's not how things work anymore.
  • Most of the time, i do not have to check the blind spots for lane changes cause i have an extra wide center rearview mirror attachment. I would recommend everyone to get one since your entire right side is covered so no blind spots on your right. The left is a different story. There is one small area where a car could hide and they apparently like to hide there often. I have my side mirrors positioned so that I cannot see the tail of my car. This is supposed to cut down on the size of the blind spot.

    But the biggest tip: Get a Broad rearview mirror!!!

    I think the rear view of the Elantra GT was poor when i first started, but you learn to adapt your checks after a while.

    I took a defensive driving course last summer. Still do your mirror checks and your blind spot before you change lanes. You should check your mirrors every 10 secs cause the situation always changes. Leave an exit all the time. Stay away from trucks (either pass them or stay far behind). Trucks could have junk stuck between their wheels and bricks have been known to be thrown at cars that followed too close.

    Space and time are the most important things to remember. Give yourself 4 secs or 3 sec minimum between you and the car in front of you. We have all come to that situation when we are all traveling close in a pack and then a sudden stop to a complete stop. Increasing the following distance will reduce the need to swerve to the shoulder lane.

    When you drive, don't be distracted, treat it like you were working. Take driving seriously, with determination.

    Hope this bit of info helps ya'll!
  • "When you drive, don't be distracted, treat it like you were working. Take driving seriously, with determination."

    That's the best thing I've read in a long time. I can't stand how so many people treat driving like it's *something else* they have to do while in a car... you know those idiots who drive 50mph in the left lane totally oblivious to the line of angry drivers behind them because they are on the phone, reading, eating, shaving, or whatever. Go ahead and pop in a cd or adjust the heat, but the primary job of the driver is to drive!
  • I'll second that!!
  • Greetings all-- I was reading the "New Car Test Drive" review of the '04 GT on the Hyundaiusa website, and they mentioned a remote for the stereo system. For those of you who have a new Elantra-- is this true for the '04's? Could it be used as a proxy for the on-steering wheel controls of the Mazda3/Jettas? If it is something that was intended to be included but wasn't, could you get a remote from Hyundai? Cheers.
  • We have a 2004 GT and it came with a remote for the Kenwood. It is handy because you do not have to take time to look for the rather small buttons on the stereo. Also kids in the back seat always want you to change the you can just hand them the remote and they can do it on their own.
  • My driving habits were ingrained into me by my Driver's Ed instructor in 10th grade (over 20 years ago). The guy made driver education fun and interesting and he had a lot of good tips.

    One of these tips is that you should ALWAYS be scanning your rear view mirror every 5-10 seconds, even if just a quick glance. This way, you always know who is behind you and who is closing in on you from behind. I used to have trouble doing this, but now I do it automatically without thinking about it.

    I concur with the quote, "When you drive, don't be distracted, treat it like you were working." If we all did this, there would be a lot less accidents (including less people driving while talking on cell phones and putting on makeup). Good advice!
  • How am I supposed to keep checking my mirror when I'm taking an important call or am on my coffee break? Hey, a guy has priorities you know :) I saw the funniest bumper sticker the other day, it read "Hang up and drive!".
  • Though I disagree with a statement "treat driving like work" - most of us already have too much work, I found visibility in GT when changing lanes, better then Matrix and about the same as in Protege5. I think that a driving position is very important, since you don't want b-pillar fully obstruct your left blind spot. When I found a comfortable position in Matrix, I found blind spot to be huge :( When changing lanes while merging on-ramp, I couldn't see a car just behind me at all. Started to change lanes and at that time saw part of a car, which caused me to pull-back into my lane. Salesman, in passenger seat saw the car and was pretty scared.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    ...the mazda 3 shares a lot of components with the ford focus, which has had many reliability problems in the U.S.

    Just to clear the things up...

    The Mazda 3 shares ZERO components with the U.S. Focus.
    And even then only the U.S. made 2000-01 Focuses had many reliability problems.
    The 2002-2003 models are just fine.
    The Mazda 3 shares the platform and components with the second generation Euro Focus which won't come to the U.S. shores for quite a while.
    BTW the first gen Euro Focus proved to be super reliable - even better than the Japanese makes.
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