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GMC Acadia Transmission Problems



  • lizzie11lizzie11 Posts: 1
    So yes my 2008 tranny died. We don't have the money to fix it. Called GMC because the five years was JUST up...but they won't do a thing. If gm knows about these problems.. .shouldn't it be recalled??? How can we get a recall passed. I don't know what to do about this now with not having $3500. Someone suggested contacting a lemon law lawyer. Suggestions??
  • Noting the list above, my 2007 Acadia cost me $7000 in repairs in the 2 years I have owned it. It has 96000 miles on it now.
    It has had:
    BOTH sunroofs leaked, one clogged, one needed a new seal. each repair in the $400-500 range.
    Overheating in June - it needed a new valve cover gasket, water pump, some belts etc, repair over $2000

    In Sept, the transmission acted up and it had to be towed on a trip out of town. Local GM dealer diagnosed it as needing a new Catalytic converter - $900. It still ran crappy. Drove it 800 miles back to TN in one day, it would not go over 65 mph. Took to local TN GM dealer, told me that it needed the SECOND catalytic converter replaced,another $1100. A week later on another road trip, the transmission acted up and it had to be towed to a GM dealer in Georgia. This time, I got a rebuilt tranmission for $2300. I filed written complaints with GM, they took a lot of time to review them. Then they told me that their GM dealers did everything correctly!!!!! I was SCREWED. I HATE GM. This car is a real pretty lemon..... the warranty was just up when the tranmission went out (of course). Since it is paid for and I can't afford a car payment now, I am stuck with keeping it.
  • We bought our 07 Acadia (certified preowned with around 54000 miles) just a little over a year ago and it's been back to the dealership 5 times in that year. The last two times have been for the same transmission issues described by so many on this forum. Last month, luckily right before the 12 month/12000 mile warranty was up, it was in the shop for a week with a bad wave plate. The dealership fixed it (and the struts that locked up while up on the lift) and it's back there today with more transmission problems. Growing up, my parents always had GM vehicles, but this was my first GM purchase as a (30 something) adult with two (soon to be three) kids and I have to say how disappointed I am in the quality of product GM produced. This is clearly an inferior product and I will warn anyone I know that is shopping for a car away from the Acadia. The saving grace to this whole situation has been the excellent service we have received at our dealership. I truly think they have done the best they can while working with a poor quality product.
  • tigers55tigers55 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    My 2008 Acadia had 65K miles on it but was unfortunately four months out of warranty. And like everyone else, my transmission just went out. Brought it in and the dealership said great news, GMC knows they have a problem with these transmissions so they will cover part of it, and your part is only $731. For a normal circumstance that would be great given I’m out of the warranty.

    However, they “know” they have a problem and instead of recalling them and fixing them, I assume they are hoping some get out of warranty and the customer eats the problem or part of it. My bigger concern is that they allowed my wife and child to drive in what I now consider an unsafe car that they knew about. What if it had gone out as she was pulling out in traffic? Went through customer service and got no further with help.

    Also, my sister-in-law sold her 2008 Acadia after 3 years because she was going on her fourth transmission.

    How can this many people have problems and there is no recall or class action suit????
  • Just had my tranny go out too and then found this blog. 88,000 miles but lucky for me and unlike many others, I had 3 months left of my 5 year powertrain warranty. My local dealer didn't replace the tranny, rather rebuilt it with a softer metal plate than the original. They said they have had good luck with this solution. At this point, I have to take their word on it and don't get any additional warranty on the transmission although it's supposed to be better than new. They got me a loaner and had my vehicle back in 4 working days. I still don't think a tranny should go out with so few miles. I've also had to replace all brakes all the way around, had a water pump go out, and now my rear control arms are shot, which is about $1,000 at the dealer and something in my front suspension as well. I also have rust forming just over the top of my windshield and on the door bottoms. I have had every scheduled maintenance completed at the dealer, so I would expect to have longer life out of a vehicle or at least not have to worry about major repairs until you hit at least 120-130,000 miles or more. Overall I have been happy with my Acadia to this point, although, am rethinking my decision to keep this vehicle longer term. The down side, all similar vehicles on the market if GM, have the same transmission, and other makes have other major issues reported as well. What do you do to get a car that lasts anymore?
  • We purchased our 2007 acadia 3 years ago, certified used. We researched FOREVER and drove everything on the market and finally decided the Acadia had everything we wanted in a car we hoped to keep for 10+ years and that would grow with our family and meet all our needs.

    I was absolutely thrown by my car failing to accelerate on the freeway and then the next day it being stuck in fifth gear and barely driving. My 5yr old & 2yr old were in danger as was I, on the freeway with a vehicle at 77,000 miles that FAILED me. My very trusted mechanic then tells me, he recommends a whole new transmission, and to turn around and sell the POS or be prepared for it to final in another 60 to 75,000 miles because it is such a poorly designed transmission. We still owe on this car, and are looking at a $4,000 transmission.... IF he can even get one since this is SUCH a common problem the transmission we need is on national back order and unavailable. So what do I do one car short for who knows how long while still making car payments!?!? Why is it that my husbands 1999 f-35o diesel that has 160,000+ mi and tows heavy loads has never even had transmission problems but here we are stuck with an undrivable dangerous lemon.

    I've been telling all the friends I know with acadias about my issues & many are strongly considering offloading before they end up in this position. I love everything about this car design wise... However, the mechanical engineer behind this vehicle seriously dropped the ball & it appears hundreds of young families are struggling to fix this junk of a transmission. Go to the dealership is what I'm sure costumer service will tell me, but after numerous issues with our local GM dealer, I absolutely refuse to give them any money or business ever again. GM just lost another customer for life. I am beyond disappointed and refuse to be treated like another numbered to be told GM will charge me $150/hr to simply 'look' at an issue on my vehicle. I am telling everyone I know to stay far away from GM vehicles.
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    The valve stem sensors will eventually lead also which are about $100 each to replace. And have you had to replace a headlight yet? I have never had a vehicle that I had to take back to the dealer to replace a head light. The response of GM to this transmission problem has me right with you. I will never buy GM again and I am telling everyone I know. Oh, and if you are contacted by get ready for the run around of you life. They have an internet troll department that monitors these comments and contacts people in an attempt to get you to think they are working on your problem and then after you have been strung along for months they assume you are far enough away from writing that check for your transmission that you have cooled down and will not make any more negative post. Damage control at it's best.
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    So how did that GMCustsvc work out for ya?
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    How did the contact from GMCustsvc work out for you?
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    How did that "working through the issue with GM Customer service" come out?
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    Please post how you issue with came out. I would like to see if you have the same experience I did.
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    That is just them trolling trying to get people to think they are doing something so they will stop commenting. I have yet to find someone they have helped.
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    @visar99 How did your experience go with the GM customer service assistant?
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    To follow up on this. I is now 5/9/13 and I am still dealing with GM Customer service. The plan is to keep you thinking that they are doing something to keep you from commenting. That sounds like proof that they know this is an issue when they hire people to troll the social media sites. Nothing more than damage control for a known issue.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi misc23,

    I would be happy to take a look into your case and get you an update. Please send me your full name and case number if you have one if not, include your VIN. I can be reached at "Attn Crystal" in the subject header. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest Regards,
    Crystal L-GM Customer Care
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi acadiablues1

    I am sorry you feel this way. I completely understand how frustrating this can be. I would like to exhaust all of my resources to try and help you. Could you please email me at ATTN: Jackie. In this email I would need your full name, phone number, address, VIN, current mileage and involved dealership. I look forward to hearing from you.


    GM Customer Care
  • mdespotmdespot Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Acadia and am concerned about my transission. On a long trip to Southern Utah Feb 2013, the transmission slipped out of gear. The engine reved up to very high rpms. This happend three time on the trip, each time on the freeway while accelerating. It has not happened since. Of course the dealership was not able to duplicate the problem, so nothing was done. Has anyone else had this problem with a 2011 Acadia? Could this still be a wave plate problem? How do I ensure that GM is aware, so if it goes past the 100,000 mile mark, I can still be covered? I am now at about 49,000 miles.
  • kgandlgkgandlg Posts: 2
    We have a 2007 GMC Acadia and while attempting to merge onto the freeway, my transmission refused to gain speed. We (as in my family of 5) were nearly killed by traffic coming from the freeway. We managed to get our vehicle to our mechanic who advised us NOT to drive the car and quoted us for a new transmission, stating that the tranny fluid was burnt and the vehicle deemed unsafe. I immediatley called GM, worked with a great guy named Choncy. Super kind and helpful, stating that we needed to have the vehicle diagnosed at a GM dealer. We did. They quoted us for a brand new transmission verbally stating that the current was NO GOOD!! However our paperwork with the attached $3700.00 estimate said that the fluids were great and the transmission had no problems! Hmmmm...I smell a scam!

    We went back in asked how we could possible need a new transmission when nothing was wrong. The response "oh, yeah yeah, we will fix the paperwork, it must have been an error!" Soooo, we then took all this information (including the first, second and third diagnosis) back to Choncy who turned us over to a district specialist named Luke. Luke took his sweet time looking into helping us and came back with the response that GM couldn't help us because, are you ready......"We weren't loyal customers to our local GM dealer!" Are you kidding!?! GM's product should have NO merit on where I service my vehicle!!! This is one pissed off GMC owner! Good thing we bailed GM out as a nation! They still aren't owning up to their issues!

    By the way "SARAH FROM GM CUSTOMER SERVICE" Save your typing skills for some other sucker....I don't want to hear it! Perhaps my attorney does!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello mdespot

    Have you spoken with a GM Customer Care Agent yet? If not you can send me your full name, address, VIN, current mileage and a description of the issue that you are experiencing and I will document it for you. If you would like for me to do this please email me at ATTN: Jackie. Also include in the email any questions that you have and I will do my best to answer them.

    Thank you,
    GM Customer Care
  • mksipmksip Posts: 2
    We purchased our 2011 GMC Acadia SLT because I loved the look and the space available for a comfortable ride. I even did my homework before purchasing. Friends of mine had one that was older and said the transmission is junk. If I was set on buying a GMC Acadia then I would want to make sure the transmission would hold especially on a slight incline. Not even a large hill. So when test driving my 2011 GMC Acadia it had none of these issues with rolling back on an incline and was holding. Now at 20,000 miles my GMC Acadia won't hold on any sort of incline. When stopping at a stop light on an incline you have to drive it like you would a standard transmission. You have to put one foot on the break and one on the gas so that I don't roll back into the vehicle behind me. If you do not put one foot on the gas, it will start rolling backward. Even the few seconds that it takes to move your foot from the break to the gas pedal it will roll backwards a few feet.
    I have almost run over people in my driveway because the car will roll backwards or forwards on an incline after putting it into park, drive, or any gear. As soon as you take your foot off the break allow yourself alot of room in case it begins rolling!!!
    When I talked to the service department at our dealership they said it is normal for new cars to not be able to hold a car with the transmission. But they gave me a GMC Terrain as a loaner while they did some warranty work. The GMC Terrain did not roll down my driveway. And the transmission on it holds it steady in the gear it's in until gas is given for it to go. When I told them the Terrain didn't do it. They said that that's just the way Acadia's are. It's because of the RPM's being so high on an SUV. "What???" They said it should only roll a little bit back and then the transmission should catch it if you have the vehicle in Drive.

    So I took it home and tried a little test. I pulled into my driveway. Braked in front of the garage and the Acadia stopped. Then I took my foot off the break while it is still in Drive to pull into the garage. But since they said it should only roll back a bit I thought we would see how far it would roll before it realized it was in Drive. It rolled 20 ft before I pushed on the break took my foot off the break it rolled back again. It doesn't seem to realize it is in Drive. (This is not a very steep driveway!!!)

    I truly love my Acadia. But it scares me that someone will get ran over thinking it is in park, or stopped. But as soon as the break is released it will roll. :cry:

    I wish I would have listened to my friends and stayed away from the Acadia!!! If only it had a transmission built that would work for it! I have never owned a car that did this! So no GMC, I don't think this is normal for a vehicle! Get a transmission that works in this vehicle!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi mksip,

    I completely understand your frustration with your Acadia and we certainly want to make sure that you feel safe in your vehicle. Have you had the opportunity to get into another dealership for a second opinion? I could look up any recalls or bulletins that may be related to this issue. If you are interested, please email me at ATTN Amber.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • anth7149anth7149 Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    Sent this to Saturn Customer Assistance center 11/15/2012 2:15pm

    transmission stopped working. Took it back I just purchased a Saturn Outlook, 2007, on august 31, 2012 and on 11/8/2012 my transmission stopped working. Took it back to the dealership I bought it from and was told it is no longer under warranty. I would like to know when this vehicle went into service, what type of service it received under it's warranty and also, why General Motors is not honouring it's products after knowing that they had defects. We honoured them by insisting that America bail them out.. now, what about us.
    :Additionally, on the day before this transmission went out, I purchased a 2008 GMC Acadia, because I was satisfied with the Outlooks performance and now come to find out that it is also subject to transmission failure. What exactly is GM going to do to rectify this problem... I am now faced at a minimum of $3200 to replace this transmission.

    After posting this I finally got the dealer I bought (sold as is... but, problems were not listed on the car fax report) it from to replace the wave plate in the Outlook transmission, GMC refused... but, now I am getting leaking in the vehicle from the sunroof--down the column on both sides, the front heater fan motor stops working for the front of vehicle... has moisture problems.

    Then, 5/11/13, the transmission went out in the 1998 Acadia. It has 93,000 miles and is just outside of it's 5 years. The dealer says it is the torque converter and the flywheel needs replaced at $500.00 tear down fee and $1700 to repair. It appears that searching through all of the forums that GMC has known of these problems and refuses to fix them.

    I also found many other problems with both of these vehicles that I now notice... the noise the steering column makes, the hard ride in the Outlook, the leaks in both vehicles from the sunroof, the poor placement of blower motor under the glove box which gets moisture in it when it rains and stops working.

    GMC needs to honor its commitment to the American people and repair these vehicles by reducing all of it's managers and CEO, and engineers salaries and bonuses. We honored them by bailing them out and all they did was shut down the Saturn operation and then put all of those poorly designed parts in the Acadia... and went bankrupt so they would not be responsible to the very people who bailed them out.

    No more GMC vehicles... family has owned 13 from GMC and this is the thanks we get, advise all of your family "this is one 'Buy American' company that we should never again honor."
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    @mksip - Please let us know how your experience with gmcustsvc goes. All the information I have points to it just being a way to appear GM is doing something for customers while just trying to get them to not post bad things about GM.
  • kgandlgkgandlg Posts: 2
    I posted in here yesterday regarding our 2007 transmission. Took it to our local mechanic to get fixed and fancy the fact that transmissions for the Acadia are on BACK ORDER! You don't say! In the meantime we also filed a complaint with the following (since GM refuses to take any action):

    Office of Defects Investigation (ODI)
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
    U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)

    All of these departments have been fantastic!
  • We have a 2009 GMC ACADIA. While under extended warranty that covered the transmission, we took it back 3 times and were told nothing was wrong. Within a couple of months of expiration on that warranty, the transmission went out completely along with the catalytic converter and 3 timing chains to the tune of $7000. I called and wrote the dealership and GMC. No one responds. I googled ACADIA and found pages of complaints on the transmissions. I want to know who to contact next? There is no recall I know of, GMC stands behind nothing, and I have to pay $7000 for something covered under and extended warranty I already paid for and could not use. Never, ever buy anything GMC. I am to the point of getting it fixed, painting it yellow and writing LEMON on it to drive by the dealership everyday.
  • zewmanzewman Posts: 7
    I had the same problem with my Acadia in October of 2012 and posted a comment at that time. I filed a complaint with the national transportation safety administration, as I truly feel this is a safety issue. They tell me if they receive enough complaints they can investigate and force a recall so my advice to everyone on this forum is to file a complaint with them. I will also say to stay persistant with GM. Their customer service is TERRIBLE and if it wasn't for working with an excellent dealership I know I would have never received any compensation. The GM rep tried to get around paying for it (it was 4 months out of warranty) and luckily my service manager had records and was on our side. Also it was recommended to us to stay active on recalls because if gm cares at all about their customers and they issue a recall we will get our money back we paid out of pocket for the transmission! I traded my Acadia within 3 months of the repair (2 days after I spent 1200$ on tires the transmission went out) with new tires and I still couldn't be happier to get rid of it. I will never buy GM again and neither will my husband. Im much happier paying for a toyota I can drive instead of making payments on a vehicle at the dealership for repairs a month every year!
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    GM knows they have a problem with these early transmissions on the Acadia but complaining to a government agency about a company that is still mostly owned by the government puts the owners of this vehicle in a no win situation. The government forces recalls of toyotas for floor mat problems but GM has these vehicles out there and there is nothing.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi sportskidsmom5,

    I am very sorry to hear about your issue and can understand your frustration. I would like to research this for you. Can you private message me your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification number, and approximate mileage on your vehicle please? My email address is "Attn Crystal" in the subject header please. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Crystal L-GM Customer Care
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi sportskidsmom5,

    I am very sorry to hear about your issue and can understand your frustration. I would like to research this for you. Can you private message me your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification number, and approximate mileage on your vehicle please? My email address is "Attn Crystal" in the subject header please. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Crystal L-GM Customer Care
  • It's just fabulous to see GM customer service is even picky with their replays on forums such as these (insert heavy sarcasm here). I just talked to my transmission guy about my 2007 Acadia & he has had the car for 2 weeks... Yup - it's the faulty wave plate - and every shop he's talked to says the same thing 'oh you have an Acadia in... It's ALWAYS the wave plate'. I have never been so embarrassed to drive a GM. What a disgrace. A known problem that they aren't even warning consumers about... Just letting you break down for a known issue. $3500 later... Ill have my mom car back that I'm not confident will get us from point a to point b.
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