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GMC Acadia Transmission Problems



  • 2008 Acadia - 2nd owner - bought in 2009 w/22000 miles. Dealer maintained vehicle - just recently out of shop.

    Traveling with wife and kids from Austin Texas to Colorado. Traveled for about 8-9 hours on Saturday and noticed the transmission was jerking a little and shifting on its own here and there - especially at the end of the day. Then on Sunday morning trying to leave the hotel in Dumas - the transmission completely gave out. Had it towed to Amarillo - over $200 - then the Dealer told me $3600 to 'rebuild' the transmission and $3800 to put in a new one!! wow $3800 and really no option on the rebuild given the cost and $200 difference.

    The vehicle was almost paid off - and I was expecting to pass this to my daughter and then buy my wife - a new Acadia, but now I'm definitely not sure that is a good idea.

    I have filed a note with GM - will wait to see how they handle the situation.
  • I know. Buy Toyota because then you will have to get the transmission rebuilt at 90,000 miles because of a known issue and the airbag module can stop working and not give you any warning that it stopped working. And it is so important to Toyota to fix, it has been about 3 months since I received the recall notice and replacement parts are still not available.
  • et_austinet_austin Posts: 11
    This is the list of issues I've had so far with my GMC Acadia 2008:

    - Water pump failed in 2011
    - Transmission failed (broken wave plate) in 2012
    - Roof leak (water started pouring into the car when it rains, not a few drops, I'm talking streams of water) in 2013 (was quoted $380, ended up paying $495)
    - Master cylinder leaking break fluid (a $2000 repair)
    - Engine oil leak / oil leak on front cover (timing gear cover) (a $700 repair)
    - Broken hinged sun visor flap on the driver's side due to bad quality, it broke when I lifted the mirror's plastic cover to use the mirror ($200 to replace it)

    When I posted about my problems here on this forum last week I was immediately contacted by a Customer Support lady who asked me to send her all my info and my car's info to, I did: IT WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME. Do you think they offered any kind of discount? NO, all this woman offered was to schedule an appointment at the GMC dealership for me (maybe they think we customers don't know how to schedule an appointment ourselves). To add insult to injury, when I took my car on Monday to the dealership, at the correct place and time, I was told I did not have an appointment!!

    I was quoted $380 on Monday to repair the roof leaks, but an hour ago I had to pay $495 for the repair "because they had to replace a seal" which was not covered in the original estimate.

    Do you want to hear what the "Service Advisor" at the dealership told me when I asked why my Acadia is such a piece of junk with so many problems? This is what she said, I quote: "It's completely normal for a newly introduced car to have these kind of problems during the first years of production". So if the transmission fails after only 4 years on your $30-$40k car and it also starts flooding when it rains, it is completely normal and you shouldn't be surprised according to her.

    I'm never again in my life buying a GMC vehicle. And Customer Support: I know you have no shame so let me ask you a favor: DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE SAYING HOW SORRY YOU ARE ABOUT THE PROBLEMS I'M HAVING WITH MY CAR.
  • jenbeansjenbeans Posts: 5
    Our water pump failed in 2011 as well and the wave plate shattered earlier this year. I'm afraid of what's going to happen to it next. I'd like to dump it and cut my losses before we have to spend more on it but we can't really afford a new car right now! Thanks for the reliability, GMC.

    So sorry you've had this experience. I feel your pain!
  • This sounds just the problems I've had. Owned my 2007 Acadia two years now and it has cost me over $7000 in repairs! I have TWO sunroofs on this model , both leaked the first year I owned it. Each repair in the $400-500 range.
    Water pump was over $2000. They say they are going to reimburse me now cause that was a recall BUT they are balking at how much to reimburse me and dragging it out. I will believe the $ when it is in my hands! Also, the transmission (wave plate) went out but it was misdiagnosed TWICE by two different GM dealers out of state and they both put new catalytic converters in (it has TWO of them, $1000 each). that was not the problem, the TRANSMISSION was. I got a rebuilt transmission done out of state too after it broke down in GA. Same thing, would love to trade it in (NEVER another GM car) but it is paid for and I've already put so much money into it!
  • jerryg2kjerryg2k Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    This sounds just like my experience with my 2008 GMC Acadia! This is the worst car I've ever owned by far, not to mention the most expensive. For the price of this car I expected better quality but the poor engineering and quality shows at every turn from the paint of the buttons rubbing off in the first couple months to the water pump, transmission, headlight harness, throttle body, etc.. (the list goes on and on). I will never, ever make the terrible mistake of owning another GM vehicle. As we can all see by the ridiculous responses from their Customer Service and Social Media reps, they could care less. If anyone out there is considering purchasing a new vehicle, do not make the same mistake I did. Do your homework and stay away from this disgraceful American Company! I owned Toyota previously and never had issues like this. I really wanted to have hope that an American company could build a quality vehicle because I would rather buy American products but this is beyond junk that they have sold to us. Never again!
  • So far no response at all from my good friends at GM(C). Total silence.

    I guess they are not interested in selling many vehicles over many years to a person with household income over $200K. I'll stick with my BMW buying. Yes they are slightly more expensive, but the service is top notch and they do stand behind their product!
  • Well, I just took my Acadia to the GM Dealership and it is going to cost me $3800 for a used transmission to be put in. He told me it would be $5,000 for a brand new one. I also asked the actual mechanic how many other Acadia's have been brought in (mind you this is a very small town) he said 6 but they were under warranty. So that right there tells me that if they are still under warranty they are a BAD design in the first place. So now I am stuck with the $3,800 bill. Also I inquired about trading it in at the dealership where it is getting fixed and they were hesitant on wanting to take it as a trade. Imagine that a GM dealership not wanting to take a trade on one of there own vehicles. Maybe because they know other crap is about to happen. The mechanic said the next thing to go is the timing belt will stretch and cause problems. Just great! Love how these people stand behind their vehicles. I will not purchase another GM product. This is insane how they treat people. I guess I will go ahead and put the extended warranty on it now since more is to come. So GM make sure you include this trip to the DEALERSHIP on my file since I don't have a strong enough case to escalate it to the next level to get financial help.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Apparently falls on deaf ears. See for yourself.

    GMC Acadia sales
  • jen518jen518 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Acadia. It has 88000 miles on it. Started to act funny and would not shift between 20 and 25 mph. Took it to the dealership who said I need an entire new transmission and since it was put into production in 2007 is no longer under warranty. No lights or warning of transmission issues just all of a sudden came on. Still owe 20,000 on the vehicle. Spoke to GM rep who said they know Nothing of transmission issues in the Acadia? This blog is full of them. Any tips on how to address this with GM? Repair is close to 4000!
  • et_austinet_austin Posts: 11
    I doubt you'll get any help from GM, don't even bother to email their "socialmedia" customer support account, I did it recently and it was a complete waste of time, got zero help from them. Some of us have submitted vehicle safety complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, and I've been posting about my multiple problems with my GMC Acadia 2008 on different forums to warn people. Good luck.
  • dagger6dagger6 Posts: 14
    Yes. Mention Wave Plate. Then print out as many complaints as you can from this site. Show them to your service manager at the dealer. Tell him, or her, that this is a major issue affecting thousands of Acadias. If they claim they know nothing about it, tell them they're liars. Like me, you might be able to get GM to pay for at least half of the major repair bill. And don't be shy about busting their chops. They know about this and I know they know about this.
  • My transmission just went out on my Acadia. Spoke to GM service, cost to $4,600 to replace. Took it to an independent certified mechanic was told that these transmissions went through several upgrades since they were placed in service back in 07. The biggest issue with my 08 was that the reverse clutch fails. When that happens it will start to clog up the filter and then the rest will go out. Again, GM has rectified this issue on newer models but yet have to recall the older models and or help in the cost of replacing the transmission.
    I was told that there is a class action law suite that is being initiated, if any one is aware of this legal proceeding, please post it on the Acadia Blog. I want to be part of it since the Transmission is just the last of several issues I have had with this vehicle.
    Issues where Traction Control, still have that issue.
    Water through the sun roof. Issue resolved.
    Air Bag. Took it in several times, all GM did was reset the warning scroll; still have that issue.
    Auto Rear door, had to replace the motor, now it is still working.
    Front wheel springs, They have been replaced.
    I believe they are replaced the stabilizer bar in the front.
  • julhart69julhart69 Posts: 1
    Last month my transmission on my 2008 GMC Acadia blew on my way to work, would press on the gas and the car would go nowhere, has always resisted shifting, but not like this, luckily I was near a gas station, stopped and pulled into it and transmission fluid poured out of my car. I had purchased the extended warranty and it paid for towing, rental car and the "new transmission" . The day I picked it up, I took it right back, driving at high rpms and leaking transmission fluid. They kept it two more days and said it was fine. It began shifting really hard again three weeks later, It will not shift gears. I was late for work, again, because I cannot drive my $30,000 vehicle. CanT wait to deal with the dealership again tomorrow. Big pain, and after reading all of these posts, I am well aware that this will not be the end of my Acadia issues, and so is GM. I don't feel safe driving the car, or putting my family in it, but I am stuck. I just don't want GM's lack of taking responsibility to kill or injure me, my family, or someone else. I get sick when I think of how many problems the purchase of this vehicle has caused me.
  • et_austinet_austin Posts: 11
    I highly recommend that you submit a vehicle safety complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you can do it online and it takes just a couple of minutes, that's what I did. Maybe if enough of us do that GMC will have no choice but recall their dangerous vehicles and fix them. Good luck!
  • jenbeansjenbeans Posts: 5
    Just filed the following complaint with the NHTSA: In February of this year (2013) the transmission in our 2008 GMC Acadia failed while I was driving my two small children home from preschool. Thankfully I never lost control of the car although it was extremely frightening and a very dangerous experience to not be able to shift into another gear while in the middle of moving traffic on a busy road. I barely made it home, drove with my hazard lights on, shaking and counting my blessings that our car was not hit and we were not hurt. What makes it all the more upsetting is that GM is aware of this issue with 2008 Acadia models but yet has never done a recall on the defective transmissions in our cars. GM is essentially telling it's customers that it does not care about their safety or well being. They allow us to continue to drive their cars even though they are aware of the potential danger involved when the transmission completely shuts down. I cannot afford another car for my family right now so every day I live in fear that this car will fail again and put us in danger. It is not the safe, reliable car I was led to believe it was when I purchased it for my family vehicle. GMC should be forced to recall these cars (early model GMC Acadia) and required to put in completely NEW transmissions.

    I urge all of you to file a complaint as well. Link for the website is:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi julhart69,

    I apologize that you are having transmission issues with your GMC Acadia. We want you to feel that you have a safe and reliable vehicle. If you would like for us to take a second look at this for you, we would be more than willing to do so. If you are interested please send us your full name, contact info, mileage, and dealership to [Attn Amber].


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I am one of the consumers that did try and contact you all, but you said that there was nothing that you all could do because you didn't know about the problem and that ONLY GM forums were a reliable source, but I received your email from a non-GM forum and here it is once again..........I don't understand. You all only told me that I had a headlight recall on my vehicle and should get it fixed, even though my vehicle was down at the time. Like the other disappointed 2008 Acadia owner this problem is very expensive. My husband and I had to pay $3,600 because the transmission had to be rebuilt and the reverse function had gone completely out in the computer system as well. You all are being very insensitive to this issue because a family is really going to be hurt in your vehicle if you do not take this matter serious. My family was lucky because we were on a back road when our 2008 Acadia went completely out in the middle of the road with absolutely no warning. With someone saying class action lawsuit I don't think that scares you all because you've already made your money off of this vehicle but these could be future customers that are being disappointed. It would be great if you all could show a little compassion and support to your consumers and you could save a life in the process.
  • dagger6dagger6 Posts: 14
    GM is NEVER going to acknowledge this problem or help you fix it. I've been through this twice with them and finally sold the Acadia at a HUGE loss. The only word they'll respond to is LAWSUIT. I suggest that you do as I did and file a complaint with NHTSA and declare this as a major safety issue. Fairly new vehicles puking their transmissions on the freeway is a disaster waiting to happen. Yell, scream and throw a tantrum if you have to and do it in a Customer Service rep's face. It's the only way they'll pay attention.
  • I own a 2007 GMC Acadia. This vehicle has 72,000 miles on it, has been garage kept, and well taken care of. I was amazed that when I typed in GMC Acadia into a google search at how many transmission problems along with all the other problems these vehicles have. A few days ago, with no engine light warning or vehicle performance warning, my Acadia starts missing the automatic shift at 20 to 25 mph and then again at about 38 to 43 mph. Never a sign before this. I take to the GMC dealer and within 30 minutes of being looked at, I receive a call stating they can repair the transmission for about $3600 or replace it for $4500. I asked if this was known problem and they advised it was not and have not seen any others. No other options were available so I just told them to hold tight and would call them back.

    I call some local transmission shops and most are quoting somewhere at about half this price. I go to the dealership and advise I am having a tow truck pick the vehicle up in an hour and having it moved to be inspected by someone else for another opinion. The sales rep. then advises that if would just leave the vehicle with them for a while, he would talk to the service manager to see if could find anyway to help out with the repairs. I agree to leave the car and get a call back a few hours later offering me a $1500 deductible to repair the transmission or $2500 to replace it. Basically, they are going about 50/50 with me on the costs. I do appreciate this very much. I appreciate my service advisor at the dealership for at least trying to help out as well.

    I asked for a service loaner to drive as this is my only vehicle large enough to transport my family on vacation but stated they could not do this. Not sure why when they have a car lot full of them and used ones as well.

    In short, I have had all the problems as many other have noted: power steering issue, sunroof leaks, water pump failed on vacation trip in downtown Atlanta, and now the transmission. I thought that when you bought a $40k + vehicle that you could expect more? I wanted to buy an American made vehicle? After owning three GM vehicles, I think I am
    finally done with them. What is sad for GM is that their inattention or acknowledgement to the issues with the performance issues with the Acadia is creating a lot of detractors with their GM name. As a customer, I will now be telling everyone I know the experience I have had with a my GM vehicle. As a sales professional, I know that referrals and brand recognition are key for a companies success and my experience as well as others will inhibit their growth as a company.
  • My transmission went out about 2 weeks ago. I've got a 2008 Acadia with just under 62000 miles on it. The drive train warranty expired in March. I took it to a local Transmission repair shop because they quoted me a lot less to repair it verses the local dealership. I called GM and they said because I had it repaired by a local mechanic they couldn't help me out unless there is a recall done. I think this might be the last GM product I ever buy because of this incident! I hope the class action law suit works... GM needs to do something about this. Is there anything else I can do (other than to complain to a GM rep) to help this process? Thanks!
  • et_austinet_austin Posts: 11
    I highly recommend that you submit a vehicle safety complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you can do it online and it takes just a couple of minutes, that's what I did. Maybe if enough of us do that GMC will have no choice but recall their dangerous vehicles and fix them. Good luck!
  • et_austinet_austin Posts: 11
    Yes, you can submit a vehicle safety complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you can do it online and it takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Well, unfortunately you can add our 08 Acadia to the list of ever growing transmission failures. Yesterday my wife was driving home and the trans in our Acadia stopped shifting, luckily she was able to get it home, we took it to the local Bill Crispin Chevrolet dealer in Saline MI and they are taking a look. I was informed that our Acadia fell out of its 5 yr 100k warranty August of 2012. This is VERY disappointing, there where no indications of a imminent failure, nothing we could have done to prevent it. Our Acadia has less than 60k. I have always purchased GM vehicles, never anything else, our ENTIRE family owns GM's, I hope there is something they can do for us.
  • 2 days ago my wife was driving our FIVE, that's right 5 children down the highway when her transmission went out. She ended up having to push the truck herself to a safe spot. It displays all the symptoms listed on this forum. The dealer called today to say it'll be $2600 to repair it and that our warranty expired last September. We have 75k miles on it. "Funny" thing, when the repair technician called he said that not 20 minutes after I called he had the exact same problem from someone else. When he saw that our warranty was expired he was surprised and stated "usually we get these when they're still under warranty". This is in obvious defect in the transmission. We have 5 kids and paying $3k for repair bills due to poor manufacturing is unbelievable. If GM will not stand behind their products I will be buying Toyota.
  • ekovachekovach Posts: 1
    The transmission first went out in my 2008 Acadia first in December of 2011 on my way to work. The car only had 65k miles on it at the time. It happened as I was driving on the highway and was very scary because I could not get up to speed and traffic was racing past me. I was sure that I was going to get into an accident. I was lucky enough to have it fixed under the warranty.

    Today, the is the second time with the same issue. My transmission is going out only a year and a half later with 86k miles on it. My warranty has ended and GM said that I will have to pay to fix the issue. I think that the part and their labor should be covered considering it has been just over a year and only 20k miles since it was replaced last. That is unacceptable! There is no reason any car these days should have their transmission go out twice before it reaches 100k miles.

    Someone needs to take a look at this problem and do something about it. The car is unsafe!
  • et_austinet_austin Posts: 11
    I highly recommend that you submit a vehicle safety complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you can do it online and it takes just a couple of minutes, that's what I did. Maybe if enough of us do that GMC will have no choice but recall their dangerous vehicles and fix them. Good luck!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi ekovach,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having repeated issues with your transmission. If you would like us to take a second look at your case, please send your full name, VIN, contact information, and dealership to [Attn:Amber]. If you've already spoken to GM Customer Service about this, and were given a case number, please send that as well.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Sorry to hear about your transmission. I can understand your frustration and I would like to look further into this for you. If you are interested, can you please send me your full name, VIN, contact information, and the name of the dealership where your vehicle is being serviced? You can email this information to me at [attn: Amber]. I look forward to working with you.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Yesterday driving home from vacation from The Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri to Denver, my car's transmission went out just outside of Lee's Summit, Mo. We are a family of 5 so let's just say that this was not in our plan! We were so very lucky to be close to a big town that, thank goodness, had a Chevy dealership. We barely made it to the town, driving along the side of the highway with our hazards on, to pull into the dealership. Our check engine light had just come on and so we stopped, only to not be able to get the car back into drive. After a few minutes, we were finally able to get the car to start back into Drive, but the car would not shift itself, so we had to drive about 20 miles an hour. Unfortunately since it was Saturday, there was no one in the service department that could even look at the transmission. The very nice service man plugged in the code reader and it came up with 3 transmission errors right away. They will not be able to properly access the problems until Monday or Tuesday next week, and we are looking at least a week for the problem to be fixed. Apparently, this is not the first Acadia he has seen with this problem. More than 800 miles away from home, Roberts Chevy put us up in a rental car, big enough to fit all of us and our luggage, so that we could at least make it home. Of course, my warranty expired in September last year, so I have no idea what's going to happen from here. Also, I now have the huge worry that I am here in Denver, with a rental car from Missouri and MY car more than 800 miles away from me. I will have no choice than to drive another 1600 miles round trip to collect my car. I am panicked about the cost, because frankly, I do not have the money for a huge car repair. :cry:
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