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2011 Chevy Equinox



  • With all the negative remarks about the Equinox over the past 3 model years has anyone not experienced a problem? Maybe I haven't had my car long enough or put as many miles on it as most people have, but I love the car.
  • Hello ................I have had my 2011 Nox since Sept. of 2010. 12,000. Not one problem. Runs quite, great ride excellent car. But.....Ii made sure I did get the six with hrdraulic power steering. This does make a great differance. My millage is more than acceptable. This car is a joy to drive. So far so good...............would I buy another one.....Yes...Richard
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    I'm happy to reply my 2010 LS with the 4 cyl is problem free. I am enjoying it and receive compliments whenever I give friends a ride on how quiet and smooth the ride is. All the problems i read in this forum do give me pause and make me wonder if I'm doomed for major issues down the road. Coming from owning Toyotas for the last 10 yrs, I am not happy with the Chevy dealer's service department and the way they treat you compared to Toyota dealerships. I can relate to the shabby treatment reported here. GM has a long way to go if they want to keep their new customers.
  • No problems here, going on three years. People with problems post about them on the internet, everybody else just drives their car.
  • Thats what this forum is all about, people with problems with this vechile, there are other forums for other vechiles, so what the heck. If you have not had any problems, good for you. But, not all is perfect, so the less perfect gets posted. Took my Nox in for an Oil change and told them about the motor noise and they check the Vin# to see if it was on the recall list and said it wasn't. But, if I wanted to I could leave the Nox over night and they will do a cold start and see it happens. What is strange now is since they did the oil change the vechile appears to be running better and so far no engine noise on start up (Knock on wood). :shades:
  • Rocketent....Do you have a 4 cyl?
  • A would like to back track just a bit...
    Does the "Recall" for the engine noise actually exist?
    It certainly seems more and more posters are saying their dealer knows of no "Recall." I had my wife's Nox in for a short... 15 minute visit. I absolutely could not read the oil dipstick. They politely showed me if you tilt the 'nub' just right you can see the oil on it. Hope I never have to make a living reading Nox dipsticks! I politely asked about the "noise recall" and got the deer in the headlights stare. "What recall?" was the opinion I got. We are due for a oil change this month so I will try a bit harder then. But could it be the whole "Recall" is smoke and mirrors? I too did a Google search got no official GM recall info. Mostly got posts talking about the "Recall"????
  • answered my own question.... Found a new site that had real info regarding the "recall" and fix. IT also had the very first video with sound of a Equinox clearly making the start-up rattle that I have seen anywhere.
    Hopefully the url will post here? 47/index4.html
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    edited January 2012
    Thats what this forum is all about, people with problems with this vechile

    Actually this a general Equinox discussion so it's fine to report that your '11 Nox is running fine or that you love the seats or that you've figured out a way to accessorize something.

    There is a dedicated 2011 Chevy Equinox Problems discussion.
  • I stand corrected and yes mind is a 4 cyl, won't buy one of those again, Rest of the vehile is just fine.
  • Yes, 4 cyl here. And as I've reported before, 3 more in my neighborhood which I listen to when they start up as well as ask about noise or other problems and every one has had the same satisfactory comments as I've had.
    This is not to diminish the problems others are stating here, just that I have not seen a reproduction of them in my world.
  • I see that you already found some resources on your question; I just wanted to put out there that if you had a question as to whether or not a recall affected your vehicle we would be happy to look this up for you. Send an email with the last 8 digits of your VIN and we'll get that information.

    GM Customer Service
  • Yes..........2011 with a "6 cyl. engine." 12,000 miles and zero problems.
    6 cyl. with hydraulic power steering.....a formula for sucess.....Richard
  • mcgermmcgerm Posts: 21
    The way I got the dealer to believe me was to video my Equinox every time I started it. I probably have 12 videos with the noise and 18 without but it was enough to convince the dealer the problem was real. Of course they could never replicate it when they had it. It still took them 3 tries to execute the Recall/Tech Bullitin correctly.
  • Bought Nov 24/11..4 days lights around ragio,ect where stobing off and on,no heat no radio ect.had it taken back took them 7 days (had to send for a new moduale from the US) now its snaping and whirling the all audio went out,they(CYV GM,Woodstock) took out a fuse(not burnt out) then put it back in,said it was an 1 day later its clicking and whirling again...does any one have or has had problems and are they continuous???
  • My wife's 2010 LS with 20000 miles in it is problem free so far as well. Not so my 2010 LT. It is getting minor body work done after its engine repair. I will likely trade it in.
  • 2011 Nox, 12800 mile, 6 cyl, hyd. power steerings ZERO problems of any kind....stay away from the 4.
  • I have a 2011, Nox , 4 cy. Love it, 16000 problems runs great with good gas mileage. Owned over a dozen new cars, this one is my favorite thus far. I do on occasion hear that start up noise, but it hasn't affected performance. Would definitely buy another....probably jinxed myself now.
  • And the Rats won

    Unfortunately I too have had many, many problems with my 2011 Equinox from day one. (Transmission, start up noise, mileage and the list goes on.

    Service at the dealer has not fixed it. At first they said they never heard of the problems but after I looked up the issues on this site and showed them the list, they said they would look into it. Last time I was there the service manager said - If you think you are the only one with these problems you are sadly mistaken. Now that made me feel a whole lot better!

    Now service will not even return my emails to schedule another visit. I guess this is how they get around the lemon law which requires three attempts to fix it before you can file. I guess if you can't bring it in it can't count against them. (and oh by the way if they say they can not duplicate the problem it also doesn't count under lemon law)

    I even wrote the owner of the dealership thinking this is a reputable business and they would want to fix the problems - No Response!

    Again - the GM policy seems to be to ignore the problem customer and hope it will go away.

    I looked at options such as the lemon law or opening a complaint file with GM but if you do in this digital world you are screwed. Regardless of whether or not it ever gets fixed, it is on your "permanent record" as being a defective car. Just try and trade it in after that!

    And the GM customer service reps out there who monitor this page are a joke!! I guess GM thinks it makes people feel good when they get an email that says - keep me posted or let me know how it works out. Well guess what - it didn't and won't work out because GM doesn't want to acknowledge these problems

    Over the years with the kids and all, I have bought 18 new and 8 used cars - the majority were GM products. This is without a doubt the worst car I ever bought. I will never buy another GM product as long as I live and I will encourage everyone I know to also avoid GM in their car purchases

    So I will do as the Rats wish and go away and somehow try to get rid of the car on my own. I am sure I will take a bath on price but it is worth it to get peace of mind. I feel sorry for all of you out there who can not afford to just get rid of your Equinox and be done with it

    As I said - GM - Never Again.

    Good Luck in your pursuit of solutions
  • I am the owner of a 2008 Chevy Equinox LT, I bought this car used from Ourisman Chevrolet in 2010 with 38,000 miles on it. 1 day after purchase the car tires kept going flat. First the right front passenger, 2 days later the left rear went flat. The dealership replaced both. My wife loves this car it made us through DC winter snow without any issues. Then at 43 thousand miles the car start having unforeseen issues. The Service Stabiltrax light came on during a trip to West Point New York. I got it to a dealer there and they could find no problem. They reset it and all was fine. I returned home and it came on again I went to the dealership they could find no problem (they said this sometimes happens on longer excessive driving ) {BS in my book} so they did a oil change and sent me on my way. 3 days later the car started dragging. I took it to the Ourisman Chevrolet dealership they found no problem. The next day I tried the DARCARS Chevrolet dealership again they found no problem they told me I needed and oil change (which I just did). I got fed up with the inept mechanics at my local dealers I decide to try the mechanic who works on my 2001 Dodge Durango. He found the right front caliper had seized up. Why the Dealerships didn’t find this is a mystery to me. I had him replace all the calipers and rotors and brake pads. The car drove fine. After 2 months the Stabilitrax light came back on then goes off . We started smelling a burning smell from the engine. I stop the car checked and found nothing. The next day it was raining heavy the ENGINE OVERHEATING alarm came on I stop the car shut it down car A tow truck my friend to take my wife and kids home. Had the car towed to the Ourisman Dealership which was the closest. They started the car and it was fine alarm free.

    I picked up the car a was driving it home when it over heated again and immediately went to the power reduced status. I called my tow truck again and had it towed my local mechanic where he finds the wires to the cooling fans burned. Now its Local Mechanic 2 Dealerships 0. After this repair all was well until the morning of Tuesday February 21st 2012. I was on my way to work when the check engine light started to flash I made it to work , stop the car and noticed more smoke coming from the exhaust that in a James Bond Movie. I turned off the car. Tried to restart to no avail. I had the car towed direct to my mechanic . And as of now it is still there electrical issues and a blown head gasket. What kind of help can we car owners have in this situation. Since my car did have a warranty and everything is out of my pocket including the car note.

  • OUCH! Time for a trade in... :sick:
  • wingrootwingroot Posts: 43
    Yes....2011. 14,000 miles with a six problems of any kind so far..........Richard
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Be sure to change your oil religiously every 3k miles with GM's 3.0 or 3.6 liter engines. The timing chains have a tendency to stretch and results in a big repair bill if not covered under warranty. More in the attached link:

    I still prefer GM's old tech OHV V6 engines. Happy motoring.
  • I purchased a 2011 Chevy Equinox not to long ago and it has had some start noise. Really disturbing and embarassing. I brought it into the dealership and they replaced the cam sensors. However that did not fix the problem. It still has the same noise. The exact words of what the dealership told me that they got from GM is "No abnormal noise is heard. Tell me when a loud grinding noise is going on during start up that randomly shows up months after I buy the vehicle. How is that normal. I've contacted GM and am waiting back for a phone call about them possibly buying the equinox back. If they don't I don't know what my next steps would be. Some help please. Thank you
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I am sorry that somehow your post was missed when you made it last month - sometimes the tool we use to find posts doesn't catch everything, and I just saw this today. Have you made any progress since then?
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I'm sorry to hear about this concern on your new Equinox. Had you contacted us via email through the addresses on the forum? I am not certain that I saw an email come through for you, if you had. Or did you call the Customer Assistance Center?

    GM Customer Service
  • Could I get your emeal gmcustsvcsarah. It shows up private on the page that I bring up. My email is
  • Has anyone had problems with the antenna on their nox? I just rip mine off, it hit the garage door. I have heard this is a problem area with the antenna's on the nox. I'm looking for a shorter one to elimate this problem. I heard the Traverse in a excellent choice, it is small in length and you still get the reception, the after market ones are not so good. :confuse:
  • Well, since no one has reply, I'll update it. The dealer is ordering a shorter antenna that should take care of the problem...
  • justsum1justsum1 Posts: 3
    Just wondering if anyone has found a fix for the 4 to 5 second start up rattle noise? I really dont want them ripping my engine apart for no reason.
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